Put on the Pressure

Call Congress, call the President, call your local media.

This needs to STOP now.

circulate this story http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5j3KneW2-RKLUyhSWI21IixzPpWJAD9HBHSA00

I am still waiting to see if the Judge is going to listen…

You all know the story out in Owyhee.

Two years to plan a gather. Last year grazing leases were reissued and a round up called off.

This year they declare an emergency after a court case was filed. They were out there in May and never declared any such emergency. The day of court they create a document claiming 75% of horses would be dead if the judge granted my order.

Yet they did not tell the judge the alleged emergency was finite.

They then played a cat and mouse game with my First Amendment rights. Not a single horse from the Owyhee HMA was witnessed.

Then they played a game using the same two observation days planned pre-lawsuit to say they were complying with the court.

I saw less than 100 horses rounded up from the 1400 (that’s┬áthe number┬áKen Miller testified to in front of the state Legislature on Friday in Ely).

Here is the first day of activity:

I apologize for the camera shake but I had to shoot through the jute and many of the “observers” were rather inconsiderate of those with cameras and the jute was often pulled on.

If you tube doesn’t work I’ll check bugs later. I have to run……. more work to do.

I forgot to add this map. (too much to do)

Anyway, note fences. Is it possible that the BLM misleads? Or just doesn’t have the information? The guy in the video that says he “hasn’t been up there,” is the field offfice manager.

Map of Rock Creek (Compare to map in video)