So, BLM, when is foaling season?

also note “new birth” off limits to public view on 8/25.

Several mares are pregnant.

And when you hear the wind think open oven filled with alkali dust… it’s no cool breeze out there.


36 thoughts on “So, BLM, when is foaling season?

  1. Darcy says:

    those poor babies are saying “mom, please don’t make me walk” :(. so hard to watch.

  2. Christie Finn says:

    Thank you for this compelling testimony.

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    I don’t see a mom for some of them. If we could only help them. I think a good horse vet could treat and save them. Just too sad.

    • Morgan Griffith says:

      I think of all the rescues, like our own Laura Bell, that would take these foals and nurse them back to health but blm won’t turn them over. Who knows what permanent damage has been done to these babies structural soundness for the rest of their lives, they were never meant to be pushed this hard this young.

      • Linda Horn says:

        Yep. I keep talking about this and REFUSE to be silenced until the BLM GIVES these mare/foal pairs and orphans to rescues.

  4. Anna says:

    amazing; the blm just rounds ’em up; corrals them; throws bits and fragments of Hay around the place; fills a few watering troughs; and just walk away…just as if they had raked up a pile of leaves into a corral; instead of mustangs;

    How on the face of this earth will they survive a winter ? gosh!

    • savewildhorses says:

      Anna, that is the perfect description of how they treat these horses—like they are raking up a pile of leaves into a corral.

      • Anna says:

        thanks; everyone should rewatch the above video; you can see how the wind is whipping sand into the face of the foal at about 2:30; NO hay feeders? holy mackeral!

  5. Anna says:

    ps does anyone see the “downed gray mustang towards the end of the video; obviously she cannot stand; or she would be
    my research indicates: this mustang should get “a shot of Magnesium; she might have “Hypo Magnesium Tetany; one shot of Magnesium reverses the condition in a few hours…
    source: HypoMagnesium Tetany…affects Equine and Cattle

  6. Anna says:

    pps meant to say source: Merck Veterinary Manuel 2010…

  7. Laura, this is devastating. There is no sense in this happening. Of course the people involved have no sense of right or wrong. There can be no moral compass in this operation when the excellent horses we see here are given no respect. Any of these foals could be the next to lose its life to the neglectful yet quick to condemn ‘Bureau’ and the trigger happy contractors. Even if they are now in the realm of a BLM vet, that means little for the survival of those here who are struggling between the pain and doing what foals need to do to survive. They are beautiful and otherwise so healthy until they are abused by the helicopter. Until they come into the jaws of the program that is all about removal, loss and denial. How do these people deny the excellence and presence of these wild horses? We are proud of them as all should be for their ability to live free as they should. mar

  8. sandra longley says:

    thanks laura, this is what i was afraid of, many damaged foals, many of those may be permenantly damaged..thanks for nothing you suppose you could at least pen them somewhere that wasn’t a rock pile so they could attempt to walk on their rotated coffin bones,,these foals may never run and play and buck for joy again..former shells of their vibrant selves..We must work harder and do more..I went to burns today to see the stinking water horses in holding, it wasn’t hot but foals were lifeless and listless, also one born there within the last 24 hours, and many young foals as well..a few tender feet mostly among the old and adult, like making a vist to a concentration camp..desolation in the eyes.

    • Morgan Griffith says:

      thank you Sandra, I have never owned horses and have little hands on experience but even I could reason that many of these foals could be ruined for life, never going to adoption or back to the range, lamed for life so blm could outrun the court decisions and the will of the people.

