Each and every life

Father and son for the last time (Twin Peaks)

Today I am working on more paperwork… answering the BLM’s convoluted logic to why observers can’t be allowed to witness what is happening to OUR horses. They talk about policy that gives them the right to roundup, they talk about safety protocols that did not exist in the past… they do everything they can to try to justify outdated brutality being utilized by an agency tasked to protect an animal so important to the American people it has an entire act of Congress devoted to it.

Freedom and Family (American values?)

That act has been undercut by corporate/special interests to continue to rape our country at no benefit to you or I… as our rights and interests are ignored repeatedly under “Multiple Ruse.”

But within the confines of my lawsuit all of it is irrelevant.

I want to SEE what you are doing with America’s horses. Why… WHY wont you let me?

When will Congress and the judicial system wake up and recognize how vitally important this animal is to the history and spirit of the American people?

6171 found a home (photo Elyse Gardner)

EACH and EVERY life that lived peacefully and FREE before a chopper cut it’s world to shreds continues to matter to us. These are OUR horses.

Hope dying of hoof slough (Indian Lakes/Broken Arrow)

Each set of eyes I see before they disappear into the black hole that has become the Wild Horse and Burro program speaks of the freedoms we are loosing daily. Each set of eyes burns deep into our hearts… and we will NOT forget them as they disappear into a system that has become a closed door funnel for tax-payer dollars as it ignores the right of the people to know what happens to our horses.

Sorro euthanized at the Broken Arrow/ Indian Lakes

This agency is notorious for misinformation as basic as where a truck has it’s final destination… we want to SEE our horses.

This IS an American Tragedy…

Our Horses…

Silver King Mare Left 5 hours in Alley

caught in jute (Twin Peaks)

PVC cutie from Tuscarora

PVC mare Tuscarora

PVC mares Tuscarora

Tonopah face lacerations

Trap visibility Tonopah

Back to work… will edit Tonopah and Silver King… after I answer the BLM… again.


10 thoughts on “Each and every life

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Nice piece and very true. It is about every one of our horses and it is the denial of BLM to handle a growing outrage that has a moral viewpoint to all this cruel handling in order to steal the lands of our horses. The only answer is to stop the outrage and go in the direction of caution and real protection. When government repeatedly says we cannot do this even if it is what the people want, the schism that it creates becomes an open wound. When they harm the wild ones they harm us. They harm this country with deliberate and backward methods as they remove herds crowded out with all the industrial crap they have allowed to come and pollute the range with. Including cattle. They are destroying beauty itself. mar

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    You know what? That- “And in the process removing our very freedoms afforded in the Constitution to keep a supposedly Democratic government in check” is why we will win. Freedom will not lose, it has been losing too long and has not been challenged as you have done so. Government must still think we will go away. Not over any of this, ever. Hang in there, Laura. This is a huge issue and the wild ones await. Figuretively speaking, their fate has become ours. The White House allows this and so it has allowed the first amendment to crash and burn when it was never the American People who had done the deeds that led us to this. Or the wild ones. This will all see the light of day. And about time. I bet they really get nervous in BLM headquarters. mar

  3. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    THIS TIME the calls for help did not go unheard nor were the stories left untold. THIS TIME, people are listening and THIS TIME people are wanting know WHAT is going on and WHY.

  4. jean says:

    My heart goes out to you and our beautiful, innocent horses. I can’t thank you enough Laura. I really appreciate your hard work, perseverance and the ability to see things through, in spite of the many obstacles you continue to encounter.
    It must be very difficult for you, in so many ways, but the truth must prevail. The total mistreatment of our wild horses is unconscionable and must stop, before it’s too late.

  5. Anna says:

    hey thanks Laura for the pix of the Mustang “caught in the juke ( sp.?

    I had not seen this: I will add this to my photo collection of:

    BLM wild mustang and burro abuse…to compile for my rep.

    I got a letter from Senator Lieberman yesterday; will post..A.

  6. Anna says:

    i just wanted to make one final comment to the person who wrote to me on this forum on antoher day and accused me of “yelling at Laura; one reason why I don’t like forums is:
    people’s messages are often misunderstood and misconstrew

    for example the poster wrote to me: Laura cannot go into the BLM corrals and “give the foals a shot of Thiamine Vit. B1;
    and my comment to that is: guess what ? that thought never enetered my mind: see you thought I was talking to Laura;

    see I thought the forums where we talk to each other ! so I wasn certainly not saying Laura should give the Vitamins;

    what I was saying was: IF I could get the BLM Vet to give JUST ONE SHOT OF VITAMIN B-COMPLEX to any downed Mustang;

    and then have Laura Liegh videotape the vet giving the Vits.

    THEN THE WORLD WILL SEE; THE BLM DOES NOT TREAT FOALS CORRECTLY the blm lets foals starve if they can’t find MUm’s milk and that is god’s honest truth; I have DOZENS of PIX of FOALS DOWN IN THE CORRALS LEFT TO ROT AND DIE

  7. Anna says:

    so to the person who said to me my posts about Nutrients are repetative; I made a little quiz to see how much u read:

    1.. Thiamine B1 is a:
    a. mineral
    b. vitamin
    c. amino acid

    2. Magneisum is a:

    a. an essential mineral
    b. a trace mineral
    c. an Electrolyte

    3. An Amino Acid is:

    a. a mineral
    b. a protein
    c. a street drug…

    LET’S SEE HOW MANY YOU GET RIGHT MR. ! answers below:

    a. Thiamine B1 is the first Vitamin ever discovred in 1856
    THIAMINE VITAMIN B1 was discovered in RICE bRAN 1856

    Chickens who eat white rice fall down; chickens who eat Brown rice stand up and thrive; this is becasue THIAMINE MAKES THEM STAND UP AND BE WELL IN BROWN RICE
    this is why a shot of Thiamine Vit. B1 can make a foal stand

    b. MAGNEISUM IS AN essential mineral a trace mineral and an electrolyte; the earths crust is 1/4 % Magneisum this is why every green plant that grow on earth has magnesium!

    c. an Amino acid is An Essential Protein; found in Hay/Feed!

  8. Anna says:


    This message is only for people who have a background of any type in Nutrition:

    What happens when an Equine does not get enuf THIAMINE VITAMIN B1 IS


    One “shot of IM Thiamine B1 CURES Hind leg Paralysis; this is because the Cause of Hindleg parlaysis is A Deficiency of Thiamien Vitamin B1; so many Mustangs have this deficiency and THIS IS WHY SO MANY MUSTANGS GO DOWN
    Because an Equine get a Thiamine Deficiency in 1 day ! which happens when the Mustangs are in the holding trap

    see source of THIAMINE VIT. B1 for an Equine is Plain Hay!

    but you see at the gather pens there is no hay; so the Mustang begins to get the Deficiency of Thiamine at gather

    then the conditoin blows up during transport; then when some fo the mustangs get to the corrals the Thiamine B1 deficiency is “full blown; they fall down and cannot rise !


    AND YET NO APHIS VET OR BLM VET OR PRIVATE VET WILL adminsiter any Thiamein B1 shots to any Mustangs why ?

    because the BLM is waging war on the mustangs ! imo Anna

  9. Anna says:

    ps Rice Bran is the number one source of Thiamin B1 for Equine; get the stablized type; this has less Phosphorus;

    so to any horse owners who has an Equine with “weak legs; loss of appetite; poor physical appearance; mood swings etc

    (ps do not interchange rice bran for wheat bran; not the same

    Nutritional Yeasts such as Brewers’ Yeast has the B-Vits. AW

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