Lili Speaks

Lilli Thomas explains why we can’t take any meaningful access video anymore… btw the person asking her the question is me… thanks Deniz for catching the response on video… Deniz and her ever present camera rock!


11 thoughts on “Lili Speaks

  1. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Notice something–they let the woman take the heat. Where is the head honcho that probably has signed most of the orders to proceed with the round-ups?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      These “women” gladly take on the task of justification for this machine… as they have their kitchens re-done and hair dyed.
      The absurd conversations you hear as you stand there at the roundups about picking counter tops and new clothes.

  2. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Not excusing them–not for a minute. Just noticing how it works.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Just hitting saturation… listened to one BLM female PR (Professional Robot) person talk (after I listened to her difficulties having her new kitchen remodled) about how her APHA gelding in his new expensive hand crafted saddle was just like Hidalgo… (insert her stupid giggle here)

      I told her first your horse is not like Hidalgo the ones loosing their freedom in front of you are… and my favorite scene in the movie was at the beginning when Hidalgo beats the fancy pedigree. The guy gets snooty and Hopkins says “You can say anything you want about me, but I’m gonna hafta ask ya not to talk about my horse that way…”

      Do you remember that scene?

      Editing video and working on doc’s for court.
      Another long night.

  3. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, it is hard to figure. None of us understand it either.
    The whole thing resembles a recent movie where the low man on the totem pole was the one that got handed the hot potato, while the head CEO was on his way to the Bahamas.

  4. Anna says:

    I could not watch the Silver King video…too “scary…anyhow; they bring a back hoe out to the trap sites;

    that is what they did at concentration camps in ww ii…imo aw

  5. Anna says:

    see; all the horrible things I learned about in Grammar school; high school and then college about WWII

    is happeneing to these Wild Mustangs and Burros: such as:

    a. shaving the mane b. fixing the brand (tatoo); c. concentrating a large amount of Mustangs in a small place
    d. the diseases from overcrowding e. lack of medicine + care

    e. the way sick Mustangs are left to “die in on the ground;
    this is what happened in Concentration camps during WWII

    f. during WWII; pits were dug; just like the pit @ silver king;
    g. SCARCE HAY and sustenance is the major factor; and this is highly evident at the BLM and this is because THE BLM PLACES THE HAY AT CALICO AND OTHER PLACES ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PENS; where the small and weak cannot find

    this is what happened during WWII; where the weak and small were forced to work in factories but never got any food

    hey its’ WWII for Mustangs all over again in the blm corrals !

    AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE me; then why did 115 die Calcio

    why did feathers die; why did hope die why did countless other foals die ? why did 938 mustnags perish in long term holding in 2007 and the same year 936 died in short holding

    why because the blm is waging war on america’s mustangs
    and no one knows why ! I have written lili tompson 50 emails

    she never answered a one…pretty lousy gov. agency huh? a.

  6. Anna says:

    ps I hate to “come down” on a lady named Temple Grandin; Temple Grandin is a “self professed Autistic…Temple Grandin is also one of the worlds leading experts on

    HOW TO LEAD AN ANIMAL TO the “glue factory; and the animal won’t know its being led to its end…

    Temple has devised corrals and pens for “Glue Factories for years; what Temple does is she devises Corrals which “Trick the animal into thinking they are going to feed

    and instead the animals are lead to their demise and my message is:

    the blm hired Temple Grandin to make the blueprint for the Calico Corrals in Fallon Nevada; so THIS IS WHY THE HAY IS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE CORRALS not in the corral

    because Temple Grandin planned the corrals for the BLM !

    sad to think the world’s leading expert on “sending animals to glue factory; devised the blm holding corrals;

    wonder why the BLM chose Temple Grandin for Calico ? !AW

  7. Anna says:

    ps I really hate to say this but better to let my anger out than hold my anger in…is my philosphy heh heh

    I hate to say: “only someone with Autsim would place the Hay on the outside of an Equine Corrals; where the small; weak; elderly infirmed and old simply cannot find or reach!

    like feathers the foal; she was only 1 foot from the hay
    and she wandered the corrals for weeks looking for one sprig of hay and yet Featheres the foal could not find sprig
    (BLM “shot Feathers with a “poison dart becuz she was thin !
    even tho the hay was only one foot away on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE…which Feathers could not see nor reach; so to put HAY in sight…but OUT OF REACH…is EVIL !

  8. sandra longley says:

    Yes Lilli, you ARE having a hard time explaining what is happing on the videos, there are MANY things you are having a hard time explaining, and only a handfull of people are believing what explainations you have given..given all the EAs I have read failed to meet a “threshhold of proof.”

  9. Jan Schultz says:

    How many thousands of us need to come out?

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