Calico Internet adoption

Please know that this information is flexible… 

Stallions going to Return to Freedom. 

You can go to their website to help that effort. 

I am not spearheading the mares. That information should be coming soon. 

As with ANY auction event there are unknowns that may change the horses that are pulled… 

If you don’t see a bid on a horse on our list it is because we may be waiting to place a bid…. 


Young Gelding that still needs a home at PVC


Calico Horses 

This past winter wild horses were gathered from the Calico Complex in Nevada. This roundup was one of the deadliest in recent BLM history. 

The horses in this roundup have been some of the most comprehensively documented from roundup through adoption event. Many of these horses that were virtually unknown have now become dear to the public that knows some of their stories and names. 

Elyse Gardner and Laura Leigh are attempting to facilitate placement of many of these beautiful horses. 

Return to Freedom and Dream Catchers have stepped up to give many of these horses a safe haven where they can be as free as we can help them remain. Several people have come forward that can take in a couple and train them toward adoptive homes in a foster situation. 

If you are interested in helping with this effort and desire more information please contact: 

This list is subject to change as bidding progresses. It is our intention to sanctuary or home as many of these horses as possible. If you are bidding on a horse, or know someone that is, please let us know so we do not bump heads in bidding. 

Please let your “fellow bidders” know the horses we are working on to avoid the same confusion. 

If you see a horse drop from our list it is because it has found a private bidder. You may see horses added to the list (priority to sale authority) as space opens up. 

Again, to be perfectly clear: The Sale authority Stallions are the core group list that will not change. Please do NOT bid on those horses and discourage anyone else from doing so. We have found a sanctuary situation for them so they can be as free as we can provide for them…. 

The core mares are also horses we are committed to providing that manufactured freedom to…. 

PLEASE know that all the sale authority horses are on our list as well. We will add them as safe places for them to land come forward and solidify. 


Sale Authority Stallions – These are the Stallions we are committed to. 






Priority Mares 




Mares (Fillies) 








Other people bidding on these horses (these horses have homes to go to) 




Geldings that still need a home at PVC


If you need help getting through the application process please contact us as well. 

Please be patient awaiting a response from me over the next two days… 

My plate is a bit full at the moment.UPDATE COMING SOON.


47 thoughts on “Calico Internet adoption

  1. I am glad I saw these wonderful horses. Long live the Calico Horses! mar

  2. jan eaker says:

    here is a quick auction update, as of now, the following horses have a t least 1 bid on them:


    only 0124 is on the post list.

  3. jan eaker says:

    Good luck tomorrow! our prayers are with you!

  4. nancy clark says:

    would someone please contact me…i live in canada and i cannot take a horse as i live in a village on 60 x 100 feet less after you subtract the house…but i have been appalled at what is happening to the wild horses of my country and yours and i would like to help by offering at least the funds for a starting bid on a horse if someone else can buy it and give it a home…so i would like to offer someone you know a sum of 125.00 american..and it would have to be someone you approve of..i do not want to help a horse go elsewhere other than a good placement…if you could contact me…and we can figure out how to get the money to someone who can bid and buy …you pick the animal who is most important to you and use it to help fund the purchase….I would like to know that somewhere there is a mustang alive that i helped…as i have been emailing the president and everyine i can think of to get the roundups stopped and it has not helped yet……my email is thank you…nancy clark…selby, ontario, canada

  5. nancy clark says:

    oh…by the tax receipt needed….

  6. PRAYERS for all these beautiful Horses and thank you …

  7. savewildhorses says:

    Good luck tomorrow. Hope you are feeling well. We are all pulling for you. Just heard this quote;

    “I don’t give people hell, I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.” – Harry Truman

  8. Anna says:

    hello to Nancy; re: Pledge of donation to save Calico Mustang

    has a petition to save a Calico Stallion named Lightning; not sure of “the tag (p.o.w.) id #;

    I sent you Mr. Downer’s info to the email you listed above…

    Thank you for making a donation to saving America’s Mustangs; ps chances are some mustangs have “migrated to Canada; so Canadians can learn “from our mistakes ! thanku

  9. Anna says:

    this is Craigs email address if anyone else would like to make a contribution to the cause

    to Save Stallions such as Lightning…ps scary to see the mustangs go from the wild to corrals to an internet auction !

    oh so you mean; ANY mustang over the age of just TEN years old can be sold?; does this include Mares over ten who have foals? golly that’s scary…praying for Mustangs !

