Here we go again

Here we go again.

Nothing unexpected coming in. Nothing reassuring at all.

Same old, same old.

July is here and the claim that “foaling season” is over and running horses for miles is now “safe” is back in the dialogue.

We start in Owyhee in just days.

June 25 BLM Indian Lakes update: Mares are still foaling, but births are fewer and intermittent.

So I guess only mares in holding facilities are still giving birth. I guess running a foal born on July 1 at one week old for miles and miles in the desert is “safe.”

Oh yeah… and they will keep the public away until about the third week of July so if anything happens they can hide it. Close public land so no cameras can catch any of the horror or “civilians” find dead babies in the desert sun. I guess if we don’t see it somehow it hasn’t happened.

Sheldon 2006. They tried to deny what happened there. USFWS… but same contractor.

AWHPC Sheldon 2006 dead foal

We saw young horses die this winter from the effects of the helicopter gather. Those youngsters were about 8 months old… some of these babies will be less than 8 days old.

8 month old dying of hoof slough from the effects of being run miles by a Cattoor helicopter

Do you think we will ever get a schedule of proposed areas the BLM will close? When do you think such a schedule will arrive? If you are on public land and don’t know about the closures (because they didn’t post them) will you be arrested? Will lease holders be banned from the land or just the general public?

Write to Bolstad, Abbey and your Congressperson and tell them you demand observers be allowed from day one. To allow the BLM to operate without observers is not acceptable.


10 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. savewildhorses says:

    How can they conduct this with foals only a week or 2 old? What is wrong with them? Also, if I wanted to get a personal message to you, how would I do that?

  2. jan eaker says:

    what is wrong with them would take at least a week of typing to include everything! I look at the pages of horses at the various BLM sites on the internet and wonder what will happen to them, and they continue to add more and more to them, there is no good time to do this dead of winter or middle of summer, it is all terrible. they would NEVER move their precious cows this hard ever, but especially not with new babies; that they care so little for horses is terrible to me.

  3. To allow the contractor to operate with no public observers is not acceptable as BLM takes the back seat to the outfits that will run those foals and older horses until they drop. There is not even a nod out of the White House for these jerks to slow down to protocol speed. When they begin to abuse these animals the world will find out because the results will not stay hidden. Even if they try to hide it those who live through this will have their story, too. It will be told in the way they may die in the months to come.

    BLM has time to do the better thing; stop the roundups. Stop now and let them live. We have shown BLM we have alternatives and can change the management for the betterment of all. Denver was our success and their failure. We had plenty to tell them and they were rather surprised. There is more where that came from. Maybe they should stop underestimating us.

    Stop the roundups and start talking again. Don’t destroy these herds. mar

  4. R.T. Fitch says:

    They have really turned around and shown a new leaf since the meeting last month, haven’t they?


    • Laura Leigh says:

      It was my understanding that anything discussed at that meeting was for “future” tripping… I mean policy.

      That the concept that BLM is “mandated” under current law to gather still stands in the official play book… which is absolute BS. They are not… they are mandated to manage and choose round up as a first line strategy.

      No new policy would be needed to stop this… no new law. It is all in there. All they need is a district manager that is not buddies with the special interests in his area.

  5. sandra longley says:

    Civil dosobedience..we are stakeholders..we want to see how our investment is being rounded up..

  6. savewildhorses says:

    How long will a week old foal be able to keep up on brand new hooves on “extreme terrain” as the BLM admits it is? Why is no one filing an injunction to stop the animal abuse and the abuse of power keeping the public out? The Animal Legal Defense Fund just stopped BP from burning turtles alive in their controlled burns at sea with an injunction. It took about a week. Why are none of these horse orgs filing ANYTHING?

  7. Elizabeth B. says:

    I called the Presidents # given in the e-mail I received from ASPCA.
    I expressed my outrage to the gentleman who answered. I also said that
    I wish that people/organizations that request help would stop letting the people in charge of this and any other inhumane act, hide behind the name of their
    dept. Please include the name of the man incharge of BLM. I have missplaced
    his name for the moment. When I called the # for the BLM, I pressed 5 as indicated by the voice recording. No sooner was it connected than it was
    disconnected. I tried several more times with the same result. Guess he got
    tired of all the calls imploring him to act like a decent human being.

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