on the road…

Been at Tonopah…

Amazing horses with such a will to be free in an openly hostile environment for wild horses… not the landscape but the human element that is actually vocally hostile. Beyond sad.

Access games Tonopah

The same old access games were played with a real twist that kept obsertvers from viewing any activity as horses are brought in. Enough time transpired to “load ’em on the truck and take ’em to town” before we ever got a glimpse.

I’ll edit video and post pics soon. Writing a long piece for Horseback and working in several directions… you will hear all about it very soon.


Back on the road….



22 thoughts on “on the road…

  1. Hey, Is this Reveille? take care, mar

  2. Whoops, no, it is Montezuma/Paymaster… sorry. m

  3. cat Kindsfather says:

    Maybe you should hire your own bodyguard. 😛 Silly, protecting themselves from humanitarian horselovin’ women? Sorry to hear its so rough on the horses. Tell them to truck them right over to Madeleine’s sanctuary!

    DId they buy a smoke screen or what? Looks pretty blurry in this shot.
    Is this at the trap site? I really have to admire your determination and dedication. Blessings and thanks…..

    • Laura Leigh says:

      We were literally held to an area where we were not allowed to see the helicopter bring in any horses. After they settled we were allowed to approach a bit for a photo before the next group. That’s when I took that photo.

      I’ll write in more detail soon. Just no time.

      • cat Kindsfather says:

        Looks California’s BLM Eagle Lakes field office, did a better job of site setting for observation. This is ridiculous, no observation of the ‘copter bringing them in! And so this is what you get to see?
        No transparency here!!!

  4. cat Kindsfather says:

    HEY!! I just noticed that you need to edit your profile here, might want to post your status with Horseback Magazine.

  5. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Border Patrol needs help–drug cartels–people on the borders are scared. Better place for this kind of security and war games.

  6. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Move the horses out of the holding pens and the move the field offices to the border states.

  7. Elizabeth LaRoche says:

    These types of humans usually belong to Christian???churches which is why I no longer attend any of them. Yes it is beyond sad it is vomitous to say the least I call them “card carrying Christians” since that is the only way one would know what they were. I am 80 and have lived too long so that I have to even know that these Devil Followers even exist. Our animals, wild and domestic, are all that is left on this earth that is good to care about anymore

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There are still good people to care about, like y’all… don’t let the dark make you loose sight of light.

    • morganlvr says:

      I can understand how you feel, Elizabeth. Sometimes, I feel the very same way – especially when something like this, not only cruel beyond belief but illegal as well, goes on and on it can really get me down. But, even ALL the people that work for the BLM aren’t evil and uncaring. But they aren’t the policymakers unfortunately.

      Hang around with us. There are lots of us and most of us have blogs and Facebook pages where you can meet lots of caring people and their horses. That always makes me feel better. We are fighting, and we will NOT give up. Don’t you give up either!

  8. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    It has always been a battle between darkness and light–between evil and good. It’s just a matter of which side you choose. We have all been given free will.

  9. Phyllis says:

    We all know that if we did anything like this we would be arrested. I do not understand how they can get away with doing anything they want. Looking at these horses, it it obvious that they are healthy. What a scam. Just who is allowing this. Thank you for being ther for these wonderful animals. Just what is going to happen to them when they are all rounded up. Have the horses that were to be freed , been let go yet or have they changed their minds yet again. Bless you all for you caring work.

  10. Margaret says:

    Laura since this is my first post to you I want to thank you for all you do for the horses. I know it sometimes feels like yo’ve taken a couple of steps forward just tobe slammed back 50 miles. How dare the BLM and the sheriffs department threaten to arrest you…

    Not every law enforcement official in NV acts like that–I know from car accident in 2007. First responders took great care of me and as a result od that care I’m not only alive but still on my two feet although I do use my walker a lot. I just thought you should know that.

    Like Gorge Knapp I consider you a horse warrior extradinaire. George is a super supremo advocate. You’re in good company there.

    Although my donations to grassroots is small I will try to keep sending 10-15 dollars a month. It’s really hard because there are so many causes–good causes that need our support.

  11. Lisa G. says:

    The Twin Peaks gather is concluded with 1799 gathered only 58 horses and 1 burro released so far as of today’s gather report. When do they plan to release the rest?


    • cat Kindsfather says:

      Good Question! Did you see they released mules?

      • Lisa G. says:

        Yes, I saw that pic on Terri’s blog. Was that a BLM official pic or one taken by advocates?

        I re-watched the BLM’s video on the Twin Peak’s HMA. They estimated 2300 wild horses prior to the roundup .. they removed 1800. Now, they’re going to do a fly over to “determine” how many are left. Since they said they wanted to reduce the levels to around 500 .. my guess is they will “find” 500 horses currently on the range and release none of those gathered. 2300 (estimated) – 1800 gathered = 500 which is their target level.

        I hope I’m wrong but guess is this is a done deal in the eyes of the BLM.

  12. Phyllis says:

    Any chance they will release another burro so the 1 lone burro will have a companion? 58 horses wow that’s a great number to keep the herd alive.

    • Anna says:

      The BLM just destroyed a lone burro @ Susanville…A PITY !

    • Lisa G. says:

      Initially, I though they were going to remove all the wild horses and burros and determine some to release. From looking at the info again, I think we’ll get the same response from the BLM for the burros as the horses .. 280 wild burros estimated prior to roundup .. they removed 160. They will probably do their fly over and “see’ 100 wild burros left on the range which is the high end of their AML.

      If the BLM releases more, it would be an admission that their initial estimates were wrong.

      I don’t know why they even released the one.

  13. morganlvr says:

    What a pile of horse poop! Especially when the BLM themselves say it takes a minimum of 200 horses for a herd to be genetically viable. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture…..?

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