The beat goes on

Been on the road and have a minute to try to catch up. I have received a ton of email in the last week. Some of it I have responded to, some not. It’s hard to dig through. If you have sent something urgent that I did not respond to, please send it again… and accept my apology.

So much is happening right now.

People keep asking me “what can I do?”

We had the meeting in Denver. It was honestly filled with promising dialogue. But it is just dialogue at this point. The report wont go to Congress until the fall. Who knows if anything will come after that.

But for now we hear the same beat of the same old song.

More meetings where we will be told not heard.

A very suspicious gather of horses deemed “estray” by the BLM to be turned over to the NV Dept. of Ag. They go to slaughter… legally under current law. But the timing and the area make you go hmmm… for many reasons.

Rental rates for Solar energy developers are announced. But there is no cost comparison for you to see… for that to be known you need to dig.

Horses continue to die from the Calico roundup. Observers denied an ability to witness the gelding of older horses… told “you have seen all there is to see.”

Gene Seidlitz of the Winnemucca district doing quite the sidestep after talking about cooperative monitoring.

And the beat of helicopters …

Change in this issue will only come when we have a full cost recovery system on public land. When lease holders actually get off the welfare line. But that action will only come through Congress. On all public land, not just places where horses are being forced off through manipulations of the multiple use mandate, lease holders are being allowed to reap private profit off of the taxpayer. Each lease requires an environmental impact statement that BLM field offices can’t perform in the manner truly needed to determine what those leases will do to our land. Ongoing effects to our wild resources can not be monitored as they should because the “powers that be” (in each field office) are not accountable to anyone but themselves. Conflicts of interest within our BLM/DOI are overwhelming and if they existed in the private sector would find themselves wrapped up in our judicial system in a manner that does not require the public to privately attempt to bring suit.

Write your Congressional representatives.

Write your newspapers.

Write your President.

The issues we are dealing with attempting to gain protections for our wild herds are identical to issues faced with any group looking for reform. In many respects our country is not regulated by our government… our government is regulated by special interests. The “checks and balances” have been removed through the lobby efforts of “industrializing” public land (not just on public land, everywhere)… on the back of a rapidly decreasing middle America.

But the symbol of the spirit of “freedom” is paying a great price.

I do not understand why in this time when America herself stands at this cross road we do not find it inside of ourselves to hold the symbol of the American Mustang high? We need all the reminders we can find of what it once meant to be resilient, brave, free…

not this…


11 thoughts on “The beat goes on

  1. Welcome back. Yes, the West Wendover Horses appear to be wild according to some info beginning to filter through. Maybe Cedar Mtn. and/Onaqui. There is something Cat sent to Herd Watch… mar

  2. Rob Pliskin says:

    RE: where to go, what to do from here — I think it is still full court press. Like, I’m from Missouri, Show me, Stand by Your Word, etc.

    AND, now maybe we need a big united push on THE SENATE to pass S.1579 and not fund roundups and Salazoos as a salute to Senator Byrd, who sponsored 1579. A big, relentless push with lots of good reasons.

  3. sandra longley says:

    It is a time of great unrest and anger in the US..The last time I remember this-was during the vietnam war..however we were all united in our direction for “change” anger and unrest and disenchantment means different things to different people and no 1 cause unites us..however, the oil spill may redirect and focus the thoughts of the american people- at least it should lead to people being willing to take a look at what we having been saying about a corrupt and inaffective BLM/DOI and they need to seperate dept.s from a conflict of interest. I have seen nothing to indicate a change in the direction of problem solving from the BLM since Denver..In fact just the opposite..the first HMA out since then..Silver King..the WORST by far I have read this year..660,000 acres..60 horses -1 horse for every 10,000 acres-1 wild horse for every 1,000 allotment animals..zeroing out 2 HMAs in this complex( a bad sign for intent of future complexs)ALL mares PZPd 60/40 stallion ratios

    • Linda says:

      Yep, Sandra, as an old hippie I say, “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!”

      • sandra longley says:

        I might even have some old tie-die I could drag out..course it says cabo san lucas on it..I never got arrested in those days so now that is on my bucket list..I just don’t want to get one of those Hollywood rehab type photos in booking…

        • sandra longley says:

          I am thinking it might give me some street cred when I hit the ole folks ranch house if i had an arrest record..forget the mace- spray them with malox..

  4. Word is Jane Velez Mitchell will do another wild horse segment on July 5th. Hope it is right up to the minute!! mar

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