Twin Peaks Pics III

Not much to say… or perhaps not enough time to type all my thoughts…?

Today BLM had us head out to the trap site. We were aprox. 1 mile from the mouth of the trap and visibility into the trap was obscured by trees.

Helicopters took off at 7:14. We saw three horses head into the trap at full speed when we arrived. We observed no other horses captured but we heard the helicopters to the east. We were told wind was a factor.

After about 4 hourse we left the trap site and headed out to look around. We saw the horses at Twin Peaks just being wild horses.

Then we stopped at Litchfield… and saw the captives.

Heading to bed. 

Still free...

Are his days numbered?

As we should be...

Litchfield Stallions

New life...?