Trying my best.

I have spent over a week trying to get access to any of the activity in Tuscarora. Owyhee is over and went without witness. Little Humboldt is over with one day of observation (sort of). Rock Creek is under way, so far one day of any type of observation. Much less than in the past.

Observation? 7/24

There are many rumors out there including folks claiming they are in on the case. Any “donate” button on their website linked to a legal fund will not go to the appropriate place. Grass Roots Horse is the only place to assist that effort.

I will write up what I have seen, and the convoluted way I came to see it, soon.

In the meantime know I am trying…

Rock Creek HMA 7/24


44 thoughts on “Trying…

  1. cat Kindsfather says:

    Its so sad to see these horses being captured, stolen away from their home and family, and in such HOT weather! I’m sorry you had little. and low quality observation to share with the public.

    When Terri and I went to visit those at PV, we were only allowed to observe one pen of Owyhee horses, which had about 16 mares and 6 foals. They were terrified, running back and forth in the pen. The equine screams of those being processed/freeze marked, and the loud banging of their bodies against the metal that is their prison walls, sounded loudly during our entire visit. It was very disturbing to the newly captured Owyhee horses, and to Terri and I. We both had migraines for several days following. Crying inside my heart for them. Honor your brilliant and dedicated work stemming from your immense love and respect for all the mustangs. ❤

    Thank you for all your efforts, I know you have been working feverishly. I hope you are feeling better. Take good care. BTW, did Angel, #1069 get on the list? I did not see the other filly either, the one extra. I think she could be Freedom's baby. Ask me why. Take good care Laura.

  2. Thanks for what you are doing… love and hugs, mar

    (OK Cat, Why do you think…..? m)

  3. Lisa LeBlanc says:

    There are no words significant enough to tell you how grateful I am for the work you have done for these animals in the past few weeks. You have been an inspiration and a blessing. And I think set the Advocacy on a firmer path. Thank you.

  4. R.T. Fitch says:

    The burden of protecting our wild horses and exposing the BLM for the out of control agency that is does NOT rest solely upon your shoulders, nor should people put you into that position.

    Granted, your motives and desires are the same as ours but you cannot and should not take setbacks or lack of progress, personally. You can only do what one person can do.

    I have admired you for what you are doing out on the front lines and feel rather disappointed in myself for not joining you over the past several weeks, albeit out of my realm of control. What I CAN do is be your voice, the paperboy who spreads the word while you are fighting other battles. Others can do the same and we can help you by pulling together, supporting your efforts and aiding with the legal fund to grassrootshorse.

    Keep the faith, my sister, we love you as if you were blood. Be assured that you carry my heart and soul with you as you take the battle to both the desert and to the courtroom.

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      RT, your caring comments are excellent soul food for Laura right now, that I am sure will give her strength and more power. She is taking so much upon herself, as you say, in the court room and the desert. The desert is sweltering these days. I was happy in heart to see your post for her…. : )
      And your commitments also. Thanks for all you do!

    • R.T. is SO right, Laura. You have done MORE than is humanely possible, seems to me. We are behind you 1000%!

  5. Tara Bruning says:

    Thank you for your patient defense of our helpless and beloved Mustangs.

  6. Barbara Warner says:

    Laura, I know you are trying your best and I thank you so much. It must be terribly frustrating and heartbreaking for you to see what you have and not to be able to stop it. I admire you so much and just wish I could be there and do more to help .
    I thank Cat and Terri too. What horrible experiences for you all and ,of course, for the horses that are being treated so cruelly.
    God bless you all and our wild horses.

  7. jan eaker says:

    Thank you Laura, I know you are trying, you are also DOING, and WITNESSING, for that I send my utmost thanks and love.
    As far as the Calico adoption, as there are some horses that are on the list with bids on them,(1099 is one) could that perhaps allow room for #1069 to be added?

    PLease take care, the horses need you and WE need you to be safe.


    • cat Kindsfather says:

      #1069 should be on the list. Laura had said she would be sure to get her on the list, when I last saw her. So much for her to deal with. Not much time left either!