  10. Anna says:

    ps craigs email: (fund contributions)
    pls. do not post about Lightning on Facebook or Twitter to avoid comepition; golly I hope they save Lightning et al….

  11. jan eaker says:

    just a quick update, so far 25 horses have at least 1 bid on them, 1 has 12! 1 has 8 and 1 has 7, not too large amounts of money, though, bids seem to be going up in the $5 increments.

  12. Anna says:

    Summary: By rounding up Desert Mustangs and giving them “free access to water…the BLM highly endangers the Mustangs Health; because they are not used to drinking water since they get their water from Desert Cactus and Native “succulants; not rivers/ponds
    AW USA no way would 500 mustangs die in the desert next week as the blm claims if they were not rounded up; if this is true; why have none died out there yet; they get their moisture from “Cactus; so their systems have evolved; but the knowledge of the BLM has not evolved at all

    hello this was the message I was trying to get to “Judge Hicks or Attorney Cowan; or to Laura but I couldn’t get through to anyone and I am not getting any support;

    anyhow if I were to submit testimony the above would be it

  13. Anna says:

    Scientific Factual Info

    The reason Camels can go for so long with little water is their systems evolved over time to being able to consume
    thorny plants for moisture; the Wild Burro also does this;

    The Wild Mustang has achieved this ability to some degree;
    thru centuries of evolution; to get H20 from Cactus Species
    (any plant holds moisture; even Wild Mint hold moisture…

    so the idea Wild Desert Mustangs have to have trough after trough of water is not only false; but endangers their entire biological system…and the results of “overwatering are disasterous…so the BLM does not know Jackrabbit about: Mustangs; Burros; Deserts; Cactus; Water; Succulents

  14. Anna says:

    Scientific Fact: EGYPTIAN DESERT CATS

    There is a type of Native Egyptian Desert Cat called: A Sand Cat…these Cats spend their entire lives in the Sandy Desert; climbing over sand dunes; avoiding sand storms(sounds a little bit like Fallon Indian Lakes…
    the Cats subsist on ONLY RODENTS FOR MOISTURE; these specific highly evolved Sand Cats have advanced to such a degree of water utilization from eating rodents like Mice; Volves; desert rats; bats; and so forth; A Sand Cat does not drink water the entire life of the Cat; they live long lives too

  15. Anna says:

    that young gelding with the freckles in the top foto is awesome; what a lovely face…as are the others…great markings the Mustangs have; good sturdy legs; hooves…

    too bad they go downhill from the first second of the roundup; even those born in captivity suffer needlessly…

    ps did you say this was “An Adoption or a high bid Sale ?
    (and adoption and a sale are two very different programs!
    An auction is a sale; an adoption is at a set fee; I do not think the BLM has the authority to sell Mustangs; I think Mustangs should be adopted out only; according to law; the authority to “sell mustangs is only to to a “Rider; a quickly implaced ammendment by Harry Reid and Burns;
    saying any Mustang over 10 can be sold that is outrageous
    Mustangs mate and give birth up to 20+ years old…STOP !

  16. Anna says:

    imo the only way to stop the BLM is “animal cruelty citations…
    nothing else can stop them except Congress and or an Executive order from the Prez.; this is because: “The government defends each official; its an unspoken “truce…

    sure pal; 500 mustangs are gonna keel over next week on the desert if not rounded up; who told you that? the Ouija board; oh you bLM who speaketh with false two forked words

  17. Hello,

    I’ve had my eye on stallion tag number 1300 as he’s not on your saving list. My friend has agreed to bid on him and I’ll be looking for a sanctuary.
    I’ve contacted you and a few others but still no response 😦

    Can you help please. Thank you

    Kind regards
    Sabine van der Zwan

    • jan eaker says:

      Sabine, who have you contacted? some of the people are still out in the field, and so don’t have access to internet. What questions did you have about adopting this horse?

      • savewildhorses says:

        If 1300 is not on the list above, but can be bid on on the BLM auctionsite, bid! You don’t need anyone’s permission to bid on a horse and save it from a life in BLM captivity.

