For RT and Terry

Silver King HMA 2010

I normally don’t respond one blog to another… but Louie on RT’s blog felt RT might need to be reminded that he is not alone… we are many.

There will come a time when the Earth grows sick and when it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the World who believe in deeds and not words. They will work to heal it…they will be known as the “Warriors of the Rainbow.”

Don’t know how much I believe in any prophecy… but we will NOT go away. It is time to wake up and smell the bullsh*t before our horses are gone.

I need a bit of inspiration and I am an animator at the core… I am editing my video footage from the last two months and my heart aches… so y’all need to bear with me, it’s my blog.  : )

I did not make this video, I love the song.


23 thoughts on “For RT and Terry

  1. sandra longley says:

    ahhh, you’re killing me!!! I was just about to shut the computer off and go to bed..death by animation..and it is a beautiful song..reminds me of all the horses I have loved and lost-especially my stallions

  2. sandra longley says: is a live link to the video music-I hope xxxx

  3. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    BROTHER IZ. The People of Hawaii did SO love him.

  4. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    SAVETHEWILDHORSES is the one who posted the Prophecy. That inspired me.

  5. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, Prophecy doesn’t just happen. We make it happen, by uniting and aligning ourselves with Power that is greater than ours

  6. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, Henceforth, you shall be called the RAINBOW WARRIOR WOMAN-WITH FLAMING RED HAIR

  7. R.T. Fitch says:

    As spirits, we once gathered around a campfire on the valley floor while the stars and moon danced above us. We communed and swam through the fire’s smoke as wisps of consciousness while the horses gathered on the cliffs above. From across the land they came with manes and tails afire. They glowed red with the power that resided in their souls and we calmed ourselves to listen as the horses spoke in one collective voice. There were no words, no sentences to stumble upon but instead there was awareness, an awareness of what was, is and shall be. We instantly knew that the horses were our guides, they were the sacrificial lambs that would lead us back to ourselves and rekindle the knowledge within us that we are connected to all that is around us and that we must rethink how we treat our surroundings and companion spirits. In saving the horses, we would save ourselves and once again be brothers and sisters with the earth, wind, water and fire. We would be set free…it’s time, it’s time to save the horses. It is our destiny.

  8. Anna says:

    a beautiful fable like an Aesops fable; like a bible parable
    the wonders of mother nature will save us…anyhoo pls. read
    (ps i am going to post occassionaly but not my opinion..!gawl
    The Center for Biological Diversity wrote:

    Suit Defends Nine Fish, 1,000 Rivers From Pipeline

    The Center for Biological Diversity last week filed suit to challenge the Ruby pipeline, a 677-mile natural gas pipeline that would cross more than 1,000 rivers and streams in five states. Besides using more than 400 million gallons of precious water over the next few years in Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and California, the pipeline would plow through protected “critical habitat” for nine endangered fish, including the Lahontan cutthroat trout, Warner Creek sucker, Lost River sucker and Colorado pikeminnow. And there’s a possibility that the pipeline will rupture at a stream crossing, which would be an environmental disaster.

    Our suit challenges the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s decision to issue rights of way on federal land for the project, as well as the Fish and Wildlife Service’s review of its environmental impacts — which didn’t require enough measures to counteract the pipeline’s serious environmental consequences or safety risks.

    Read more in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    posted by Anne…

    part two next post…Center for Biological Diversity; NV. usa

  9. Anna says:–pipeline-would-threaten-fish-99681729.html

    Beside the impact from constructing the pipeline, including use of 400 million gallons of river water and groundwater, Greenwald said if the pipeline ruptures, it could result in explosions and fires that could raise the temperature of streams and kill fish.

    Just watch Dissapointment Valley to see “gas wells/pipes !
    an environmental disaster imo; “47” diameter pipes; Big !

    be like something of a science fiction book; 667 m. long !
    using how many gallons of water? somebody stop the BLM!

  10. Linda says:

    Laura, thanks so much for this. I’d say RT & Terry are “the best”, but EVERYONE working to save the wild ones is “the best” in one way or another. The rainbow is a circle of promise that the “Great Hoop” will be restored and put things right for all those dwelling on the planet.

  11. LOUIE COCROFT says:


  12. savewildhorses says:

    …and the animals begin to disappear.

  13. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Keep watching for RAINBOWS

  14. savewildhorses says:

    Do you all know the real Spirit resides at Return to Freedom? He does and he’s gorgeous.

  15. Robin Bailey says:

    Hi all, please don’t forget to send your comments today by 4:30pm to:

    The BLM is planning to remove 1659 mustangs from the Antelope Complex in Nevada beginning January 2011 unless we can get them stopped. Another round-up in the dead of winter – they learned nothing from Calico.

    Please send in your comments – thank you!

    Laura, RT, everyone – keep the Faith!!!

  16. arlene orlando says:

    Absolutely Beautiful , Thank You ! The Spirits that live here are Beautiful……………. You are right we a many and very strong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to help the Mustangs for Years…… My fondest Dream I am sure all of us here is for the Wild Mystical Mustang to be Free . Never before have a felt such hope that this will be a reality very soon……………………….

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