For Mom

Just a reminder this is my blog.

Thought I might make it to see my mom and kids this holiday but it looks like I will have a busy season. So I wrote a “letter” for my mom and made a video for her.

Yes, all of this insanity hurts. It is my personal expression of it here. Not the most graphic or telling of the images… but ones that spoke to me today.

I love you mom… and yes, I am feeling sad. But not always… you know me well enough to know there is an equal “other side.” I promise I will show that to you soon.

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Action for Augusta

Augusta HMA 10/27/2010

I recently went to the Augusta HMA to learn what I could and bring you some photos. If you have not submitted comment please read below and follow the link to the AWHPC action page.

Augusta Stallion

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is accepting comments on its “Wild Horse Gather Plan” for the Augusta Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA) in Nevada. The plan entails the helicopter roundup of 334 wild horses during January 2011 in order to administer the PZP anti-fertility drug to the mares and to remove approximately 50 horses who live outside the invisible HMA boundaries.

The proposed treat-and-release plan is a step in the right direction toward managing horses on the range and eliminating or reducing the need for future removals. We remain concerned, however, about the dangerous winter timing of the proposed roundup, as well as the roundup method, which will destroy wild horse family bands. We also oppose the plan to permanently remove 50 horses living outside the HMA. We need to urge the agency to begin to address the longer-term flaws of the wild horse program, including artificially low Appropriate Management Levels, unfair allocation of resources within designated wild horse and burro areas, and destruction of predators that provide natural population control. Finally we must urge the agency to ensure transparency by providing public access to observe all all aspects of the proposed roundup.

If you have not taken action go to AWHPC page for quick “click and send” option.

Augusta Family

Sacramento Rally

This bird kept flying over our heads in Sacramento

Did a quick article on the Sacramento Rally this past weekend.

Haven’t had time to publish anything there for a bit so let me know if the article comes up.

Heading out the door… Silver King video will be up in another day or so… researching, researching, researching…

We will NOT go away.

Faces of PVC October 2010

Editing tons of footage and reviewing still images.

What sticks in my mind this am are the thousands of faces in holding I have seen. These are just a few from one day at Palomino Valley. Horses are from Tuscarora and Twin Peaks…

Second video of Tonopah and videos from Silver King coming soon… heading out to check on some horses first…

Edited to Add stills from today

Stallion PVC

Stallion (Big Pen)

Twin Peaks Stallion (Broken Family)

Twin Peaks Stallion

Mares (PVC)

Mares (PVC)



It has been a bit of a “rough trek” trying to report to all of you the treatment of our horses as they are rounded up and handled by the BLM. I am still trying to get a report on the actual trap for Horseback.

In Tonopah we had an AML of 3 at Paymaster because they didn’t want to list as a “zero out” and to allow a horse or two to cross the border on occasion.

Observation was discriminatory, again.

It has taken me some time to edit the footage together that I have to give you all a “taste” of the frustration. It is frustrating to view the tapes and review the documentation.

Gather reports:

Field office data… Please note the number of “Fast tracked” projects and that so many use WATER. Also note how proud the district is of how much gold and silver come from the land (we all know about mining and what it does to WATER):

Note the date on this project that utilizes heliostats (water) in the federal registry, Sept. 3, 2010 with expected approval of Dec. 2010:

Warning in New York Times article: 

“The Nevada controversy highlights the emerging conflict between the Obama administration’s plans to greatly expand the use of renewable energy and the concerns of those who fear solar arrays, wind farms and geothermal plants could disrupt or destroy wildlife habitat and soak up precious water supplies in the arid West.”

But OUR horses are just about gone now in this area and the main reason given is lack of water… but we can bend over (literally) to create avenues to “fast track” projects, yet can’t find a way to make sure horses can get water.


Silver King video soon… Just need to push through the frustration. 

Edited to add stills.

We watched loading only after Horseback called DC


Paymaster AML of 3



Tonopah's one day of Observation



For RT and Terry

Silver King HMA 2010

I normally don’t respond one blog to another… but Louie on RT’s blog felt RT might need to be reminded that he is not alone… we are many.

There will come a time when the Earth grows sick and when it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the World who believe in deeds and not words. They will work to heal it…they will be known as the “Warriors of the Rainbow.”

Don’t know how much I believe in any prophecy… but we will NOT go away. It is time to wake up and smell the bullsh*t before our horses are gone.

I need a bit of inspiration and I am an animator at the core… I am editing my video footage from the last two months and my heart aches… so y’all need to bear with me, it’s my blog.  : )

I did not make this video, I love the song.

