Rough Cut (TwinPeaks)

I apologize for the rough cut. Lots to write about soon.


28 thoughts on “Rough Cut (TwinPeaks)

  1. R.T. Fitch says:

    Laura, I am so very glad that your video came through in such good shape. The running of the horses is important for all to see…all that I shot was out of focus and it is good to see that, once again, you have come through with excellent documentation.

  2. Cindy says:

    so sad…and that poor little lame foal! I don’t know how they can continue to get away with this! why did they say the two black mares were seperated? I was unable to hear the response….

  3. Darcy says:

    Laura, I am so glad R.T & Terry are with you, & glad you got this video. I am posting to share as I’m sure will so many others. You guys stay safe & thank you for all that you & the others that are there are doing. I know how heartwrenching it is.

  4. Darcy says:

    God they are so beautiful running, it is so so so fricken sad they are running for their lives, frightened to death, instead of running in freedom & happiness. The foal limping brought me to tears, I HATE THE BLM with all my soul. Anyone that can keep doing this year after year are heartless, cruel bastards. But they have stated that they don’t run the horses at full speed, nice that they let them rest down to a trot when people are watching….grrrrr I want to use my potty mouth so bad right now.

  5. Tara Bruning says:

    The wranglers are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!

  6. Darcy says:

    I am just so upset….the black stallion running with the mare & foal….I wish he could have jumped into the open door of the helicopter & bit & kicked the crap out of the horrible people flying it. I wanna so take them out into nowhere land with no shoes on & no water & chase them down for miles until their feet are so ripped apart they can’t walk….oh the horrible things in my mind right now that I want to do without flinching at all & with a smile on my face.

  7. Barbara Warner says:

    Oh my God, those poor horses and the lame foal. This needs to go to the NYT. I am so glad you, Terry and R.T. found out about the reporter that was allowed close-up. Thank you.

  8. Linda Horn says:

    Thanks for the video, Laura.

    The lame foal and its Mom should have been turned over to a rescue immediately! I wonder when the injury occured. All the mares (except that fine bay in with the lame foal) seem footsore to me.

  9. Jo De George says:

    The more I see these roundups the more appalling they gets. In fact, they get tougher and tougher to see. So heartbreaking. We must keep fighting. Oh, when will their freedom come?!

  10. Jeff McCool says:

    Laura Leigh,
    God Bless You!
    I have nothing but the greatest respect and praise for you.
    My heart goes out to these magnificent creatures and I will not stop in doing everything I can till these $%%## stop this shameful evil practice.

  11. Not again, Laura. This is so bad. The foals that are lame. The hard running and the attempts to escape. The injuries are brutal. These contractors must be charged with cruelty and abuse. The Whole damned lot of them and BLM. This is is a National Disgrace. The Bastards. You got ‘potty’ mouth out there and we have it at home, big time. Clean it up and show us the rest, by all means, tho’ we do not mind the vernacular as it is simultaneous from the viewer. There is so much to do. hugs all around, mar

  12. JoJo childs says:

    I hate the BLM too…they are lying sc*m bags; all of them. They invited the NY Times out to film and take photos, allowing them access to areas where other observers and media are forbidden, then they put on the dog and pony show for them. Just like when the Sacramento Bee reporter went out their earlier this month, you should have read HIS article on the front page “the helicopters gently nudging the horses…trotting into the pens” It is such a bunch of rubbish; I wrote him a letter too dumb a** doesn’t do his homework.. And BLM just does what-ever the hell they want to do dispite all the outrage. Those foals are broken and ruined and hearts are broken and ruined. It IS a National Disgrace and makes me sick to think that my tax dollars are going to support this. Killers without a conscience. God has a special place in hell for people like this..if that is the only consolation. Because nothing is ever going to change. Their agenda is to wipe out the herds “zero out” that’s that.

  13. Forest Horse says:

    Video doesn’t lie does it. Thanks Laura. So hard to see this but
    so happy that you have captured the torture.

    • We know the score and we are not stopping this fight and it will keep coming back at you, BLM/Contractors- as it has been this past year and more. This campaign will always grow as you continue this assault against these wild families that have been smeared by government employees we pay for. We demand to have these contractors stopped from causing further injury. That the government of the United States Of America sanctions the violent abuse and injury to our wild horses and burros is an International Embarrassment. Wake up you idiots. Change could give you a much better image! Stop the removals and processing. We know the score. You cannot win because we do not give up. mar