  9. Jim Tourangeau says:

    lotsa crippled foals and mares; sad; cruelity at the highest level; all in the name of saving them. BLM will ship them as unadoptable. I am a very angry and helplessy outraged man with this BS. The unbelievable crap they feed the gov. bosses is horrendous..They swallow it then agree to it.. what in the hell is happening to the truth??? Miles of video work for proof; all kinds of pictures and eye witnesses.. Does none of this even concern the people in power?? NOT ONE DAMMM BIT… I would have no problem bat-slapping a few of them; then maybe the lite of humanity mite come back on in Washington. IF the gov. won’t do anything then why don’t someone send videos to the spouse’s ??? or are they the one’s who ripped out the heart’s of them stupids ???? I am a Canadian who see’s the same with our wildess same responses from our Gov. Just a huge finger ..!..

    • Anna says:

      Hi Jim;

      Believe me when I tell you; these videos are being sent to the proper officials; I personally send many and so do many other folks; see the problem is: The US congress is on vacation until Sept. 12th; so the BLM uses this to their advantage by going on a “Round Up Spree and Rampage during the last few days of the Congress’s vacation; hang in there…Stop the BLM; how many Foals have they “crippled? all in the name of “Saving them…God Save the Mustangs..amen and amen y amen…

    • Yes! Send videos of what these bastards are doing to their families – dirty trick, but right now I think I could do it. My GOD!

  10. Anna says:

    Hi Laura; I know how busy you are; but i was wondering if you could do me a favor; a. keep your eyes on the foals and
    b. could you tell me this? in Litchfield Foals video @ 4:30…

    there is a downed gray mustang; this is the end stages of a Magnesium and other Nutrient deficiency; then at the end of the video is a youngish looking grey mustang;

    recumbant; but looking alert; question; are these the same mustangs; in other words; did the mustang stand up ?

    or is that another mustang? What happens is: A mustang should eat forage for hay 22 hours out of 24 hours in a day; mustangs prob. forage under moonlight like deer do;

    IF a Mustang does not get hay for hours or a day; the acid in the mustang system begins to deplete Magneisum; Thiamin and other nutrients essential to the mustang health; when the acid eats up the Magnesium and the Mustang goes into a state of Magnesium deficiency;
    the mustang falls down and cannot stand up; A Deficieny of Thiamine B1 can also cause this; ONE SHOT CURES THIS!
    ONE SHOT OF MAGNEISUM (and or Thiamine Vitamin B1) !

    a. early stages of Magesium/Thiamine deficiency;
    horse falls down but is alert and recumbant
    b. later stages; Horse lies out flat; neck is in an “s shape…

    Each Mag or B1 or B-compelx shot is only about $5…Anna
    source: merck vet. and “Feed your horse like a horse by Dr. Juliet Getty; Ph.D.; a shot of Mag./B1 gets the horse up !
    the blm does not know jackrabbit turds about Nutrition ! A.


    • Laura Leigh says:

      Anna… many off the horses that appeat “downed” are resting and do rise and walk to water.
      I’m concentrating on foals and the lame adults and the ones that don’t rise.
      I’m spending a lot of time out there, I promise.

      • Anna says:

        Laura wote:
        I’m concentrating on foals and the lame adults and the ones that don’t rise.
        WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM DOING? I am trying to explain to you and everyone; the ones that cannot stand up are “suffering from acute nutritional deficiencies which can be alleviated with either
        Thiamine Vitamin B1; Magnesium/Calcium or B-Complex…I am concentrating on the downed ones;
        by that I mean; those recumbant and do not rise…so what are you saying? I am saying: the Mustangs do not rise because they are in acute nutritional deficits

        WHICH CAN BE CURED with Magneiusm and Vitamin

        that is exactly what Elyse Garder said to me; surely you cannot say the Mustang in the original Litchfield Corrals where the Mare is dug into a sand trap and canot get up surely you cannot say she is resting !

        in your own video above @ 4:30; there is a Mustang laying full out flat; surely she is not resting ! I don’t believe that many of those downed ones are resting!

