I’m still at the Advisory Board meeting.

I just want to express that the tone in the room may be different than any “feed” you may have.

Dialogue is occurring… tone is different.

If actions follow in a timely manner…?

What does the sign mean?

Talking the talk… can we “walk the walk?”

I’ll update soon…

Just FYI a protest was scheduled for outside. It was called off because of a desire to support the concept of dialogue toward problem solving.

Let’s just say the greatest obstacle seems to be the fossils in the room.

Love ya all.


10 thoughts on “Dialogue?

  1. Jennifer Gage says:

    You got that right Laura. F O S S I L S…

  2. sandra longley says:

    that sign should have read..santas workshop…what a mess..Makendra got it right on when she said most of them should step down..kudos to robin..I would have popped larry in the nose several times and it was the concensus online we want a petition to get him off the board and out of the building as well as a couple of those fred flintstone types-we had quite a discussion going onbline in the chat room..i think we are done with the pr work

  3. jan eaker says:

    it is time for a new way of thinking, however, if the horses could get gone from BLM entirely, then it won’t matter who’s on that board, wouldn’t that be a great day!!!

  4. R.T. Fitch says:

    I sure hope that you are right, Laura.

    Call me jaded, perhaps it my age, but it is going to take quite some time for me to trust what I am hearing from the other side as to date, there has never been any truth.

    Looking forward to the update.


  5. Laura Leigh says:

    Talk is talk…
    It time to see if this can walk….

    BUt at least this effort was made to give time and ideas were presented. The environment was different than it has been in the past.
    Perhaps there is such a thing as evolution?

  6. R.T. Fitch says:

    Evolution is accelerated when the word Revolution is circulated.

    • sandra longley says:

      Exactly, letting people give their ideas is not the same as implementing them. I think most of us see the fact that they are not willing to implement a moritorium as the best indication of their intentions..I am so sorry the protest was cancelled-given the timing, the media could have focused on the need for the moritorium since the advocates are unable to..and without that..where do you think this is headed? They are buying the time needed to remove the horses

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Not only not implementing a Moratorium, but no action on other proposals (RTF/Winecup/Madeleine) that represent a fiscal savings that could begin to provide the funds to do the real surveys and methodologies on that range that the BLM has no real funding to accomplish.
        Root causes need to be addressed.
        AML, in many cases, is arbitrary or based on a faulty foundation or assumption.
        Yes, the “bleeding” needs to be daelt with but until the actual cause is addressed… this is not really that complex.

        If a emergency funding can be rerquested to buy more land… the real question is why was it not requested to deal with the core issues?

        • sandra longley says:

          I see a real problem here…as long as the american taxpayer and horse advocate is willing to put up the funds to clean up the the mess caused by the mass removals of wild horses from the land..BLM will continue to remove horses..We have become …enablers..We are stuck between a rock and a hard place..but we really need to back up a minute and take a good long hard look at what we are doing…and the perpetual roundups being created by offering to bail them out..we are doing it for the horses..but does it help them in the long run? it just allows them to collect more horses

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