  14. Jim Tourangeau says:

    You got a lot of great footage for what??? Add to the miles of videos that have been done before; time and time again.. Someone said Wrangler’s?? All I seen was a bunch of killers…. Where is the rest of the foals ?? You know and so do I… Dead or dying out there.. Do they have WRANGLER’S burying the carcasse’s before the buzzard’s and coyote’s get them??? How many of you seen what birds do to the helpless??? they start in the eyes and the rectum; all before the helpless are even dead.. When will the people stop all this??? Your mustangs in the wild are like our Canadian wildess.. DONE FOR.. what is the count before a wild animal is classified as endangered???? Extinct is zero in capital letters. Wildess in pen’s and pastures no matter how big or on who’s land is still a captured animal. Just think of the game farms.. Elk, Bison; man’s pawns. Western Canada is now less than 4000 horses in the wild.. 1960’s they were in the thousand’s. Today; one bad winter away from Extinction.. Yet still trapped for slaughter and so called adoptions.. Shot for wolf bait so they can be shot also…The is the same B.S.; it’s the same as you’s GRASS FOR COW”S AND BIG BUSINESS… Your freedom and the horse’s freedom is done; Your Gov. and Our Gov. are the law. We will be allowed to spout off (our father’s called it freedom of speech) but to absolutly no one important and to no avail. Yes, get your pictures and do the comment’s; then record them and store for our future children to see.. Cause it will be what they will study in history HOW MODERN MAN DESTROYED THE WILD HORSE FOR GREED….. there will be a lot of mad people with this comment but tough!! I”M MAD ALSO….

    • But we have not been looking at the videos like we do now. This is a present reality and seeing what has just occurred is what we need so we are all on the same page together. At this point we all know what is going on and there is no pretense with BLM and the contractors. The videos are the struggles the horses face. They have their story to tell. The campaign only grows and adds pressure to the stone wall we have been presented with. mar

      • morganlvr says:

        And, even I in faraway Indiana, can see that the BLM really IS rattled. They’re going to one ridiculous goof to another, when we have the videos and pictures proving they are, uh, not truthful. Somewhere, sometime a Judge WILL listen. WWP has beaten them, we can too if we stand tough together and don’t succumb to the overwhelming urge to punch out one of those BLM Storm Troopers.

        BTW, WWP ( has a fascinating periodical – Messenger. Read about some of the astounding things THEY have caught the BLM doing. Unbelievable!

        The truth will out. Fantastic job, Laura!

  15. Thank you, Laura, for being a vehicle of the TRUTH. There is not a corner of Hell hot enough for the people responsible for abusing our wild horses.

  16. jean says:

    The cruelty and arrogance of these people is unbelievable! What’s worst is how their able to continue without any outrage from the so-called Animal Rights Organizations! Where are they and why don’t they get together to help protect
    our wild horses from this nightmare?! Collectively, they should have some influence, I would think. After all, isn’t that their job, to protect animals from harm and abuse? Start calling these groups, put the pressure on for them to start speaking out on behalf of our beautiful, innocent wild horses. They must be left to roam free! They need protection NOW!!!!

  17. Joey W. says:

    Literally NO words fit for posting here…
    I am sobbing for that sweet baby. So sore, tired and afraid. I can ask the question ‘Why’, but we all are, with no answer in sight.
    Laura, R.T., Terry, Elyse… ALL of you.. Thank you for being there with them, so that we can too.
    I hope you can ‘feel’ us all with you.
    ‘Potty Mouth’ or not, we don’t care, Laura! Post that video. I’m sure what you are saying is exactly what we are ALL thinking…
    Be safe, sending you all and all of our Wild Ones love and prayers…

  18. Lisa G. says:


    Thank you for posting the video of the cows, wild horses and the culvert that the CAT tore up. When I spoke to Dennis, one of the asst. field supervisors for Twin Peaks, he assured me that ALL the cattle were off the range. I guess he was wrong, huh?

    I’d like to send this video to him if its all right with you.

    • Anna says:

      hello from Anna

      i was the one who posted the video of the Cat and Culvert; On Aug 26, 2010, at 5:03 PM

      I first noticed the video a week ago next to the Litchfield Corral video by a Jessica; I then lost the video and searched for the video frantically for 7 days and finally re found thisOn Aug 26, 2010, at 5:03 PM

      what’s interesging is: I have been sending this video EVERYWHERE and YOU are the ONLY person who replied

      I thought this was a very telling video; didn’t you? yes you can forward the video according to the authors…aw

      ps thanks for making a comment: I was beginning to wonder why no one cared if the blm plows water holes
      which endangers the health of wild mustangs and burros

      there is another piece to I will add to this later…THANKS!

      ps not only can u send this CAT video; you should send it

      • Lisa G. says:


        The video was among 14 others, so a little hard to find! Yes, the destruction of the culvert was so pointless. It will be interesting to listen to Dennis explain the loss of the water source and the fact that the cows were still there even though he told me they were gone.

  19. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Anna, I just did see the video that you posted–the one about the culvert. As Lisa said, it got overlooked. There is so much going on right now and things are moving so fast. It is an absolute sacrilige to take water away from anything out there.
    YES, that video needs to be seen far and wide.

  20. Lisa G. says:

    In the BLM’s video on the gather, the area they mentioned as having some damage to riparian areas was Painters creek. The area where the video was taken of the CAT destroying the culvert was in Painters Flat.

    Looking at the map, it would seem Painters Flat is in the southern part of the Twin Peaks area and that is where “Dennis” told me is where the horses are most at risk from not having enough water. Yet, they are clearly destroying a water source for the horses in that area!!

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