        ARE YOU SAYING THE DOWNED GRAY MARE LAYING FLAT OUT WITH HER HEAD IN THE SAND…or the little foal laying flat out in the straw pit @ Litchfield

        are you saying she got up and walked? I give up ! aw

      • Anna says:

        ps I believe some of the “downed Mustangs + foals
        are resting; some are having “heat stroke: some are suffering from “acute exhaustion; some are suffering from thirst; some have Nutritional deficiencies as i explained; when you run a Mustang out of the sudden
        the Mustang cannot forage obviously; when the Mustang does not forage; the acid builds up in tummy
        WHEN THE ACID BUILDS UP; THE NUTRIENTS GET EATEN UP leaving the Mustang in a state of Nutritional Deficiency; which makes some of them fall down !


        Can actually get the “downed one to rise and forage!
        I KNOW this is true because I have personal testimony and this is all written in the vets manuels worldwide!




        • Anna says:

          magnesium for mustangs/same good effects…

          Hypocalcemic cows typically respond to (Calcium/Mag) therapy immediately. Tremors are seen less as neuromuscular function returns. Improved cardiac output results in stronger heart sounds and decreased heart rate. Return of smooth muscle function results in eructation, defecation, and urination once the cow rises. Approximately 75% of cows stand within 2 hr of treatment. Animals not responding by 4-8 hr should be reevaluated and re-treated if necessary. Of cows that respond initially, 25-30% relapse within 24-48 hr and require additional therapy. Incomplete milking has been advised to reduce the incidence of relapse.

          SUMMARY: Approximately 75% of cows stand within 2 hr of treatment….

          comment; this means if you have 500 cows and 100 are “down and unable to rise to stand…

          with proper Nutritional therapy…Approximately 75% of cows stand within 2 hr of treatment.

          “2 hours…get it? the cows stand up within 2 hours of the Magnesium /Calcium etc “IM shot!

          and I am here to tell you and everyone:

          This same type of Nutritional Treatment (IM shots of Vitamin B1 Thiamine or B-Complex etc

          CAN GET AN EQUINE TO STAND UP TOO ! and that is the truth; I have seen this with my own eyes; many a time; and yet the BLM DOES NOT USE ANY NUTRIENTS; not even flax or rice bran

          I cannot get the BLM to use Nutritional therapy!
          (evn though I wrote them about the Vitamins many times; sent pix of the vitamin; and so on…


          • Anna says:

            SUMMARY; cuz I don’t want to hog the forum:

            My goals are:

            a. stop the roundups
            b. get the blm to use Flax; Rice Bran: and Brewers yeast for Omega’s and Vitamins; etc.
            c. GET THE BLM TO BEGIN USING “VITAMIN SHOTS on any downed or weak Mustang…

            Thiamine Vitamin B1 stimulates the appetite

            besides helping the mustangs to stand up;

            so my goal is to see the blm give any downed foal or mustang or burro (and I mean downed ones; not ones resting…) SHOT OF THIAMINE

            and have Laura Leigh videotape this administration of the B-Vitamin Mag shot !

            the whole key is: The Mustang must have Hay!(because the B1 makes the mustang hungry…

            that’s it ! i won’t clog up the forum anymore
            i have said my piece; now I will get this info to the blm; which they are not interested in…ps
            i would not recommend giving B1 shots to foals at Fallon; only at Litchfield; Fallon does not have adequate hay for foals; Litchfield do

  11. Anna says:

    pps Epsoms Salts are pure Magnesium Flakes discovered in a well in the 1700’s in Epsom England; in the old days only Kings and Royalty were allowed to drink from Epsom Well;
    thus healing them of Magnesium shortages; Today anyone can buy Epsoms Salts for About $2 a pound…anyone that is
    except the BLM; ya see the blm spent all their money on the Cattoor Livestock Roundup company and no money for Mag.!

    aka Bureau of Land Mismanagement: “jack rabbit turf/turds

  12. Anna says:

    ps you can put the Epsoms Salts in the Mustangs water trough

    or you apply a paste to the hooves; they don’t even give Salt !

