Quick update:

Fallon Horses saved this past weekend through an amazing cooperative effort spearheaded by Lifesavers.

"Estray" horses saved July 10

"Estray" horses saved July 10 (photo July 11)

Incredible example of what can be accomplished when this amazing group of advocates focuses! Lets keep sharpening each other, supporting each other and focus on those incredible beings… our horses.

WE ARE organizing the Calico adoption event.

Right now things are being arranged as discreetly as possible.

If you want to help CalicoFreedom@gmail.com is both contact and paypal.

The effort is growing daily and has “safety” situations that involve wonderful folks like Return to Freedom and Dream Catchers.

Specifics will be made available asap.

Many of the horses on the Inet page would be great project horses for personal use. If you want any info on any of these wonderful animals I would be glad to answer any questions.

Many of you know that I had a bit of a personal emergency that has slowed me down… but not by much. But I ask your patience in awaiting my responses.

Yes, I did file for the horses in Tuscarora. The suit is public record now.


Love you all.

Herd Watch now has it’s “official” email at Cloud Foundation.



6 thoughts on “Update…(s)

  1. jan eaker says:

    we love you too! take care, Laura!

  2. jan eaker says:

    The saving of the Fallon horses should also serve as an enlightenment to BLM as to what COULD be accomplished if they would work with US instead of staying at odds w/ everyone in advocacy.

  3. jan eaker says:


    Indian Lakes Weekly Update (July 3 thru July 9)

    Nearly all horses have gained weight and regained their health. Nursing mares and yearlings are on a high nutrition diet while all other horses in adequate body condition are on a maintenance diet. A few of the 2010 foals are noted with minimal levels of upper respiratory disease. They are being monitored and treated as necessary. (see previous attached Upper Respiratory Veterinary Report). Gelding of the five years and older stallions continued this week. Two deaths occurred this week: 10 yr old gelding (1561) died of pulmonary hemorrhage and 0964 (yearling filly) was found dead, reason unknown. No necropsy was performed. Mares are still foaling, but births are fewer and intermittent. No miscarriages occurred.

    Facility Death: 2, Cumulative Death total: 104

  4. Anna says:

    Lifesavers did excellent work ! I did not know there were Foals at the Auction; that is unspeakable ! Thank Goodness they were rescued ! thanks pix Laura; hadn’t seen the foals

    ps I hear the Tuscarora Roundup temporarily cancelled; the BLM does not know how to give water properly apparantly ! never ever give cold water to a sweaty horse!


    I read the 500 page version of Black Beauty; the same info!

  5. Janet Ferguson says:

    Now that they are saved, where will they live. They are really beautiful.

  6. Polly says:

    lifesavers has been hit by west nile virus in this herd and needs monitary assistance…

    Additionally, ISPMB needs help with money to buy hay for its three herds for the winter

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