Pre-existing injuries…


One of the three I weas actually able to see the first day prior to loading…

post sorting/loading/handling

Note BLM’s update page

September 27
Gather operations resumed this morning.  The BLM gathered 29 wild horses, 12 mares, nine studs and eight foals. 
Gather related animal deaths: 0Non-gather related animal deaths: 4 – The BLM today euthanized four horses.  Three of the horses were blind in one eye from previous injuries.  The fourth horse suffered with a severe sway back

Also note that NO shipments to Gunnison are listed at all. Even the load that I followed to Gunnison where I was told the horses in the next pen were there from Silver King in an earlier shipment. (printed it out and took a screen shot… so go ahead and change it… again. It has already been changed after I told them the numbers in the field did not match the numbers on the site).

ASK Tim O’Harvey the new BLM appointed spokesman  (edited to retract: new Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board member) about the facial injuries and his experience at Twin Peaks as he told me advocates need to “give” more… and retract a statement they felt was false… as I stood there with Sue Cattoor the woman that in print blamed me for the deaths in Owyhee and I held it up for “days.” (If y’all remember the delay was created when BLM called a halt to activities because of the need to create an “emergency” plan. Injunction held a day…)

Hey Tim… you understand NOW what I was trying to tell you?

Without meaningful access to activity there will never be any accountability… NONE.

Last shot for today…

They "trot" horses, don't they?


16 thoughts on “Pre-existing injuries…

  1. Linda says:

    They’re not on the Gather/Shipment Reports, but some are listed as having been received at Gunnison on the Facility & Veterinary Reports.

    • Anna says:

      thnx that’s interesting…I copied this from the page:

      “The facility has received one shipment of 29 studs. The total number of horses received to date is 29. All animals are in good shape with no health issues noted.

      Animals received today
      Horses: 29 (29 Studs)

      Question: why ship Stallions: is the BLM breeding them?
      that would be foolish to breed mustangs and then say:
      we round em up cuz there are “too many of ’em

      kinda hypocritical imo: Stop the BLM selling our Equine
      Stop the roundups! anna

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    BLM has brought more doubt and concern from us because of the lack of public scrutiny. If there were Senators and Congress people out there at times, they would be accommodated. The contactor has stepped up all aspects of capture and removal and the number of horses with injuries from these rugged places is likely more than ‘normal’ whatever that could possibly be. The fast hauling from the sites has always had horses injured or eventually dead.

    If they want accuracy they know we can do it when we know what is going on. The answers are not a matter of compromise any longer. It is all or nothing until this gridlock ends. mar

  3. sandra longley says:

    So what was the story on the facial injuries??? Whats up with Tom? what is it we need to give? The wild horses are giving their lives, what more do you want Tom? When they start sending BLM and Catoor people to the gunnison prison-we can be on equal footing for discussions. By the way laura, nice job, and keep on truckin!

    • Anna says:

      hey Sandra it’s me your favorite blogger; just joking lol

      anyhoo; I enjoyed reading your blog on Tx mustang proj.

      “very good information; I’d say if this were a thumb wrestling match…I’d say you won; thumbs down; and I say the people posting get a thumbs up; pun intended !


  4. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    When the round-ups are stopped, the advocates will listen. You can’t have peace talks until there is a cease-fire.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      That’s what I said.

      • I seem to remember not so long ago when the BLM said we needed to “give more,” and be willing to listen in “good faith.” So, we did. We actually had a bit of hope and gave them the benefit of the doubt when they said they were taking a new tack. Yeah, right.

        What did we get in return? Promises they had no intention of keeping, lies and more lies. We offered “good faith,” and got sand kicked in our faces. What’s left to give? Our trust? Ah ha ha ha ha ha! And you can tell Tom I said so.

        • theandbetween says:

          This bad faith treatment of anyone it deems an “opponent” seems to be imbedded in the culture of the Department of Interior (DOI), an institution that President Obama called “deeply troubled,” and promised to clean up. For a former insider’s view of the tactics (including double-cross) used by federal land managers, see a March 2005 series of articles for the Santa Barbara News-Press by Tim J. Setnicka on the atrocities committed on Santa Rosa Island off the California coast in the 1990’s (included in a link here to testimony submitted at a hearing of the Committee on Natural Energy and Resources held on May 15, 2007).

          As Superintendent of the Channel Islands National Park, Setnicka led a plan to sterilize Santa Rosa Island of all “non-native” species including horses and burros, elk, deer and pigs. He was himself “re-assigned” at the NPS after he came to regret and denounce his part in what he termed “systematic biologic genocide.”

          Whatever anyone might think about Setnicka’s motives or conduct, his account of what he calls the “standard federal land management model” is instructive for anyone battling the DOI today.

          The “standard model” (according to former federal land manager Setnicka) includes vilifying anyone who disagrees with “the plan,” encouraging “sister” federal agencies and like-minded state agencies to file pre-engineered lawsuits and send “letters of concern,” waving misleading “before and after” photographs at unsuspecting lawmakers and double-crossing anyone trusting enough to take federal land managers at their word. Sound familiar?

  5. Anna says:

    I agree; the number one priority beyond everything else; is to Stop the Roundups; there is no time for “building new corrals; fences; none of that is gonna work; not until the roundups stop will the dust settle and the american people can see the BLM for what they r: Mustang wranglers; sellers !

    Once the roundups stop; then we can start having some fun

    like planning sanctuaries and corrals with fresh forage water

    for water; just put “rain catch basins everywhere; for H20 !

  6. Anna says:

    the only thing I can think of saying is:

    these people are either Intoxicated into a state of Pyschosis
    on alcohol; tobacco; drugs and or both and nothing they say or do is reasonable or makes sense…

    you know you cannot reason with an intoxicated person;
    they have memory lapse
    they don’t rememeber what they hear or say;


    What does the blm do; just walk up to them; and shoot em?
    “Damn those people…this is going to Congress “the Sheriff !

  7. Nell Walton says:

    Wrote scathing letters to both Senators from TN, and my congressman. AGAIN!

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