No more fences between us…

I first met him in the Calico Complex. An amazing being that lost his freedom and family on January 16,2010. He had one member of his family with him, his young son.

On that day he grabbed my soul.

Yesterday there are no more fences between us.

I walked in his holding pen with him and his companions… one more step “home,” for the both of us.


Commander scarred face from the panel collision at the gather)

True with Commander and Deniz

For more info go to


16 thoughts on “No more fences between us…

  1. Bittersweet, isn’t it? They still have a ways to travel, then maybe it won’t be too bad. Our world and you are trying to accommodate them. We can only hope that it is enough for a wild soul to still be contained far from home. There will always be a small flight of hope that one day they may have another chance at wildness as it was before. That would be a grand release to watch… but that may only be a dream. mar

  2. These beautiful horses, these gorgeous life-loving beings, make me cry like a baby.

  3. Anna says:

    oh hello so you mean True was one of the 18 Stallions rescued by Return to Freedom…

    I have been worried about True and his whereabouts…thanks!

  4. Anna says:

    ps truly sinful the muddy conditions they have @ Palomino and other corrals; are the Mustangs at Calico acutally going to stay in those mud and sand pits for an entire winter?

    what do the mustangs do? Sit around with snow piled up on their backs? do they get drenched to the bone in rainstorms?

    sometimes it rains for days; how will they get any Dry Hay ?

    BLM Baffoons lying misfits !

  5. morganlvr says:

    Beautiful, Laura. Just beautiful. Don’t think they don’t know what you have done for them.

  6. Jo De George says:

    Laura: How these beings, these lovely, innocent beings become part of our heart and souls. Thank you for all you do and may God rest his hand on your weary head. Jo

  7. jan eaker says:

    good to see them free of the necktags, at least here they have shade and some form of freedom, really hope that the proposed sanctuary plans happen for these horses.

  8. Phyllis says:

    Laura you have worked so hard for the mustangs..I believe they know your heart. Does this mean one of these will be yours or are they going to the locations with the stallions that were saved. You are an amazing person thank you for working so hard to save these beautiful aimals. God bless you and look out for you.

  9. Anna says:

    wow I had not noticed the facial injury on Commander; that looks pretty bad; what can be done to protect the nose from the sun and sunburn is: take a tube of pure Zinc Oxide and rub the Zinc Oxide on the nose; do not rub in; put on like a paste; do not rub off; Zinc protects the skin from UV Rays…aw

    • Anna says:

      ps for sacroids; (a sacroid looks like a combo of a “wart and a pimple; usually has flaky skin or wart like condition;

      Put the Zinc Oxide creme right on the spot and leave on…

      ps message; do not give Zinc internally; will not work; only the Zinc Oxide paste on the sacroids; “peels them off… AW

      ps the Zinc creme prevents them from getting infected too

  10. Anna says:

    The reason Zinc Oxide paste can “prevent: treat and cure…
    skin spots; sun spots; sacroids; boils; blisters; and the like is

    Zinc reflects both types of harmful UV Ray Light from the sun on a broad sprectrum; putting it another way…

    Zinc Oxide creme is the greatest sunblock ever discovered…

    You can put the sunblock right on the Equine’s nose…works!

    I had a Sacroid on my forehead under my hairline which would grow when I went out into the sun; looked like a pimple; so I heard the Doc’s talking about the Zinc; so I put the Zinc on my sacroid I had for 7 years; and in 7 days the “pimple fell off; and now my skin is clear and smooth !

    its amazing; ps didn’t do much for my wrinkles tho’…dang (

  11. Anna says:

    does Commander have some type of a nose injury? if so; put the Zinc Oxide right on the nose before he goes out in sun…

    Zinc Oxide creme is the best and safest sunblock ever discoverd by man or God…should be used on Appolosas…

    I agree Laura has done alot but so have alot of other people!
    this is not a one man show; for example i have sent many emails to the hsus; aspca; blm; reps and senators with over blm mustang abuse and so have many other people…so I hereby thank ALL the people who have helped the Mustangs and Burros; I have sent over 500 emails to officials this year

  12. Anna says:

    ps imo Litchfield is better than Calico because at Litchfield they put the Hay IN the corrals; not on the outside like @ Calico; by putting the Hay in the pens; Foals can get Hay…

    and yes Foals do eat Hay; this is the way Mother Nature made them; Foals eat Hay and drink mum’s milk…

    Foals do not live on mum’s milk alone just like man does not live on bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of god; hay is to the foals like manna…imo

  13. Anna says:

    always recall this; The facility at Fallon Calico Round up corral was designed by a Temple Grandin; do you know who Temple Grandin is?

    Temple is the worlds’ leading expert on “Feedlot designs…aw
    and i am not smiling when I write this either; big frown…: ( (

  14. Anna says:

    If every person reading this…took just one video showing BLM abuse to the Mustangs and or Burros; and sent that one link to your Senators or Reps. via their Contact Us form at their website; we the people could enlighten them the Gov.

    but each person has to send an email to their Rep. I have ! aw
    this is because only congress can stop the blm; no other way;

    if I thought there was another way i would go that route…

  15. Anna says:

    ps all ya have to do is just send the video link to your senator (or rep.) or law enforcement officals if you want to go that far(I did ) ! why ? I can’t stand to see overt animal abuse; can u ?

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