A hole in my Moccasins

Just sharing a picture…

Twin Peaks

 So many days on the road and so many miles on the truck that I now have a hole in my moccasins, literally.

Tomorrow I will respond again in the contempt case. I will pray that a judge will actually allow this to be heard in a courtroom.

I will head off to watch BLM essentially zero out two more HMA’s from areas that have sustained horses for centuries using the same old excuses.

I will watch as BLM essentially ignores Judge Larry Hicks findings in Tuscarora and orders a public land closure in Ely to facilitate the removal, in secret, of our horses.

I will argue for access at HMA’s where again we, the public, will be offered a single day to observe round ups that include more than one HMA.

This agency will thumb its nose at the Judicial system.

This agency will thumb its nose at Congress as it pushes Salazar’a proposal to reality without approval.

This agency will thumb its nose at the outcry of the American people as it puts big bucks into the pockets of a select few. This is literally the theft of America.

I have a hole in my moccasins… and one in my heart.

There are too many “snakes in the bushes.”

We need to be so careful right now yet not fearful that we will fail… it is a fine line.

back on the road….


14 thoughts on “A hole in my Moccasins

  1. Anna says:

    we are with ya: atleast I am ! if i count ! hey laura; every hear this true story?: a Lady was in the kitchen and she looked out onto her field and her Mustang was acting very strangly; stomping the ground running around; jumping up and down; when she went out; she discovered her Mustang had:

    “trampled a rattler…til the rattler had “bitten the dust…
    good mustang eh? I’d feel safe trail riding a Mustang !

    If I had to ride the back country: I would choose a mustang!

  2. Barbara says:

    Laura, my thoughts and prayers are with you and our wild horses.
    The BLM are the “snakes in the grass” and their evil knows no bounds.

  3. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, perfect analogy.

  4. There is leather to re-sole the mocs. mar

  5. Forest Horse says:

    Laura: You have the strength of so many behind you and the spirit of the horse and donkey. Thanks for walking in your moccassins.

  6. cat Kindsfather says:

    Well written…. Hearing the tune of a Nancy Sinatra song. One of these days!!!

  7. Jo De George says:

    We are with you, Laura. Our strength, love and light are with you. Our hearts have holes too, but yours must be unbearably large.

  8. Lori Schmidt says:

    We are with you Laura, in spirit, sitting behind the scenes and our hearts aching as we hope for some positive news for our wild ones. You are a strong wonderful woman and you and our colleagues on the front line are always in my heart.

  9. Honor Hannon says:

    We are starting “prayer circles” for our wild horses and burros. Especially including you!!!!!!!!!! Elyse, Craig and all the other battered and ignored “humane observors”as well as all the “wild horse advocates”.
    May Spirit give us strength, courage, fortitude,and comfort. These are times of great turbulence in all our lives and the winds of change are blowing. May wisdom enter our hearts thru the holes and cracks as we wish for the highest good for our beloved wild ones.

  10. Anna says:


    Carol Walker’s excellent Mustang slideshow…aw

  11. Anna says:


    Laura: according to my research; The BLM issued this new handbook AFTER your law suit was filed about “the foaling season; in fact; I actully got an email from a “Debbie Collins and or a JoLynn Worley stating; THE FOAL SEASON HAS CHANGED; PLEASE SEE MY ATTACHED HANDBOOK…

    my comment is; The BLM cannot change the handbook after the lawsuit; and someone should notify the Federal Judge of how the BLM “fabricated a new handbook…imo..a.

    ps I will post the email I received from the blm later; thnx

  12. R.T. Fitch says:

    Although tired, we will prevail.

    Lean on me if need be, my sister, I am there with you.

  13. Anna says:

    to every BLM.gov official from every Mustang or Burro ever “rounded up; harmed; or otherwise battered by BLM;



    Mark my Words…sincerely; anna white usa 1951

    Save the Mustangs and Burros from the long arm of the law!

  14. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Anna–did you see that Cindy at American Herds posted that video of the cat tearing out the water culvert–the one that you called everyone’s attention to. It is on her most recent article.

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