    • jan eaker says:

      Cat, there isn’t a # 1069 listed, I don’t know now what horse I was talking about! Legacy still has no bid on him either.1045
      there are still 32 horses that need a bid on them, + 2 of the curlies; most of those remaining are sorrels, bays, browns and blacks, there are some hot bidding wars going on right now, I wish people would bid on one of the others in need, instead of insisting on having a certain horse.

  8. Anna says:

    R.T. Fitch wrote:

    The burden of protecting our wild horses and exposing the BLM for the out of control agency that is does NOT rest solely upon your shoulders, nor should people put you into that position.

    Granted, your motives and desires are the same as ours but you cannot and should not take setbacks or lack of progress, personally. You can only do what one person can do.

    Anne’s comment; I agree; esp. the first paragraph ! True !
    the blm tries to put their “problems on the american citizen

  9. Rob Pliskin says:

    I hope last week in Washington was worth it. I wanted to get out of my fancy pants and shirt and get out there. I am not sure how to judge it all compared to what you are doing Laura. It bothers me. No one person should have to be out front walking point day after day.

    I do not think as a “movement” or whatever we are that we should leave it up to you. NEVER take it on yourself inside. This is up to all of us. If I were the man behind the curtain, there would be cordons of us lining the courtrooms and observation sites with cameras.

    In fact, why aren’t we? Enough is enough. If you want a set of people to come out there, committed to sanity, right action, and good orderly direction, let me know.

    Folks, BLM continues to slither while Laura stands up. If we aren’t standing up with her wherever and however we can, we aren’t standing up. Reach down into yourself, check your schedule and your checkbook, and keep doing something good.

  10. Anna says:

    ps concerning the bottom photo “Rock Creek HMA”; I read on the blm website: “the ‘stangs from Oywee were brought
    in “at a slow trot…(of course i do not believe that !…

    comment: the mustangs in this pix are certainly not in “a slow trot; so if the blm says Rock Creek HMA mustangs brought in a slow trot; i would question this…thanks for pic !

  11. Linda H says:

    Laura I speak for myself, but I imagine also speak for legions more out there: We endlessly value your leadership and strength and each of us can and will step forward in our small ways to educate, march in parades, write, stand on the street corner or at the courthouse, set up a table at the farmer’s market, create, organize, type, call, and send money to grassroots. Your frustration must not overshadow that huge revealin spotlight that now is now on the BLM–much of which is a result of your tireless effort and dedication to the wild ones– as well as Elyse, Cat, and Terri (and more I’m sure I’ve missed). Thank you all from the deepest recesses of my heart.

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      Thanks so much, and lets not forget the tireless work of Craig Downer, among many others that STAND UP for our wild horses and burros!

  12. Darcy says:

    Laura, R.T’s words are so true, & whatever you need you just ask. You know I will do everything in my power to help you. thank you & wish I could have been there with you, but it worked out for the best. Please take care of yourself. We are all with you in some sort, to hold you up & help you out.

  13. Jo De George says:

    Laura: We all know that you are doing the best you can under insurmountable odds. The look on your face reflects all our thoughts and feelings. I see the pain in your soul in your eyes. No one could possibly do anymore than what you are doing. To be so close to our beloved horses and not be able to free them is the pain that we all deal with every day. You have the courage to go and view it. Thank you, Laura, for all you do. Jo

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      Well said, and I feel the same laura. You are giving your all, and that is all anyone can do. It does get frustrating, I know. Your efforts are strong, and true. There is an army of advocates with you, fighting for the protection and respect of our beloved wild ones. I feel the positive momentum. You are doing great, but you cannot do everything. Prayers and good thoughts. Take care of yourself too.

  14. Thank you for all that you are doing Laura..I know it is not easy to witness.

    For the wild ones,

    Karen Mayfield

  15. elizabeth slagsvol says:

    Hey there Champion! The good fight will never be easy. You are in my thoughts 24/7. Each day brings you closer to a resolution and with THIS MUCH support it will be a good one, NOTHING will stop the advocates demand for justice. Give us a war cry Laura! We’ll follow you. I’m in the west now. Call me.

  16. HI, Laura!

    Am following your story every day. Just wanted you to know I love you for your courage and your steadfastness. Am sending out Energy Healing for you and for the horses every day.

