Last dawn at “home”

Yesterday I arrived at holding to watch the horse I have expressed interest in adopting be shipped to the furthest facility from my home that they were shipping to that day, Gunnison State Prison in Utah.

Even though a load was heading to Fallon Nevada, I was told that during a “conference call” it was decided to ship him to Utah.

Last Dawn "home"

It was so hard to watch these horses say goodbye to everything they have ever known, including their families.

America's Living Symbol of "Spirit"

I cannot share any pictures with you from Gunnison. My cameras and even cell phone were considered “contraband” in the state prison that houses a wild horse and burro center. But I can tell you he knew I was there… they all know WE are there… and our love for them will NOT go away.

I have little time to write… much happening.


21 thoughts on “Last dawn at “home”

  1. cindy says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you were not able to get your boy as soon as you had hoped…..Will you be able to adopt him at some point after he is finished at Gunnison?

  2. Barbara says:

    This sounds like they did this out of spite to me. I am very sorry, Laura. I guess he will be gelded too.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I have asked he not be gelded and I’m trying to get his mares and two foals identified through Broken Arrow… also off limits to public view.

      BTW Gunnison is the facility that took the Tuscarora stallions. Apparently there are none left there as I was told they have already gone to long-term.

      So literally not one stallion has or ever will be viewed from Owyhee…

      Accountability? How and to whom?
      The American people? Congress?

      What a joke…. that’s not funny at all.

      • What an outrageous thing to do to so many horses! Where is your accountability, blm? This rotten action taken to destroy these lives and their future. This is going to end where you back down and give in and never have the right to touch these wild ones again. Never!

        Our hearts, minds and spirits are with the wild ones until they are freed. mar

  3. Laura sweetie, it breaks my heart and is making me cry that the BLM CONTINUALLY pulls this shit on you. I truly believe thats why more and more of our beloved wild horses and burros are being murdered, being run over cliffs, being roped and dragged till limbs are broken, then being shot(the baby)…they are retaliating with us advocates. They are big over-grown whining snot-noses who will have justice served very soon now. Again, I’m so sad for you.

  4. Linda says:

    Laura, I just don’t know what to say about all this tragedy. Please keep safe and stay strong.

  5. Jo De George says:

    My prayers are with you every day, Laura. May God send you and our beloved wild ones His love, light and strength. So much tragedy.

  6. jean says:

    Laura, your story just breaks my heart and I can only imagine the sadness and hurt you must feel. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this and I believe you’re right…he knew you were there as well as the others. It appears to me that it was done intentionally and I wouldn’t be surprised considering the type of people your dealing with. Stay strong and determined, because you know and so does everyone else, that we have to right this wrong. Your love and devotion to help them goes without saying and I cannot thank you enough. God bless.

  7. Jill says:


    You will find him.

    I just can not believe this nightmare. It is worse than any horror story ever written.

    However, we will overcome.

  8. Honor Hannon says:

    Dear Laura,
    Watch your back! You have antagonized a very immature, spiteful and very possibly mentally ill group of government employees in an agency that is clearly un-american and anti democracy. Dangerous combination!
    May a Higher Energy watch over you and our beautiful wild ones. You are in my heart and prayers.
    Walk in Beauty dear friend,

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There are a lot of immature and spiteful people in this world.
      Not the first ones I have known….

      Thanks for your prayers, somedays that is what this effort runs on.
      : )

  9. Laura, my heart broke on this one… is this prison one where they train and sell the horses?….If so lets start a save the horse fund for you now so you can buy him when he is ready to go. This reminds me of Craig and Lightning. When you can please let us know so we can start planning. What ever we can do for you. You have done so much for us and the horses. I believe they knew you were there, they have your spirit.. Hang in their we will get this done…..Take care God Bless Phyllis

  10. Dear Laura: am sending Love and Protection to you and all the beautiful horses. As dark as things seem now, stay strong, follow your heart. The horses all know what you are working to accomplish. They remember who stewards them and who does not.

    All Love
    Padme A’Tea

  11. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    The lawyer I fear most is the young advocate, man or woman, who does not know that I am a more accomplished lawyer. I fear an opponent who is protected by ignorance and who, therefore, is free to beat me. I am afraid of those kind because of the great power of their ignorance that protects them and unleashes their own indomitable power.

    Ah, the power of ignorance! Gerry Spence

  12. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    and the POWER OF PRAYER

  13. sandra longley says:

    MLK-travelled the country-going to whatever place or situation needed help and a voice and a light to be shined on the wrongs being committed..every advocate is a MLK..every advocate can shine a bright light on some corner of the abuses being committed..we are ALL being called by the wild horses for our help…We have to answer that call-before they all disappear into that mist of “forevever gone” but not forgotten.

  14. Honor Hannon says:

    Phyllis (Judice),
    Yes lets start a fund. I can only send a little each week but want to do SOMETHING positive and Laura and her wild one MUST have a future together.
    How do we accomplish this?

  15. Nell Walton says:

    Persistance. That is what it will take. I ran the press release you put out on page 1 on the AllHorses Post. I am surprised the BLM can still walk after shooting themselves in the foot so many time.

  16. Kathy Mahan says:

    How do they ship horses to Long Term without ever offering them for adoption? & How do they think they can get away with shipping horses who have adopters to Long Term. Honestly this is a way they are also failing the horses.

    I think the Private Property claims are a joke. Those people have a contract with our government to do a job, and we should have a right to see, and count those horses.. and to adopt them if we want.

    Adoption is one of the keystones built into the Wild Horse & Burro Act, for excess animals to be gathered and offered for adoption. They are running a shell game, but eventually a judge, or our elected officials have to put a stop to this.

    It;s time to Vote out every incumbent who did not stand up for our wildlife, and preservation of our land.

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