Support the Pressure

There are two groups right now that are supporting the stand in the coutroom for our herds.

Wild Horse Education and the Habitat for Horses Council. If you want to donate to support the legal efforts please donate to either group. We need to add our voices collectively for our horses, but the support comes from these two organizations.

Help if you can.

Wild Horse Education

HFH Advisory Council


11 thoughts on “Support the Pressure

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Will do this today, a little moolah to both. The fight is just getting hot. Hang on for the duration.

    Help our friends stay in the fight of our lives and let them know they have all of us behind them every step. You guys make me proud… mar

  2. laura leigh says:

    Every little bit helps.
    Stay focused folks… check egos at the door… these two groups are the only two funding the legal efforts and need your help.
    Vocal support and getting the message out is vital, too.
    But if you can spare “a dime,” brother, these two organizations need wind in their sails.

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Wild Horse Warriors, the need is now and the work is ongoing. Help all you can for the Wild Ones. Give generously or carefully. Please come through for the wild ones and Make Change Possible. mar

  4. Robin Bailey says:

    Sent donation to both. I know times are really tough, but if we could all send just $5 or $10 or even $20 that would really make an impact. These lawsuits have BLM between the rock and the hard place, let’s squeeze ’em a little tighter if we can! We’re pulling for you, Laura and company!!!

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    Right you are, Robin! mar

  6. […] Leigh did it rather down and dirty, yesterday, on her blog.  To the point and with little fanfare she stated that the two organizations that are currently […]

  7. arlene orlando says:

    I am new to your Blog, But have been fighting for the Wild Mustangs for 5 years I do all i can , phone calls , emails etc…………………..I stand hard for them also, I must tell you that you first are awesome, everything you do is such a plus for Our Beautiful wild Mustangs, a dear friend of mine wrote and sings Wild Horses need our voices , yesterday he did a rally along with Ms. Vivian Grant who also is a awesome Lady.. The Rally in Vegas Yesterday even had 3 Beautiful Mustangs attended there in the Flesh, I was not able to attend because of the time line, but i was their with them in Spirit, It was a huge success, the awareness levels were surely heightened….. And Voices for are wild horses were loud and clear……. Again I say all the people here are awesome, and our Mustangs have lots of wonderful dedicated people, and i feel that now for the first time they will get back their FREEDOM, What a magnificent sight that will be………….

  8. Anna says:

    The BLM Wh & Burro program did not provide any FEED TO THIS POOR FOAL…

    The foal was not starving in the wild; the Foal was BORN IN THE BLM PEN AND DIED THERE !


    i just sent this exact email to my Rep. and 2 us senators !

    because the blm does not actually feed the wild foal in pen

  9. Anna says:

    ps so if this is not worth “yelling about; then what would be?

  10. Anna says:

    first they came for my pit bull and I said nothing
    then they came for my stray cat and I said nothing
    then they came for my Estray Equine and i said nothing

    then they came for me: but it was too late; catch my drift ? aw

  11. arlene orlando says:

    The Tactics the BLM are using to round up wild mustangs are totally Criminal, They really need to be arrested …….. We need to get as down and dirty as they are……. I also want to know where is OBAMA???? He needs to immediatley call for a complete MORATORIUM, Cram his comment line all day every day with this CALl FOR A MORATORIUM FOR THE WILD MUSTANGS IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 202-456-1111

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