Family no more

There has been a lot of interest in the photos I took of a family that had just been separated.

The stallion did his best to comfort his son as his mom called from the other side of the fence. I witnessed the stallion off loaded at Palomino Valley, but not his son. I never saw the mare again.

Broken Family

A moments comfort

Father and son

I’ll add more later… just got a call and need to switch gears.

Support the Pressure

There are two groups right now that are supporting the stand in the coutroom for our herds.

Wild Horse Education and the Habitat for Horses Council. If you want to donate to support the legal efforts please donate to either group. We need to add our voices collectively for our horses, but the support comes from these two organizations.

Help if you can.

Wild Horse Education

HFH Advisory Council

Each and every life

Father and son for the last time (Twin Peaks)

Today I am working on more paperwork… answering the BLM’s convoluted logic to why observers can’t be allowed to witness what is happening to OUR horses. They talk about policy that gives them the right to roundup, they talk about safety protocols that did not exist in the past… they do everything they can to try to justify outdated brutality being utilized by an agency tasked to protect an animal so important to the American people it has an entire act of Congress devoted to it.

Freedom and Family (American values?)

That act has been undercut by corporate/special interests to continue to rape our country at no benefit to you or I… as our rights and interests are ignored repeatedly under “Multiple Ruse.”

But within the confines of my lawsuit all of it is irrelevant.

I want to SEE what you are doing with America’s horses. Why… WHY wont you let me?

When will Congress and the judicial system wake up and recognize how vitally important this animal is to the history and spirit of the American people?

6171 found a home (photo Elyse Gardner)

EACH and EVERY life that lived peacefully and FREE before a chopper cut it’s world to shreds continues to matter to us. These are OUR horses.

Hope dying of hoof slough (Indian Lakes/Broken Arrow)

Each set of eyes I see before they disappear into the black hole that has become the Wild Horse and Burro program speaks of the freedoms we are loosing daily. Each set of eyes burns deep into our hearts… and we will NOT forget them as they disappear into a system that has become a closed door funnel for tax-payer dollars as it ignores the right of the people to know what happens to our horses.

Sorro euthanized at the Broken Arrow/ Indian Lakes

This agency is notorious for misinformation as basic as where a truck has it’s final destination… we want to SEE our horses.

This IS an American Tragedy…

Our Horses…

Silver King Mare Left 5 hours in Alley

caught in jute (Twin Peaks)

PVC cutie from Tuscarora

PVC mare Tuscarora

PVC mares Tuscarora

Tonopah face lacerations

Trap visibility Tonopah


Back to work… will edit Tonopah and Silver King… after I answer the BLM… again.

BraveHearts Last Stand

Repost from AWHPC

by Suzanne Roy, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

In the early morning of Wednesday, October 6, 2010, amid the vast landscape of the Silver King Herd Management Area in southeastern Nevada, a mustang family lost everything in a BLM helicopter roundup.

I looked down from a hill above the entrance to the capture site to see a striking white mare, running at full speed, with her young foal at her heels. Galloping just ahead of the helicopter was a beautiful sorrel stallion, forehead lined with a wide white blaze. He lagged behind his family, torn between making a run for freedom and protecting his mare and foal, even if that meant following them into the jaws of the trap. The stallion, who we have named Braveheart, chose family over freedom, and it cost him his life.

Not long after his decision, Braveheart charged the bars of the trap pen, defending his mare and foal against an enemy he recognized: another horse. Though the BLM contractor clearly observed that his saddle horse was causing Braveheart’s agitation, he tied his mount just outside the stallion’s pen. To Braveheart, the saddle horse appeared to be within striking range. Braveheart didn’t know know men and their metal fences wouldn’t give way to his charge. And, slamming himself against the metal fences, he went down.

BLM often claims that horses with broken necks die instantly. They don’t.

Braveheart fell down after sustaining a mortal injury, but then he struggled to his feet. Head hanging down, he searched for his family. Could he see them nearby? Could he hear or smell them as he lifted his great red-gold head one final time?

As Braveheart lay dying or dead, the BLM wranglers loaded his white mare into a trailer. Dazed by defeat, she no longer struggled. Her stallion was dead, her foal forcibly taken from her.

Next the wranglers dragged the stallion’s body, covered by a tarp, onto the same trailer, forcing the pale mare to stand over her dead mate.

An endless 40 minutes later, the truck drove off, leaving the small foal, who looked just like his father, alone in the trap pen, never to see his mother or sire again.

