Stories and pics soon…

At least he has his dad... but for how long?

Working on a story for Horseback.

I just have time to share a single photo tonight.

This system based on 20-30 year old guesswork that has inadequate data plugged in to make far reaching and irreversable decisions runs full steam

In it’s wake wild families are being torn apart.

This stallion (with his son at his side) continually calls to his mare. She calls back… her son looks just like her.

I need to get to bed but I urge you all to keep calling the White House and Congress. We need a Congressional Injunction asap and this program evaluated top to bottom.


Twin Peaks Pics III

Not much to say… or perhaps not enough time to type all my thoughts…?

Today BLM had us head out to the trap site. We were aprox. 1 mile from the mouth of the trap and visibility into the trap was obscured by trees.

Helicopters took off at 7:14. We saw three horses head into the trap at full speed when we arrived. We observed no other horses captured but we heard the helicopters to the east. We were told wind was a factor.

After about 4 hourse we left the trap site and headed out to look around. We saw the horses at Twin Peaks just being wild horses.

Then we stopped at Litchfield… and saw the captives.

Heading to bed. 

Still free...

Are his days numbered?

As we should be...

Litchfield Stallions

New life...?

Work to do…

So much work to do.


The Contempt case filed in reference to the events that occured at Owyhee is still sitting on the Judges desk awaiting a response from the BLM. But I’m not sitting still. Even more information is coming to light and it is being readied for presentation.

But the case still needs support and the attorney is still spending “billable hours.”

 The place to help continue that effort is

Herd Watch will have it’s own website very shortly. This should streamline the process of updating everyone and create a portal to become involved and get signed up with a Team for training and assignments. (Yes… I have actually found the time to get much of that material typed!)

If you support Herd Watch please make sure you type in Herd Watch. I have been told that the button takes you to a general donation page for Cloud.

Best Friends

General and the Boyz are in the care of Return to Freedom and we should have an update from them soon.

Calico Mares updates will come through Elyse Gardner and Dream Catchers (her project) and from what I understand there is a new baby in that group.

Me….? I’m researching and putting thousands more miles under me. Working on many fronts…

Yes, the last two months have been hectic but productive. The effects of the concussion are finally wearing off…. but I still have a lump on my face that may never go away. At least it’s not another big scar.

Say a prayer that the Judge will actually allow this case to hit the coutroom.

The time is way overdue for a forum for accountability.

Hang on… if you thought the ride got bumpy this last week, just wait… buckle up!

Don't forget Hope...

Twin Peaks (photos)


Just some photos I took today.

Young one...

Waiting to off load

Hubba Hubba

Hubba Hubba

These horses rely on their band structure for survival. It is always so hard to watch them loose their homes and the comfort of family. Yet even in the most trying of times they are so incredible to behold. The comfort they give to each other as they struggle with lameness from the round…. just sharing a few images from today.
I’ll look for some of the ones I took when they were free last Spring…

Comfort in the sick pen