Calico Adoption Upcoming

The BLM is listing horses for the upcoming Internet adoption.

Only a few of the horses brought to Palomino Valley are listed.

But it’s time to get this effort organized.

To make a pledge for the core group of old stallions.

If you are an adopter, or foster for an adopter, get your applications into the BLM and email me that you have done so. If you are a sponsor email me and I will give you info on how to submit your pledge.

We have found a place for the old boys to stay together as a bachelor band and can place some of the others into safe places to be trained toward permanent homes.

Include your phone number when you email me and I will call you this weekend… I need to get back on the road so I have a couple of days to pull this together. Please be patient waiting for a response… I am working on several projects.

Boyz at the pile