    If they added Sodium; Magensium and Thiamine to the water

    the Mustangs would be perkier and digestion would be better; Thiamine B1 aids digestion and helps digest the hay;
    these nutrients are “cheap; even in bulk; thanks again…later

  13. Anna says:

    Thiamin has been known since 1856; Magneisum since 1700

    man is that blm behind the times…or what ? ? ! Tetany is bad

    Tetany is another name for a Defiency of Magnesium ! ! !

    Magnesium is like $50 a ton; and yet the BLM does not use !

    Riboflavin B2 prevents uveitis; sells for a whopping $5 a ton

  14. Anna says:

    Some horses require repeated treatments over several days to recover from hypocalcemic tetany. Mildly affected horses may recover without specific treatment. If the tetany is associated with physical exertion, incorporating magnesium into the solution may be advisable.

    A balanced feed ration should be provided to supply adequate amounts and ratios of calcium and phosphorus throughout gestation. In times of increased calcium demand such as lactation, fasting should be avoided and high-quality forage such as alfalfa or calcium-containing mineral mixes should be provided. Stress and fasting during transport should be minimized. In endurance horses, water and electrolyte deficits associated with prolonged exercise and sweating may be prevented by provision of a sufficient water supply and electrolyte supplementation…

    this is just the tip of the iceberg of treating mustangs right!

  15. Anna says:

    pps that touched my soul to see the Foal in the above video eating the Hay so well and so perfectly and then lying down in the sun to get some Vitamin D and digest the Hay Mg/Cal.

    I hope to god someone adopts the foal in the above video; that is one extremely smart mustang I can tell you that…and a good personality; when the mare did not want to nurse him(chances are the BLM lost or disjoined the foal from the mare

    the little foal did not get all bent out of shape; but simply walked over to lie down in her little “straw nest in the sun…

    My prayers and my words will be trying to help this foal…i wold like to see this foal get adopted while in good health;

    too much time at Litchfield could prove to be too much for the foal…atleast at Litchfield they put Hay for the foals; @ Calcio the BLM did not even put Hay down in the corrals for foals; and foals had to walk aimlessly about looking for hay

    One Foal actually “perished from lack of Hay at Calico…sad!

  16. savewildhorses says:

    I can’t watch. Sorry. My heart can’t take anymore. This is so inhumane and out and out animal abuse I feel physically sick. Is this what the BLM is mandated to do? Cripple brand new foals who have only been on this planet for a few weeks? I wonder if they ever go look at the damage they do. Or if it would even bother with them. Probably not. Anyone who works for this program is culpable. And I don’t want to hear about the “good” guys anymore. They all suck if they allow this to continue.

  17. Laura Houston says:

    They have a newborn pen aswell and noone is allowed to view the newborns?no mare would choose to have a foal in the blowing sand and dust like that. Their eyes, the blm not allowing viewing of the youngest foals, no good.

    I am still waiting for the BLM horseman to step up and say he runs his pedigreed QH pregnant mares and foals over rocks for miles 😦 Is their no-one in the blm who has the balls to stand-up and say we must stop causing road founder.

    The airspace above is not closed, a flyover with a high resolution camera person must be done on all blm facilities.

    The BLMs new manual is wrong, they use the pzp and the blm knows they have made the foaling season *year around* with the use of pzp. That fencing is not secure for foals. It is to easy for a young one to be under fence ,be stuck in another pen.
    It is to easy for coyotes to come in the night and pick the youngest off 😦

  18. Barbara Warner says:

    Anne, YOU ARE SO RIGHT about the Mg, Ca, B1, etc. How can we get the BLM to do this??!!! Even some Mg powder in their water like you said would help.

