Soap Opera part II

This one picks up after Miller stops in the first video…

oh and there will be more. Here is part II…

Video footage by Elyse.  Edit by Laura.

I don’t know if you can see the number of times I bite my lip… for many reasons. There had been a lot of conversations over the previous days that covered an awful lot of information that needs to be repeated and repeated.

There is no way I believe the assertions that came forth in court, no way. But if they were true they actually created an even greater desire to bring info to the public. I was completely precluded from bringing any information except that they were willing to go through an awful lot of trouble to keep advocate eyes out of a place they never expected them.

Much more to come…

On top of the bruises we drove all night the day after Court to get out there. I’m surprised I’m coherent! (OK, so I’m entitled to complain a bit).



58 thoughts on “Soap Opera part II

  1. Darcy says:

    Hell no I don’t trust who they pick, it’s thier pick. They need to be independant. I love how you let them know over & over, we want to see & that the emergency situation came up so quickly. Wow Laura, intense. I just want to swear my lungs out & shoot them, seriously. How dare even the sherrifs lie.

  2. sandra longley says:

    It was my understanding from the BLM website that their were 2 observers they had picked who were present at the time of the first gather, and one of those was Robin..He said no observers were present yet.. I keep asking why we have heard..NOTHING from the mouths of these independant people who were there to represent all parties????

  3. sandra longley says:

    I have not called a cop a pig since the vietnam protest days..but I am about to…

  4. Darcy says:

    Sandra I am with you on that one. & why haven’t we heard from the so called observers I wonder. Are they still in shock?

  5. Renee says:

    More reason not to trust the barbarians…their pick. Why haven’t they spoken up one way or the other????? Darcy and Sandra, I”m with both of you.

  6. Anna says:

    hello; i hate to sound out of it; but my speakers are not working so I can not follow the video…

    “what the heck happened? curious in connecticut anna

    • sandra longley says:

      the cop was rude and obnoxious,would not help the girls find where the gather was even though he was headed out there.. the BLM guy just told a bunch of lies..another day at “the office” apparently..I hope you get to show the judge this tape, and then send it to the chamber of commerce and warn them we may boycott their stinking cowboy poetry if thats the way they treat people in their town!

      • Laura Leigh says:

        I knew how to get there and I showed him the route on the map. There is just an area that gets tricky with private property that is NOT marked, but marked on a BLM map.
        With all the “attention” I did not want to chance anything and that is what I was asking help with.

        A ranch manager out there actually guided us through a marked area and told me that “We might disagree about stuff but I am with you 100% on your First Amendment rights.”

        • Linda says:

          “We might disagree about stuff but I am with you 100% on your First Amendment rights.” So the ranch manager, who obviously agreed to disagree on the wild horses or he would never have helped out, still respects the Constitution.

          The BLM has had more than enough time to digest the ruling on First Amendment rights. Did Salazar have to take an oath to support the Constitution when he was appointed Secretary? He must have had to take that oath as a Senator and I can’t believe it would not still apply.

          This runaround and the constant denial of not only Laura’s but everyone’s Civil Rights is a travesty. The First Amendment is FIRST for a reason. Without It our Republic and the entire concept of Democracy is in serious jeopardy.

  7. jan eaker says:

    here’s what I see/hear. Laura and Elyse sound sane, ask great questions, and the BLM guys just babble the same/old bs; how do they NOT know who the hell these observers are? did they shoot them, too?

  8. R.T. Fitch says:

    You ladies sure do a great job of being calm and professional.

    I think the frustration of double talk and the run around would have freaked me out. It’s difficult for me to watch the tapes, it is impossible for me to keep my mouth shut while watching the tapes.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Maybe now you understand what I’m keeping a lid on… many, many lids.
      Many REPEAT conversations… to many people…

      There is so much I just want to say… but I’m concerned about the blast radius.
      : )

  9. Linda says:

    Washington cell? Like a jail cell?

    I have yet to hear a direct answer or pertinent remark from ANY of these men. Do they all attend seminars on government double-speak?

  10. morganlvr says:

    Just imagine how it would go if the Govt were asking US questions and we answered like THAT?

  11. All i wanted to d was fast forward the damned thing! The droning was driving me crazy.. mar

  12. sandra longley says:

    This was like a freakin episode of reno 911. Did you get that corn dogs name i’d like to report him to his superior..if there is such a thing in elko…no more cowboy poet thing for me, no more basque food, no more stockmans

  13. Phyllis says:

    I am so proud of you and Elsye. You are cool and calm and polite, when we know you’d like to scream. What wonderful advocated you are for our wonderful horses. It is hard to believe they are so devious. Who would believe any of the observers they woud pick. Have you read the article by Sue Cantour. That will make your day too. Keep up the great work you are doing…we are all behind you and so proud to be there.
    god Bless

  14. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    It would honestly be funny if it wasn’t so serious. There’s a lot of material there.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      No kidding…
      Like “There’s not much to Observe…”
      Who does he think he is Obe-Wan Kenobi?

