Stories and pics soon…

At least he has his dad... but for how long?

Working on a story for Horseback.

I just have time to share a single photo tonight.

This system based on 20-30 year old guesswork that has inadequate data plugged in to make far reaching and irreversable decisions runs full steam

In it’s wake wild families are being torn apart.

This stallion (with his son at his side) continually calls to his mare. She calls back… her son looks just like her.

I need to get to bed but I urge you all to keep calling the White House and Congress. We need a Congressional Injunction asap and this program evaluated top to bottom.


12 thoughts on “Stories and pics soon…

  1. Thank you for your tireless work on behalf of the horses and those of us who cannot be there with you.

  2. Honor Hannon says:

    Thank you Laura, they are both beautiful. Yes, will keep calling.
    Keep up your professional wonderful documentation of this travesity of justice.
    Take courage, stay strong and know you do not stand alone.

  3. Here they are, more families of fine wild horses pulled into our world and out of theirs. The wall we are up against may have to be removed. This would be threatening to those in this program but the program is self destructing as well as destroying these wild herds. Which will it be? BLM and certain death to the wild herds or a new beginning with hope, new goals and respect? There are too many reasons why this program needs to be run elsewhere than BLM. mar

  4. Love the picture. mar

  5. Kathleen says:

    Heartbreaking image and words 😦 Thank you for being there to witness and report this travesty. They need you, we appreciate you. Stay strong, be careful and know so many are behind you all the way.

  6. Jane Bravery says:

    Laura. Just wonderful what you are doing for the horses and for all of us. Heartbreaking.
    Is there any way we can keep track of the families to keep them together? Adopt if we must until they can be free? At what stage are we allowed to adopt them to get them out of there together?
    Sorry, basic questions, but all the rules seem bendable….maybe that can work for us somehow…
    If we started a fund to sponsor and adopt a family to go to a rescue with space where they can at least run free?

  7. Nancy Roberts says:

    Thanks Laura for being there. This photo says a lot…

  8. I’m just sending everything to my Senators. Don’t have a Rep. I only hope someone will GIVE it to them. You never know if they actually SEE anything or not. Surely SOMEONE sees it, I hope.

  9. savewildhorses says:

    One picture is worth 1000 words. This one tells everything. Heartbreaking. Truly.

  10. Anna says:

    Hi Jane;

    I would advise you to contact Craig Downer @ if you want to “sponsor a mustang;

    he is good at that; so is The Cloud Foundation”s herd watch;

    which Laura Leigh is a member of; money does talk…thanks !

    ps maybe someone else can chime in about adoption rules;

  11. Anna says:


    quote of the day from the blm…

    Proposed White Rock Spring riparian fence and associated water pipeline and trough

    The proposed action is to construct a maximum of 2600’ (five acres) of fence around White Rock Spring…

    and associated saturated soils downstream from the source, as well as a buried water pipeline to supply a trough outside the fenced area.

    White Rock Spring is located in the northern Butte Mountains in northern White Pine County: T25N, R60E, NE1/4 S12.

    The need for the proposed action is to protect the spring source and associated riparian community from continued degradation by large ungulates, due primarily to wild horses…

    TO THE BLM: OH TRACTORS; OFF ROAD VEHICLES DON’T ?(wreck the environment ? ” LIARS !

  12. morganlvr says:

    The picture says it all, Laura. Take care of yourself.

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