Thoughts for today

I was asked by a french film crew recently if watching the roundups made me sad and angry…? 

I answered that of course they do. But in sadness lies helplessness and in anger lies recklessness. It is a difficult thing to balance but somewhere in the middle lies effectiveness.
I want you all to know that inside I haven’t found it yet… but I’m trying.
I need your help. Please let’s all try to remember that the sensation of helplessness is historic and will creep in when we perceive defeat. It will creep in when we feel fatigue. It will creep in when we see the faces of those we can’t help. It will creep in as the triggers of sadness from our personal pasts remind us of our own experiences.
I have more to say… more photos to share… more prayers… but no more time.

Before Round up (Twin Peaks)


3 thoughts on “Thoughts for today

  1. savewildhorses says:

    Prayers for you and may you find the strength you need each and every time you need it. You are amazing.

  2. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, you were wonderful on Marti’s radio show. You must be exhausted, but it doesn’t show when you are on the air. Hold that vision and keep holding that vision. We are all in sync and, as you know, there is great power in that. Higher powers are working with you.

  3. Anna says:

    hey Laura you are doing great; you are a one woman show; but my comment is: The resolution of the corrupt and outdated Wh & Burro program should not be on your shoulders; the burden is the Bureau of Land Management’s

    the most corrupt Gov. agency I have have heard of; imo Anna
    (Twin Peaks Foal rescued by happenchance @ Litchfield…A.

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