If you like Soap Opera…

The right side of my face and right eye are really swollen and bruised (ok, I’m entitled to a “vanity” moment every now and then). 

But listen to this if you like soap opera tales. Struggling with editing on a PC with very little umph… bear with me.

First Episode in “How Many government employees does it take to stop three women in the desert from seeing a single wild horse gathered in Owyhee? Part 1,” or “Can you believe this cr*p?”


26 thoughts on “If you like Soap Opera…

  1. Rob Pliskin says:

    How about a Civil Rights Act lawsuit out of all of this?

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    What a run around. I’m so sorry you had to go through this crap.

  3. Ah, Laura, you have been through it all. Would a letter writing campaign to ‘the man in Wyoming’ help?? Look in the Sunday local papers for a 4×4. Have Cat help with looking! I know we tend to take care of ourselves last, but there are such things as extenuating circumstances. Being good to ourselves should be a priority. I know it is not. What the hell… mar

  4. jan eaker says:

    they all must attend the same BS school, you are way nicer than I would be, which is why I’d probably be in jail right now!
    Take care

    I think we all have a pretty good idea of just what went on out there, unfortunately for the horses,

  5. sandra longley says:

    Good idea Rob..I was thinking ALCU might want to get involved..I am so happy you gals filmed this exchange a little somein somein for george knapp to work on…

  6. Linda says:

    Laura, bless your heart and your patience. I don’t think I could have kept my cool in the face of that maddening runaround. And, yes, we’re all allowed a little “vanity” from time to time. It’s the injury that concerns me. Please take care.

  7. ACLU has been in my mind also! Those BLMers sure can sling the bullsh@t.

  8. Elisha says:

    Thank you Laura from the bottom of my heart for dedicating yourself so vigilantly and with such grace (in the face of such arrogance and evil). There are so many of us behind you, even if we can’t support you with money, we do so with heart and soul and whatever actions we can take from home.

    You’re a brave soul, and I just know that somewhere in this universe the horse spirits know you are working for their freedom and their lives.

    I’ve been wondering lately how you win a fight when your opponent is using every dirty and underhanded technique ever written and unwritten, when you (or your group of fighters) aren’t as low down, sneaky, manipulative and cruel as they are…?

    This is one tough battle, but we’re not giving up!

    And please follow the above advice and take at least a little time for yourself, you can’t keep fighting for the horses if you yourself are broken down or ill!

    Awaiting the next installment…Elisha

  9. Terry Steinberger says:

    Thank you Laura.

  10. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, you handled yourself with such grace and composure–BEAUTIFUL!
    What ARE they hiding in Tuscarora???

  11. Polly says:

    There needs to be much more than three showing up and picketing these roundups. We need several hundred or a thousand.

    I would file a civil rights law suit.

  12. Barbara Warner says:

    Civil Rights lawsuit–YES, Mar !!

  13. Anna says:

    To Laura:

    Be well; stay well…

    your friend; I hope; Anna

    ps someone should file a “criminal complaint against the “Cattorrs for…”destroying a mare and a foal on a hilltop…
    who were NOT being rounded up; illegal to “shoot foals…ps



    the blm “shot a mare and foal on a hilltop from a helicopter(either that or they landed the helicopter first; VERY SAD
    VERY BAD to see our Gov. “committing blatant infractions!

    hello; is there anybody out there? is there anybody listening?

    God my heart goes out to the foals mares and elders…A. W.

  14. Darcy says:

    Laura, thank you for your tireless efforts on this, it is a hard thing you do. I am awed at your calm. I wish we were all able to be with you in the field. Hope to see you soon!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I learned everything about the BLM I need to know from an old stallion… and waiting for the moment is everything.

      • Darcy says:

        Laura this is so true :). Good luck. I have emailed Debbie Collins re: Montezuma Peak, Silverking, Paymaster & Reiville gathers. Trying to get on the observation list. I would love to be able NOT to see you there, but I’m sure they will not cancell the gathers :(. Be safe.

  15. Forest Horse says:

    Laura: Thank you for your grace, your effort, your perseverance.

    I ran across this cartoon on FB yesterday. Keep Heart!


  16. sandra longley says:

    This video keeps running thru my mind-wouldn’t it have been worth it, to show up there in Camo with a swasik on your forhead and an amo belt around your chest?? LOL- given their reaction to 3 polite and soft spoken women..there wouldn’t have been a roll of “charmin” left in the office………..

  17. Morgan Griffith says:

    Laura I hope your moment and the horses moment comes soon. That there is some vindication despite judicial resistance. There is so much evidence out there against the BLM not only from the horse advocates but from anyone that is touched by Kenny. This leaning tower of shame has got to fall. Take care and stay safe.

  18. sandra longley says:

    Seems like this video would be a good one to forward to GS……puts a punctuation point on the need..

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