  19. Barbara Warner says:

    In response to Anna, “you just can’t get thr. to them”. I think the BLM deliberately wants to kill as many as possible. I know Ca shots work on cows like a miracle and there is no reason at least something can’t be given to these horses. This negligence is nothing but cruelty. Where is a caring vet ? Evidently the BLM has none.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Barb:

      tis truly distressing to see living mammals wallowing in manure and manmade pits and not even see anyone help

      yeah Calcium Magneisum Thiamine B-Complex; Sodium…

      all of thesse nutrients work to get downed equine and other mammals up and eating; BLM does not use a thing!

      The blm literally lets these downed animals “rot in waste!

      I thank you for your support; geeze not even a salt block!

  20. Joey W. says:

    This is NOT meant to be ‘nasty’ at all, please don’t take it that way! We are ALL frustrated, heartbroken and feel we cannot do anything to help.. But please, we cannot ‘get after’ one another! We HAVE to remain UNITED for OUR MUSTANGS AND BURROS!

    So, OK, I seriously think we ‘get’ what you are saying! To keep repeating is, well, redundant!
    Laura cannont physically GIVE these animals shots, she’s doing one HELLUVA good job under such horrid circumstances! So, for you to well, yell at her is doing NO ONE any good.
    I totally understand your concern and wanting to help and yes, I’d wager to say they ALL need some Mag. and electrolytes in their water. But it will NOT be there for them!
    Have you called the BLM with this information? Maybe emailed the Field Office there and told them?
    That’s where I’d start, and my advice would be to be polite and VERY patient but diligent.. CALL EVERY DAY, leave several emails EVERY DAY…

    Laura, God Bless you and those there with you! (Not sure if Elyse is w/you?) What you are doing takes courage like no other! We can, if we don’t want to not ‘look’, not click on the video. You have made the choice to be there for our Mustangs & Burros and to ‘see’ everything to get it back to us and to document the pure torture this Government is doing to the horses.
    You are a strong, strong lady and I appreciate you, like we ALL do, being there.
    Gang, I’m being totally frank here… Nothing is going to STOP these bastards, obviously!
    I think we really have to come to the realization that bigger measures are in order here. A ‘sit in’ of sorts, on the grounds, there? Umm.. Something that will show a peaceful but a ‘we mean business’ attitude? I know most of you will say no to this, because of not wanting anyone to think we are a bunch of ‘crazy tree hugger’s’. Petitions, emails, calls, etc.. are landing on totally deaf ears.. I’m not saying ‘radical’ but then, maybe so? I just dunno anymore?
    Just a thought? I’m at a loss?
    Be safe, Laura. xoxo
    We cry with you..
    (Gawd, I hope I made some sort of sense… Didn’t mean to ramble on.. Sorry y’all..)

  21. Anna says:

    So, for you to well, yell at her is doing NO ONE any good.
    I totally understand your concern and wanting to help and yes, I’d wager to say they ALL need some Mag. and electrolytes in their water. But it will NOT be there for them!
    Have you called the BLM with this information? Maybe emailed the Field Office there and told them?
    1. I was not yelling at Laura ! I was simply disagreeing with her when she said many of the downed mustangs are resting
    I simply do not agree; they are having heat stroke exhaustion

    2. OF COURSE I HAVE EMAILED THE BLM WITH THE NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION; I have sent them scientific studies; photographs; nutritional companies!

    what do you think i do everyday; write on blogs? no way

    I just finished sending the video of the downed Litchfield Mare to My Senators and Representatives just 5 minutes ago!

    I sent emails to my rep and blm almost daily and am polite

    see the blogs are where i rant and rave; the emails to sentaors reps law officials and the like are polite…

    ps be careful of accusin peopel of yelling when they are not!

  22. Anna says:

    ps you said the magnesium will not be there for them; do YOU know WHY the magenisum will not be there for mustang

    because the blm wants to see as many of them perish ! imho !

    the blm is waging war on mustanags and burros; the public lands are the battle fields the helicopters are the war machine and the corrals are the prisoners of war camps !
    get my drift ? ps all caps doesn’t mean yelling; just emphasis!

    ps its alot more than magneisum its vitamins and aminos too!

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