  18. Nancy Ventres says:

    Hello Jan;
    I have a 4 acre horse farm with only one Appaloosa mare on it she is our baby at the tender age of 9 that we raised from a baby and trained our selves; she is a maiden mare 16 hand high and foundation registered.
    I have done multiple rescues in the past getting horses that were devistated by inhumane people and very near death, bringing them back to health, and able to trust and love again and able to ride. I never send my horses out I do all my own training. I beleave they have to tust, respect and love you first before yoou can take the next steps.
    So far I havent lost a horse yet in 25 yrs.
    My problem as a resuce is funding a purchase, as I have been out of work since 2003, I would be more then happy to take in a horse (stallion, Gelding, Mare & or foal), if someone is able to purchase it, on our farm the horse gets more love and affection then they can possible absorb. As big as our baby is she would sit in our lap if she could. I cn provide pictures of our horse, a rescue horse with her, the barn property, ferrier & vet referencees. As well as other horse owner references.
    If you live in or around the Morris County Northern New Jersey area or feel my location at a distance wil work for you please contact me at I look forward to working with someone to help safe a Mustangs life.
    BLM is holding a Wild Mustang sale in Sussex County New Jersey in September I may be bringing one hole from their if I can work out the details, but we’ll see.

    • Anna says:

      So in other words; you look for someone to purchase a Mustang from Calico or Tuscarora; etc.

      and then you would take the mustang in and adopt it; so to speak…

      that shouldn’t be too difficult; are these Mustangs being “bid for sale…or are these adopted out? curious…aw

      • jan eaker says:

        gee Anna why don’t you go the BLM internet adoption website and see, it is very easy to figure out which horses are up for adoption and which are being offered for sale, as they are divided by these categories.

  19. Cee Tully says:

    Is there something different about #1711, 17 year old bay stallion from Black Rock East that he is not included in the list of priority horses? I was so upset when I saw all of these highly at risk ‘sale’ horses on the internet adoption. So relieved when I heard that there was a plan to protect them even though their way of life will be gone forever, but don’t understand why this one was left out.The BLM won’t ship them east because they claim that they are not safe or I would certainly be trying to adopt him. Our fenced 20 acres could never compare to the life they’ve known but it is a whole lot better than no life.

  20. knight says:

    Strange that no one has arrested the BLM or Congress for animal cruelty. They should be chased with cars and helicopters till the skin on their feet is gone, but God is patient and merciful to these animal abusers. –

  21. jan eaker says:

    Cee, where does it say that BLM won’t ship this horse east? under optional pickup spots is listed Piney Wood, MS, which is east, they ship horses all over the country for adoption events. I’m curious as to where you saw/heard this stated.

    • Cee Tully says:

      I called the BLM when I realized that the pickup options for the adoptable horses were different than those for the ‘sale’ horses and the woman that answered said the older horses were too dangerous to be included. I would have gone to NJ or SC but MS is pretty ‘west’ for us east coast people; farther than I can afford to go and would take longer than I could leave my herd. It’s just under 1000 miles west of us. As much as we could offer a decent life, if not the life they’ve known, there seems to be nothing we can do.
      Do you know why #1711 is different than the other older stallions? It doesn’t seem right that he should be excluded.

      • jan eaker says:

        He’s a Curlie, isn’t he? I’m hoping a Curlie rescue will step up for him, even if you can’t help one of these horses, there will be adoption events on the East Coast this summer; OR take one of the young geldings that hasn’t been bid on yet., especially one of the bays, browns or sorrels, as they have a harder time getting adopted, it seems. The horses that don’t get a bid on them this time, will have their 1st strike, they will go to another event somewhere this year, if not adopted there, 2nd strike, on they go to another event, if no adoption this time, 3rd strike, on to long term holding as sale horses; $25/horse, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter what age they are, if they are not adopted in 3 events, they are out of the adoption system.
        So, if you can offer one of these horses, or one that comes to an East Coast event this summer, a good home, do it.

