Silent Vigil (Rob Pliskin)

Today a friend and wild horse advocate will make a solitary, silent stand for our wild ones.

Rob Pliskin will begin a silent vigil in his current home town.

His idea is born of frustration. This frustration is shared by so many that I have been speaking with. This frustration has given rise to this statement.

This week, despite thousands of comments and requests by Americans throughout the country and pleas by informed and concerned wildlife scientists, the BLM in its “Summer Season of Discontent” is rounding up and removing American wild horses from their home ranges.  Horses the BLM is ironically mandated to protect, including foals days or weeks old, will be killed or injured.  Family bands scattered.  Herds decimated.

The horses have no voice, no say in this.  There will be hooves striking rocks, sweat flying off summer coats, and wide eyes seeking escape.  Heads will be hung in the desolation of capture and captivity.  But there will be no voices.

As a 12 year volunteer for the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, and as an American, I can no longer abide this.   With a degree in Natural Resources and the heart of a citizen, I believe it is unjust.  I believe the arbitrary use of “Appropriate Management Level” as it stands now is just one of the cowardly acts perpetrated on the horses and on all Americans.

So I am standing up for all these horses.   I am beginning a Silent Vigil, outside the Federal Building closest to my home in Cleveland, Ohio.  Silent, because the horses have no voice.   Close to home, because today Americans can stay close to home and have a strong voice.  America’s wild horses can’t.

Because the horses have no voice, for the horses,

Rob Pliskin

Join him. Go to your school, place of work or federal building. Ask for a permit to have a silent vigil.

Stand with a lantern or candle as a beacon to guide those in power to the truth… as a beacon to guide those loosing their freedom to safety… as a beacon of peaceful resolution.

Rob made these flyers to hand to people. Use them as a template if you like.


Wild Baby 2010

Hang in there… don’t give up.