Disposition of Inventory?

Many of you sent letters to Gene Seidlitz of the BLM’s Winnemucca district in reference to the “Disposition of Inventory” at the Broken Arrow.

Gene’s response (he chose to respond to the group using Craig’s letter as the one to respond to. He did NOT respond to my request) :

Thanks for your continued interest in the Calico Complex. This note serves
as a response back to all of you regarding the recent flight by Mr. Craig
Downer which indicated only 50 wild horses and 350 livestock within
portions of the Complex.

As stated during the Calico Complex Gather, we have been planning for the
post gather population survey for this area and/or areas within the Tri
State area. Based on the significant amount of wild horse movement in and
outside of the HMA’s in this general area (northwest portion of Nevada)
this is the first time we will count the NW corner of the state to get a
comprehensive inventory. We intend to implement the Simultaneous
Double-Count with Sightability Bias Correction method. This methodology is
outlined in IM 2010-057. This method should yield the most accurate counts
possible. The BLM considers the methodology a valid tool for developing
estimates of horses (wild and feral) populations. It is a peer-reviewed
methodology, recommended by the USGS and BLM National Horse and Burro
Program research coordinator and tested on some BLM HMA’s and National
Wildlife Refuges.

This flight is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2010 with a
certified pilot and three crew members. Although we have had offers from
some of you to fly with the BLM, regulations, policy and protocols that
address both safety and liability issues are grounds to deny your requests.
Once the population survey is completed, the data will have to be compiled,
analyzed and then presented. At this time, I can not provide you with an
exact date for this data to be available to you and others.

Thanks for your continued interest in the WH/B program and the Calico

775-623-1503 (fax)

My response to Gene:

I thank you for responding. However your response is not a response to the requests.

The requests were directed, not at the survey that we all know is going to be done this summer, but to the disposition of inventory at the Broken Arrow. The disposition of that inventory is premature until the survey is complete using the parameters of current knowledge.

1. BLM has identified “new” knowledge based on movement among the various jurisdictions involved in the planning for the new complex.

2. A gather was conducted where insufficient numbers to complete the contract were found.

3. A new protocol has been outlined, but not implemented, for data collection within that complex.

Based on these three issues alone, any disposition of inventory is premature and borders on irresponsibility to the mandate to protect these horses as well as to the mission statement of the new complex.

Exclusion of interested participants in the actual “count” protocol creates the need for a project to be designed by the interested party that uses the same protocol, yet is executed independently. This will create the very situation you claimed you wanted to avoid at our meeting. We will then have the “us and them” battle with data obtained in an identical manner, instead of a “we” approach to “moving forward” in the “new direction” claimed in DC.

I realize the microcosm management issues at the district level yet feel strongly that the need exists to follow the intention of cooperation as promised during such “productions” as the meeting I just attended.

I hope to hear a response from you that is directed at the core request in each letter you received.

Thank you,

Laura Leigh
Project Manager
Herd Watch


Act on this information at your own discretion (courtsey of dictionary.com):


–noun 1.
the power or right to decide or act according to one’s own judgment; freedom of judgment or choice: It is entirely within my discretion whether I will go or stay.


the quality of being discreet, esp. with reference to one’s own actions or speech; prudence or decorum: Throwing all discretion to the winds, he blurted out the truth.

—Idiom 3.

at discretion, at one’s option or pleasure: They were allowed to work overtime at discretion.

13 thoughts on “Disposition of Inventory?

  1. Jo De George says:

    What is it with all the people who work at the BLM? Everything out of their mouth is double-talk. They cannot speak directly and truthfully. I like to consider myself and intelligent individual but everytime I read a report from one of these people I need to read it at least three time to get to the bottom of what they are saying. But, then, again, if you’re not truthful you need to fill a page with words to throw the other guy off. Without trust and honesty there is no likelyhood of an agreement.

  2. sandra longley says:

    It seems to me what is needed here is to apply to the court for an injuction to stop all movement and adotions of calico horses until the numbers of horses left after the roundup can be verified-Dr Kane indicated to me he counted 38 horses around the gather site at the end of the gather..those that had peeled off or been seperated as bands were drove in…Craig Downer counted a simular amount in a recent flyover of the whole complex…Tracie, in mid march flew out from texas..spent a day driving the perimeter of the calico complex..saw 1 live horse..the black stallion Freedom, alone- and the tracks of a mare and a newborn foal going down to look for water at the botom of a culvert..no new horse piles anywhere..by the way there was no water there and the tracks moved on..still looking..displaced from their winter ground where they had sources of water..by helicopter drives..left where there was neither food nor water. Lets put all those “hopes” and fuzzy warm feelings in an album and get on with some action to stop this.

    • savewildhorses says:

      YES!!!!, there does need to be an injunction of any further dispersement of the captive Calico horses until an independent, scientific count is done by an independent party, THe BLM can accompany them on the flights.

  3. R.T. Fitch says:

    Fine time to do an “inventory” AFTER the round-up versus doing one before stripping the complex clean of all equines.

    I don’t get it, where is the sense in that?

    • savewildhorses says:

      I think they just want to make sure they did their job well of rounding up ALL the horses. They are purposefully backasswards. Sickened by this bunch of horse thieves.

  4. Suzanne says:

    There isn’t any sense in it, R.T. I’m about at the end of my spirit of compromise, cooperation or anything else.

    The next letter I write to my “friend,” Gene won’t be so nice.

  5. Linda says:

    Denying the request to accompany the BLM on the census flights is so typical of all government agencies. I assume any advocate who applied would be more than willing to sign whatever wavers the BLM required. I wonder if they’ve taken other “civilians” (ecologists, wildlife organization reps, scientists, etc.) with them before.

    If they’re going to be flying over the entire NW corner of the state, they may very well find 600 (or more) wild horses. The report should separate horses found on the HMAs from those found outside, regardless of “movement”. Otherwise it will be inherently “biased” in favor of proving the BLM estimate.

    To be complete and accurate, they should also be counting cattle and other grazing and browsing wildlife impacting the area to add to their scientific studies.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I had a meeting with Gene. The meeting involved “ALL” data collected related to the interest I represent through Herd Watch.

      On the road again…..

    • sandra longley says:

      Someone from the BLM claims there are herds of 50 to 60 head roaming the calico..the ghosts of horses no longer there…must have been Larry Johnson with some more of his “tales of wild horses”.
      I am expecting to see those herds of virginia range horses labled as “calico”..Which is why we MUST document herds with photos…every last horse needs a photo…markings are unique as well as hair swirls.

  6. jan eaker says:

    More of the same old, same old, I am REALLY tired of it, not just here, but at all levels of government, this all seems to so simple to me, just hire the people and go count the damn horses. but NO BLM has to take it’s own sweet time, hemmin’ and hawin’; they can pay a contractor millions of(our) dollars, approve that contract in a minute, but anything that seems reasonable or responsible as regards the horses is a big dither, and takes months to decide, meanwhile the horses will be gone, and then it won’t matter and they won’t have to do anything, will they, just keep on linin’ the Cattoors pockets and stripping the rest of the west.

  7. sandra longley says:

    what can we do-right here-right now- to get those horses counted before the adoptions and in time to file an injuction? This is something some of us have been talking of off line..We cannot wait-we have waited too long as it is. Does craig have any ideas?

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