      For non-Star War fans there is a scene where Obewan and Luke are in town and Obewan says “move along, nothing to see here,” and the storm troppers just move on…

  15. Kathleen says:

    Laura, I saw you biting your lips. Man, you are cool but a force. I curtsey to you, girl!

    Anna, get a headset for your computer and you will be able to hear the audio. Laura, for future reference, you might want to know the audio is very low volume, not sure what you can do about that – video is not my thing. I could not hear it on a newish laptop that plays other audio just fine until after I plugged in a good headset.

    As for the observers, yes, where the he!! is their report? They observe and then are silent?

  16. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    INTREPID–our humane oberver team!

  17. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, for your bruise–ARNICA OIL

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Arnica costs money I don’t have.
      I need to save every penny toward a new vehicle. I need a 4 wheel drive. If you know of a reliable, cheap, desert rat vehicle… lemme know.
      I am also a horse owner…
      : )

      • Linda says:

        Laura, I have a few inexpensive alternatives to Arnica.

        Witch Hazel (apply very gently)

        Traditional home & folk remedies – Potato, Cabbage OR Onion Poltice Apply raw, mascerated. I usually grate the potatoes or onions onto a piece of cheesecloth or old cotton t-shirt and apply directly. Onion might not be good because the bruises are on your face. Cabbage is tough to grate, so I just put the leaves on the cloth and pound with whatever’s handy until the cells break down and the juices begin to flow. Honey is also good for cuts and bruises, but would make you a fly magnet!

        And don’t forget Aloe gel or cool regular teabags (do you like iced tea?) for sunburn and a nice cup of camomile when you’re feeling stressed (like all the time!) or need a good night’s rest.

        Hope this helps!

        • Anna says:

          Another real easy tip for: muscle aches; nerves etc.

          Just fill a tub with hot water; add Epsoms’ Salts (Epsoms Salts are pure Magnesium flakes…

          swish the Salts in the water and relax; the Magnesium is uptaken by the pores of the system;

          Magnesium is a natural Relaxant; send me some!

  18. cat Kindsfather says:

    Puja = prayer. In my prayers I asked for this for you, Elyse, and all wishing to observe and document the truths for all those who care to know them.

    The Buddhist Dharma Wheel…. It is an analogy to the wheels on a cart in one whose progress is unimpeded. The symbolism of such a wheel is that it can go where the king wishes without challenge from his enemies, can go on the road throughout his domain — go where they need to go without resistance. Every place he travels will be brought into his domain and . . . into a good state. : )

    (His domain in this case, are the public lands! ) Found on Wikipedia!

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      You know who the King is…. you are riding in the palm of his hand : )

    • Anna says:

      Hi catskindfather:

      a way off topic comment:

      I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were talking about Natural Health and Natural healing…

      the author said: The original Natural healing was from the India Arduvayk (sp.; using Herbs food water exercise

      and the Arduvayk Tradition of natural healing went to China; then to the rest of the world; so India began the trend of natural healing many eons ago…(not China…AW

      ps in china/india they have Natural Healing herb stores everywhere; they are far advanced compared to us…imo

      pps example: earthsongranch sells Herbal Tea Bags for Equine; just pop a tea bag in your Equine’s water trough!

  19. cat Kindsfather says:

    Laura and Elyse in front of Federal Court Building in Reno.

    Team Work, a Force to Reckon with!

  20. Anna says:

    great shot of Laura and Elyse; funny how different Elyse looks in this pix than the other pix of her; guess her sunglasses on in the other pix made her look different; thanks for caring…

    I, on the other hand; have only this forum and a few others to vent; I have no place to vent except on these forums;

    I talk to no one in my private life about the Wild Mustangs and Burros; why? no one I know is interested in this topic…

    so I spend my time writing to my congress and blm official

    there are many in the woodwork signing petitions daily; aw

    ps my emails may sound like i am angry; simply not true; as an animal rights pacifist (vegetaran 40 years) I am sad
    but not angry; because I know anger does not accomplish!

    so if anyone thinks I am angry; think again; sad; not angry!

  21. Anna says:

    July 30 Palomino Valley Center
    Received 23 horses that were shipped from the gather site this morning, consisting of 9 mares, 2 foals and 12 stallions. All of the animals arrived in very good condition and are eating and drinking. A yearling filly, which was received from an earlier shipment, is missing an eye and was euthanized today.

    Facility death: 1 Cumulative total: 5
    COMMENT: A YEARLING FILLY “PUT DOWN DUE TO MISSING EYE…this means the filly was not blind…see…? sad!