    All Love
    Padme A’Tea

  17. Bob, Yes, this is what needs to be done. We need your support out there as things are far more intense than you may ever understand from a distance. (I have tried to get ‘Disappointment Valley’ here to Pagosa. James Kleinert got back to me and said that after the opening of the film this fall he could do a screening here. And I am still commited to a day or more of a vigil here between roundups)

    I think we are in need of raising our spirits again. If we could get back to the protests and rallies it would be so good for us. We need the visibility and we need the activity together. There is a feeling of coming together across the country when we are following our fellow advocates and seeing their faces and feeling their pride and empowerment.

    Please restart the protests and rallies so they are occurring along with the deadly roundups. We need this to spread awareness again and for our own collective spirit. This is the time we need to be shouting in the streets to stop the roundups and the cruelty and killing. Please stand up for our wild ones again. We are strong and we must show America we are in this fight all the way! mar

    • Linda H says:

      As I was walking in downtown Estes Park last night with the dogs for our evening stroll, I looked around at the hundreds of tourists from every state (I can attest to that by the license plates in the Safeway parking lot)– on the sidewalks, in cars, the park, on the riverwalk and in the stores. And I told myself that I was missing a HUGE opportunity to reach out to them about the wild horses. So if I can’t get anyone else out of our Northern CO WH & B folks up to Estes Park, I will do it myself. Too many people, so little time. I’m on it!

      • Linda, It is the same here in Pagosa right now. Lots of people from all over. I was in Estes Park when I was a kid in 71. It has not changed. We have a wonderful new mural on main street near the theater of a colorful band of wild horses running in the sunset. It was just done and we have an art show called ‘All Things Horse’ this week and next. I have talked to the lady from the art association about having a fair or festival of “All Things Horse” next year. She thinks it would be possible. I would love that. All Things Wild Horse would be better.

        I hope you are able to have a little protest or a big one. As long as these roundups are threatening our wild herds we should be out there
        showing our support for their freedom and our disdain for their treatment by our Government. If I were a tourist it would be a real eye opener to learn about the wild ones out here. In that context it really strikes home that we are losing these beautiful horses so fast. Good luck… There is plenty of time as long as roundups are going on, unfortunately.

        It would be great to build momentum again as we need to keep this issue out there; alive and growing. I have discussed this with Laura Leigh and she would like to see people out doing the protests again. There was no reason to stop them. This is the time they are needed while the helicopters fly after our terrified wild horses. Tell America what is going on… mar

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      I agree Mar, its been awhile. I think rallies/protests should run side by side to roundups. I know my spirit is beat, but not as badly as the horses wild spirit. This genocide must end.

  18. leslie peeples says:

    From the bottom of my heart , thank you for your unwaivering efforts!!!!!

  19. Jill says:


    Your fight is for all of us and know you are also fighting against the current administration of the United States of America, huge corporations and mega businesses, they are all intertwined.

    There are no answers, but standing up for our beautiful wild horses and little burros that should spend their lives roaming in freedom across their designated range lands is what you are doing and you are fighting for their lives. Without your knowledge and dedication, we would not have the slightest of hope.

    Following the Sunday Edition show on CBS, there was a discussion on the firing of the black woman from the Dept. of Agricuture, and I don’t know her name. There was a portion of a statement she had made that aired on Youtube and the administration did not bother to listen to the whole tape and fired her…. then, afterwards had to rehire and apologize for their actions.

    The discussion was mostly around Obama and his administration not supporting blacks in issues of discrimination…

    Cornell West, a black professor from Georgetown University I believe, made a statement to President Obama concerning the lack of support and no comments, as we have also experienced from him in our fight for the horses and our lands.

    Cornell charged Obama stating, “If you don’t stand up for something, you will fall for anything!”

    We are dealing with a President whose campaign was probably funded by those whose wishes we are fighting to oppose, who are instigating these roundups at unrelenting haste and determination through their cronies at the BLM, without the least hint of care or concern for the well being of these animals, or the law!

    Marilyn is right, we need to continue our protests so as many citizens of our country will be aware of the shamelessness, unlawfulness and inhumane treatment and the ending of innocent lives taking place, only to meet their corrupt and evil deadlines! Sooner or later, the local media will start following these events and that along with your time in court and your fight for the right to observe and report the actions of our government and the ill treatment of America’s protected horses will be known!

