PVC 7/13

Went to PVC yesterday.

Sweet Lily filly PVC 7/13

Sweet Lily filly PVC 7/1

The adoption event begins today.

Applications are still being accepted on the Internet site.


YES we are working on sanctuary situations for a bunch of these horses.

The sale authority horses have special priority…

Many of the younger horses are also on the list.

A few of these have individual homes that have stepped up and some we will attempt to place in sanctuary.

It’s 2 am and I need to be up at 6… I will post the specifics about our effort as soon as I clear the desk of paperwork.

Horses awaiting the adoption event PVC 7/13

The bidding is open until the 28th…

But if you are thinking of making space in your life for a wild horse I urge you to get your application in asap.

G’night… yawn.


9 thoughts on “PVC 7/13

  1. anyone who has an EAP or EAL program (we are just starting out so bad timing for me) the OLDER mustangs make the most incredible healers – they are a primal as it gets… PLEASE save them! Once i get situated and some growth – i will buy them from you!!!! I am particularly fond / care for the Calico horses because of the massive genocidal trauma … See Morethey went through in December… the must make it the ones who lived through that nightmare!!! Give me one year to get on my feet, if you have a field they can live in for a year I will give a forever home to at least 2-3 of them…

    • Anna says:

      that sounds great; since the Tuscarora roundup is on hold; that give us time to retreat from writing Senators; Reps.etc.

      to helping Rescues; Adopters; Rescue Grants and so forth

      thanks a lot ! keep your fingers crossed; better days r here

  2. Good luck to all… help save these horses America!! mar

  3. Anna says:

    Nevada Federal Judge Blocks BLM Death Stampede

    July 15, 2010

    By Steven Long

    HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Horseback Magazine was informed late Wednesday by activist author R.T. Fitch that a Nevada federal judge has enjoined the federal Bureau of Land Management from further roundups of the Tuscarora gathering of wild horses in northwestern Elko County, Nevada.

    The order follow an initial status conference on a lawsuit filed by longtime animal welfare advocate Laura Leigh on her lawsuit filed against the BLM. After an initial roundup there in which more than 200 horses were stampeded by helicopter, 12 of the animals died, most of heat stroke. The agency temporarily halted the roundup. An avalanche of bad press followed.

    U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, (D) Louisiana, has given the agency one year to clean up its act or face losing its Wild Horse and Burro Program. During its last Nevada roundup in the remote Calico Mountains of northern Nevada in the dead of winter, the 150 horses and unborn foals died after a helicopter stampede. Two foals shed their hooves in an excruciatingly painful death.

    The one day Tuscarora roundup was held in Nevada’s searing July heat.

    At the preliminary hearing, the BLM told the judge that there would be no roundup of the Tuscarora horses until Sunday at the earliest. Yet late Wednesday afternoon, Judge Larry R. Hicks of Reno was told that BLM Director Bob Abbey authorized an emergency “gather” of wild horses to begin the following morning at 6 a.m. prior to the court’s scheduled hearing that day on the motion for the temporary restraining order.

    The judge granted an immediate injunction preventing the Tuscarora roundup until further orders from the court. In the injunction, Hicks prohibited the agency from rounding up wild horses from within the Owyhee, rock Creek, and Little Humboldt Herd Management Areas in the northwest of Elko County, Nevada.

    The BLM carried out the Calico “gather” against the advice of Washington federal judge Paul Friedman who held that holding the wild horse in captivity was probably illegal in an earlier suit.

    Congratulations Laura; and to your lawyer as well ! ! !

  4. Anna says:

    hello I understand the outcome of the hearing is:

    a. the roundup will resume

    b. the observers will be allowed…

    A BIG WIN !

  5. Anna says:

    To Sandra Longley:

    if you are reading this: would you please be so kind as to post what you refer to as “a 25 Interim Report”; ( i read that on the Mustang Project Blog: did you say there are pix? see I am compiling a great big collection of BLM Mustang Abuse Fotos; and I would like to look @ this report for this reason;

    when done with collection: I will present these to my us rep. !

  6. Anna says:


    the best course of action for the Mustangs is:

    for the humane observers and the Herd watch if possible

    to “go to the Tuscarora Gathers and Roundups…and document any signs of abuse with photographs and videos;

    then I or anyone can use to “file an animal abuse inquiry…

    thanks everyone for caring; the blm is “out of control ! IMO

  7. Anna says:

    Hi Sandra:

    I found and read most of the Interim report; saw pictures;

    thanks for brining this to our attention; Anna

  8. Anna says:

    Dear Animal Advocates,

    As we informed you two weeks ago, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been conducting mass roundups of wild horses on public lands this month. On July 10, the agency used helicopters to run terrified horses over miles of scorching Nevada desert, resulting in the deaths of more than 20 horses, including three foals. Unbelievably, the BLM plans to continue these summer roundups in spite of July 10’s disastrous outcome.

    In order to convince the Department of the Interior and the BLM that they can no longer sweep this issue under the rug, Congressmen Nick Rahall (D-WV) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) have drafted a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. The letter asks Secretary Salazar to halt the current roundups, along with any other pending wild horse gathers, until the BLM can demonstrate that it has addressed the failings of its current program for managing wild horses.

    Congressmen Rahall and Grijalva need as many members of the House as possible to voice their support by signing the letter.

    What You Can Do
    Your elected officials need to know that as a voter, the humane treatment of our wild horses is important to you. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center immediately to contact your U.S. representative and urge him or her to sign this important letter to Secretary Salazar.

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