At the holding site, dirt was piled atop the stallion next to mounds containing the bodies of numerous other victims of this roundup. Our requests to film the body were denied; when we filmed the backhoe and the stallion’s body awaiting burial from the distance, the government-contracted wrangler drove the truck and trailer around to block our view.

Ben Noyes, the BLM wild horse and burro specialist, refused our request to speak to him to get information about Braveheart’s death. Throughout the two days that we attended the roundup, Mr. Noyes refused to speak with the public and answer questions. The PR person charged with being the spokesperson often was unable to answer basic questions about the Silver King capture operation.

My colleague Deniz Bolbol and I captured the whole scene on video, despite the best efforts of the BLM to prevent us from doing so. We participated in two days of “public observation” at Silver King, during which the BLM’s main objective was to prevent us from capturing and exposing the images that convey the anguish, the trauma and the suffering wild horses endure in the BLM roundups.

BLM observation rules prevented us from observing and videotaping all aspects of the roundup including when the horses enter the trap. That is the moment they realize there is no escape, and the full impact of their capture is visible as they struggle mightily to kick down or climb fences. BLM also prevented us from filming the actual sorting of horses, when foals are wrenched from their mothers, and mares are taken from their stallions.

In previous roundups advocates have been allowed to get close enough to the trap and holding facility so that wounds could be seen – now the BLM keeps the public at such a distance that makes observation nearly impossible. It was only because we stood firm on our rights to travel the public roads in this public lands complex that we captured Braveheart’s final moments.

Sadly, this rainbow, which greeted us as we arrived at the trap site on Tuesday morning, brought no luck to the Silver King mustangs. Our wild horses aren’t looking for a pot of gold; they just want their freedom. It’s up to us to be their rainbow.

Braveheart standing guard over his mare moments before he broke his neck by charging the fence.

In Braveheart’s memory, we will continue the fight. Meanwhile, we have told BLM that we would like to adopt Braveheart’s mare and foal. After this ordeal, this pair must be reunited. It’s the least we and the BLM can do for these brave survivors.

Note: Return to Freedom is taking this mare and foal and attempting to reunite Silver King with his family. Visit Return to Freedom for more info.

Wont forget you

Just a little taste of “expert”

I warned the BLM that the gap in the trailer could lead to mishap when I saw these foals offloaded.

Re-loading for shipment into the black hole of “no access.”

What's this?

Can I get back to my daddy?

Long way down...

Hips momentarily caught

Where's my daddy?

Back in the pen

Back in the pen

But what do I know…  

I’m not a BLM “Wild Horse and Burro Specialist” or a LIVESTOCK roundup contractor.

Pre-existing injuries…


One of the three I weas actually able to see the first day prior to loading…

post sorting/loading/handling

Note BLM’s update page

September 27
Gather operations resumed this morning.  The BLM gathered 29 wild horses, 12 mares, nine studs and eight foals. 
Gather related animal deaths: 0Non-gather related animal deaths: 4 – The BLM today euthanized four horses.  Three of the horses were blind in one eye from previous injuries.  The fourth horse suffered with a severe sway back

Also note that NO shipments to Gunnison are listed at all. Even the load that I followed to Gunnison where I was told the horses in the next pen were there from Silver King in an earlier shipment. (printed it out and took a screen shot… so go ahead and change it… again. It has already been changed after I told them the numbers in the field did not match the numbers on the site).

ASK Tim O’Harvey the new BLM appointed spokesman  (edited to retract: new Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board member) about the facial injuries and his experience at Twin Peaks as he told me advocates need to “give” more… and retract a statement they felt was false… as I stood there with Sue Cattoor the woman that in print blamed me for the deaths in Owyhee and I held it up for “days.” (If y’all remember the delay was created when BLM called a halt to activities because of the need to create an “emergency” plan. Injunction held a day…)

Hey Tim… you understand NOW what I was trying to tell you?

Without meaningful access to activity there will never be any accountability… NONE.

Last shot for today…

They "trot" horses, don't they?

Last dawn at “home”

Yesterday I arrived at holding to watch the horse I have expressed interest in adopting be shipped to the furthest facility from my home that they were shipping to that day, Gunnison State Prison in Utah.

Even though a load was heading to Fallon Nevada, I was told that during a “conference call” it was decided to ship him to Utah.

Last Dawn "home"

It was so hard to watch these horses say goodbye to everything they have ever known, including their families.

America's Living Symbol of "Spirit"

I cannot share any pictures with you from Gunnison. My cameras and even cell phone were considered “contraband” in the state prison that houses a wild horse and burro center. But I can tell you he knew I was there… they all know WE are there… and our love for them will NOT go away.

I have little time to write… much happening.