        • Cee Tully says:

          I hope that a curly rescue does step in and find him a safe place.Two of our 14 horses here are older BLM mustangs and, within these fences, they live as natural a life as I can create. I thought that the older ones would have a harder time adjusting to the whole ‘new life’ of living within fences and that these two might make for a slightly smoother transition. One of them had been in the adoption program for quite a while and I think we found him at his ‘last chance’ event. We like bays, browns and sorrels so I can certainly go looking. I am worried about all of them but most about the older ones who are already facing their last strike.

  22. Hi Jan, I’ve contacted Elyson and posted on a couple of rescue facebook sites return to freedom, mustang meg, one horse at a time etc.
    My friend has agreed to bid on this stallion for me and I will be looking for a sanctuary place for him. Also transporting him there. Any ideas?
    I also have a facebook page wild mustang friends

  23. I meant Elyse Gardner, so if you could help me to facilitate placement for this stallion tag number 1300 also … Then I’ll be very happy 🙂

    Kind regards

    Sabine van der Zwan

    • jan eaker says:

      SAbine, I don’t know what help you need from this end; if your friend will bid and get him to a sanctuary, then it seems a done deal, the horses on the post list have a place to go, #1300 doesn’t at this time. If you can adopt him and get him to a safe place, then by all means, do it.

  24. rich cook says:

    Thank you Laura for all you are doing for the wild horses. You are right. They ARE a symbol of the free spirit not only in the US but anywhere in the world people love wild, free beings.

    I have passed your blog on to some good friends in New York at the Humane Society who also work on this issue. You have lots of support out here in the real world – don’t stop.

  25. I need a foster home or sanctuary for him. This is the help that I need. I can adopt him but still need him to live in a foster home or sanctuary and I was hoping he could move with the other horses – but the way I understand now is that other horses being bid on also don’t have homes to go to yet but plans are being made in searching for homes for these horses … only there isn’t much time left

  26. jan eaker says:

    The horses on THIS list DO have somewhere to go, that is my understanding, to add this horse to that list, would have to go through Elyse and Laura.

  27. Thanks Laura ❤ That's great news and I've contacted Elyse and this stallion will be included also 🙂

  28. Anna says:


    I would contact Craig Downer a.s.a.p.

    I think his e-mail is

    he knows a lot about which stallions are which; this is because Mr. Downer has lived in Nevada his whole life; as a matter of fact; Mr. Downer already has a sanctuary for atleast one stallion named Lightning; he knows a lot ! imo !

  29. Anna says:

    ps contact Craig for info on sanctuary for Stallions; thanks;; ps he’s really nice too ! save the Stang

  30. jan eaker says:

    A quick adoption update:

    57 horses now have at least 1 bid on them. # 1078 a yearling gelding(black w/ a big white blaze) is in a hot bidding war, this youngster has 18 bids on him so far, $255.00
    off of this list, #’s 1366, 0124, 1076, 0832 and 1431 have bids on them.

  31. Renee says:

    How do I qualify to bid on a sale horse if I do not own horse property? The requirements state specific criteria for adoption horses. What if I want to buy a sale horse and board it on someone else’s property? I hope to own horse property soon, but it won’t be in time before the auction ends.

    • Renee says:

      I’m looking a # 1363. He’s listed above as a stallion that is “committed to” but there are no bids on him as of midnight Tuesday.

      • jan eaker says:

        SInce 1363 is on Laura’s list, I think he is safe, even though a bid hasn’t been placed on him yet.

    • jan eaker says:

      Renee, you can board a horse somewhere else, but their property must have an approved enclosure per BLM’s guidelines as stated on their website. On the application you will have to give the property address and directions to the property.
      Go online and fill out an application to get approved.

  32. Nancy Roberts says:

    Laura, I love that black gelding with the big blaze…I am trying to lease my neighbors land then maybe I can adopt 1 more mustang. Saw you on George Knaoo. You were wonderful. Thank You for being there. I weep tonight for all the wild horses that are caught up in this mess. Soon the BLM will be busted and we can go ahead and manage our sacred mustangs with respect. The awareness of the mustangs plight is growing…Thank You Nancy and Odakota (my Sand Wash boy).

  33. Nancy Roberts says:

    Sorry, I meant George Knapp. he is a wonderful guy.

  34. Anna says:

    I think the BLM should begin a program where United States Citizens can “SPONSOR A MUSTANG…where the BLM or a rescue would hold the Mustang until person ready to adopt!

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