  22. Anna says:

    ps The BLM should “reconsider….destroying any Mustang who has any minor affliction; such as a missing eye or such…

    this is because Many Rescues SEARCH for Equine who have
    minor afflictions to use as their poster rescue; so by destroying mustangs such as Feathers; instead of a rescue;

    they do not live up to the “protection of America’s Mustangs!

    boy the blm sure is “carting mustangs around in the past few months; the blm carts mustangs from field and gather to Palomino; Gunnison and Calico…

    the blm “carts mustangs from Palomino to Calico; inc. foals

    all this transportation of mares and foals puts stress on them

  23. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    I keep thinking–we need to get you one of those BLM trucks. Bet they have a whole fleet and they probably don’t have many miles on them.

    • Linda says:

      Louie, that would be RICH!

      Seriously – doesn’t anyone have a relative or friend in the used car biz? I don’t, but there has to be someone out there who does.

      Sometimes dealerships (even AutoMax) have good trade-ins that are bound for auction on their back lots. Most dealers won’t keep anything domestic that’s over a few years old and priced over $10,000. Old, inexpensive vehicles just aren’t worth the space on the lot.

      Also, go at the end of the month, when the sales staff are hungry to boost their commissions. Maybe you can find a woman to help you. Sorry guys, but I’ve always gotten the best info and deals from the ladies!

      Laura, what are you looking for? Domestic (Ford/GM/Dodge?) , 8-cylinder, 4 WD truck with a camper cap? Bumper pull or 5th wheel? If I know your requirements and the distance you’re willing to travel, I can search the web. Might be worth a try.

      • Linda says:

        NOT AutoMax! I think it’s CarMax or something. I had a year-long battle with AutoMax over two vehicles. Documented everything and used the Lemon Law through the BBB. Got my money back and they were PISSED because they’d never lost a Lemon Law case before.

        Some folks call me a “formidable woman” and I thank them even when I know they’re trying to put me down.

      • Buying from a person is far better than a dealer… believe me. mar

        • Linda says:

          Mar, your’re probably right. Plenty of private party sales on the web. American Classifieds is a pretty good source.

          • Check local papers, which I know Laura will not spend money on.. so local classified on line, call on anything good and get Bob or whoever to look it over. No time for anything else. mar

    • Laura Houston says:

      All that time they spent giving you the run a round! You stay so cool and are amazing! so patient.

      Can we ALL ask the Pickens to please buy Laura Leigh a truck? They can take it off their taxes as a donation.

      I thought I read in one of the reports the observers were from some vet school?. may be mistaken on that though.

      • LH, I had read they were vet Students also then someone tried to say they were vets. I don’t think so.

        If Madeleine wants to help she can. The need is huge and we are not slowing down. We anticipate new alliances and more people in the field.

        Please buy Laura’s artwork!! Now… mar

        • Laura Leigh says:

          No… don’t buy my artwork yet.
          I have some nice pieces I will finish… I don’t have a lot up right now.

          Ok… so there is the “artist.”

          But seriously… most of my art is client based and not on my site.
          : )

      • Linda says:

        Have the Pickens’ been made aware of Laura’s vehicle situation already? Just askin’.

  24. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Anyone besides me that loves “Northern Exposure”? Wherever the writers from that show are, I do hope they are following this.

  25. sandra longley says:

    Chamber of commerce, elko Nevada, “welcome to the annual cowboy poets gathering” ” we want to show you a big ole western welcome and this is how you will be treated for your stay….insert lauras video here….

  26. Morgan Griffith says:

    I was frustrated watching this I cannot imagine how you were feeling living it. And that sheriff that nearly swallowed his tongue when he realized he had said something that he obviously didn’t want to divulge. OMG

  27. Laura Houston says:

    These guys are pros at foot dragging and double-speak- and saying nothing.

    I bet if you said you were hungry he would have offered to go out to a LONG lunch, just to drag time on forever 🙂

  28. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    You do have to be careful who you pin a badge on.

  29. Morgan Griffith says:

    Laura is there any place that we can access to easily get all the court records such as the transcripts from the court reporter and the papers filed by blm? I would like to sit down and read every word from start to finish. I’ve not done much research on accessing complete court records. Anyone know anything on this?

  30. Anna says:

    Laura could put an ad on Craigs List…wanted free used truck;

    i see ads like that all the time…I get alot of free stuff Craigs;

    and Craigs list is not dangerous either ! be careful

  31. Morgan Griffith says:

    Thanks Laura, I’ve read all the info at grassroots, well I’m still in the process of reading the postings from8/10. I’m looking for blm responses and the actual court transcripts. any legal eagles out there know anything about getting those? Thats the bad part about being from-the-back-pocket funded–legal action is so expensive even if it is pro bono a lot of people don’t realize it still comes with a large price tag.

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