    We stand with you Laura, and know you are fighting something huge! We love you and the horses love you! You are now a part of history and hopefully a wave of goodness unfolding.

    Take care, be strong and let us know what you need, and what you need us to do.

  20. Linda H says:

    I should mention I am already undergoing my one-woman wild horse show at the weekly Farmer’s Market here in Estes Park. I approached the person who organizes the Market and asked her if she would consider some diversity in the market with a non-profit booth. She loved the idea, as I don’t compete with the other venders. I engage attendees by explaining we have 5 wild horse herds here in CO and one of them is slated to be exterminated this summer. I pass out flyers, give website links, and TCF has been generous to supply me with info and postcards to distribute I also have a letter composed to the President, Salazar, BLM, and our Senators and Reps that I ask folks to sign–asking for a moratorium and a Congressional hearing and investigation into BLM activities. Most everyone wants to sign the letter, and that gives more time to share information and ways to move to action. So easy, I meet a lot of people, and it’s a fun Thursday morning. I challenge everyone to find a way to reach out in your community too! I love your idea Mar. We plan to do something at the Heritage Festival in late August–it’s a perfect fit!

    • I feel so far from the other advocates who have organized up north… and I have thought it would be good to do something here because ultimately I want to start a group because these are progressive communities in southern Colorado, too. This is very ‘horse friendly’ country as Laura said. I do want people to know about the herds here and tell them what is about to happen with East Douglas and Piceance roundups coming August 25th to Sept 3rd. I will be visiting there soon and intend to go to that roundup. If there are people from your group going I would like to know. Maybe some one would meet me up there before the roundups to see the HMAs? It is my hope that Valerie Stanley and the federal judge will stop West Douglas again. We were there this spring and saw beautiful horses. mar

      • We should keep posting for people to protest again. Laura and I had talked about it this spring and we had wanted people to do more protesting for the visibility and getting the truth out. But now I see people need it for their spirits as we carry a heavy load on our hearts for these horses and we need a release and a rallying point and that feeling of Comraderie. It brings us together and Boy, Do We Need That Now…. mar

  21. Wendy Goetz says:

    Thank you for speaking out on behalf of America’s wild horses, a natonal treasure we all should be proud of and yet our goverment treats so poorly as if they were disposal waste. I am impressed on how many international groups have been following and been upset by the BLM round ups and disturbed by how poorly it reflects on our country..

  22. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, Elyse, Cat , Craig–all of you who have been and are on the front lines– Thank you is not anywhere close to enough. You have all been through hell, right along with the horses. You have been willing to put yourselves in the line of fire to try to protect these animals. You have more guts than all of the the “public servants” put together.

  23. jean says:

    We all know you are trying your best and I really commend you for it. God only know, the wild horses need us now more than and we simply cannot give up this fight. We need the public to become more aware of what’s happening to our American wild horses. Whenever I mention the roundups, most people are not aware, which in itself, is pathetic! I’m always ready to help in any way I can, so don’t hesitate to let me know. Many thanks for all you do!

  24. Anna says:

    yeah; alot of us are tyring to help Save America’s Mustangs !
    so many in the background; signing petitions; writing emails; sending pix of the blm abuse to congressmen; senators; Govs

    for example: gov. bill richardson of new mexico is an animal rights advocate; so gov. Richardson is a good person to send any abuse to; difficult to send pix; video links are better; I usually send out about 10 emails a day on behalf of Mustangs

    like its not just one person who is going to save the Stangs;
    its lots of emails; petition signing and comments by we; the peoples; if I had a Lawyer for the Mustangs; such as IDA does
    The Cloud Foundation does etc. I would stop the blm this way

    1. there was and or is Pigeon Fever @ Calico
    2. there was and or is pnemonia at PVC
    3. there was Samonella posioning @ PVC in 2007; 130 Mustangs perished during this outbreak…

    a. BLM transported some PVC Mustangs to Calico
    b. BLM transported some Calico Mustangs to PVC
    c. one mare from PVC “died upon arrival at Calico (july 2010





    summary: the blm transmitts equine diseases from corral to corral; from adoption center to adoption center ! ! ! imo

    ps 12 Foals @ PVC have “bacterial nasal infections; july 2010

    so I agree Laura has a very important role in saving “Stangs!

  25. Anna says:

    15) 25+ YO grey stud horse. Euthanized by contractor for serious physical defects, that were severely broken and missing teeth. One eye missing, pre-existing, and the remaining eye was only partially visual, non-gather related.
    July 2010

    I will write my “eulogy for the blind Stallion; post tomorrow…
    (this stallion watched the sun rise and sun set for 25 good yrs.

  26. Anna says:

    An Ode to the Elders aka THE FERAL ON THE HILL…

    I recall the day you; O’ Mustang were born…

    the day your Mother gave birth to you in the wildflowers of the meadow…

    I can recall the days of warm sunshine… cool breezes;

    when you and your Mother would romp in the meadow to play…

    I can recall the time you were wandering in the Giant Sage;

    and how you got mesmerized with the Giant Sage and the aromas of the land…

    how you went wandering to the Giant Sage; looking for green edibles…

    and how you wandered too far; engrossed in the scents of the wildflowers;

    I smiled when you looked up…”Mother….Mother …where are you ? you whinnied;

    then you looked and there was your Mother standing right behind you!; she had followed you into the Sage Brush to protect you…you ran to your mother and kissed her Mane…

    How well I recall when you were older; as your Mother and Grandmother watched you as you began to grow bigger and sought out to seek a mate…

    “Good Luck my son; Good Luck my grandson; the Mother and Grandmother said to you;

    and you found a pretty Mare to be your marriage mate and how you sired many sons and daughters…as you grew older you settled in serious meditation;

    You stood in the fields at midnight and you watched the stars and the moon rise and set;

    You stood in the meadows during the day watching out for the youngsters…whinnying if any danger approached; you galloped up and down the mountain to teach the youngsters how to gallop over rocks and crevices…

    when you got to be a quarter of a century years old; your eyesight began to fail; I recall how Mother Nature enhanced your other senses so you could live by sense of hearing and sense of smell…YOU ARE THE ELDER OF THE HERD oh great one !

    oh great magnificent elder mustang; day after day; you stood perfectly still; no one wanted to know you; no one wanted to own you; they thought you were just a foolish feral on a hill…

    but they did not know: your wonderful eyes saw the sun coming up; your beautiful eyes saw the moon coming up; your beautiful eyes saw the “world spinning around…

    Your beautiful eyes saw the colts growing; you led them to the choice Giant Sage fields;

    You watched herd after herd grow up; and you escaped ‘the man made giant silver bird 5 times; you escaped the blm giant silver bird once when you were just 5 yo; and your Mother hid you in a thicket; when you were 10; the silver bird returned but did not find you;

    when you were 15; the silver bird men searched for you but they could not find you; then when you were 20; the bad silver bird men scoured the mountain top searching for you;


    and then when you were 25 years old; they finally “captured you and did bad things to you…


    aw usa “May I learn to be as intelligent as this Stallion ! ! !

    BLM WROTE: 15) 25+ YO grey stud horse. Euthanized by contractor for serious physical defects, that were severely broken and missing teeth. One eye missing, pre-existing, and the remaining eye was only partially visual, non-gather related.
    July 2010

    (the contractor did this atrocity !…)

  27. Barbara Warner says:

    Anna, that is an absolutely beautiful eulogy. This Great Stallion should have been left to die free. How very sad that he wasn’t.

  28. Anna, Yes, this is something fine for the wild ones from you. He was a fine stallion to have lived among his kind all those years. Thank you, mar

  29. savewildhorses says:

    that was beautiful.

  30. Anna says:

    oh….well thank you very much ! I am pleased R.T. has put this “poem: on his website; I enjoyed writing the poem;

    though sadly…I believe the youngsters and elders should be given a special status by the us gov.; i.e. just the opposite of what they say; The Elders should be given permanent Sancturay; and NO youngsters should be harmed….Ever ! ! !

    thanks guys…luv always; A. SAVE THE MUSTANGS + BURROS !

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