It’s about the horses…

This morning I leave for Denver.

Here is the info:

Where we will in essence address this:

If you can be there please notify whatever advocate organization you belong to. Many will have representatives there.

Because we all care about wild horses and burros.

Wild Utah baby taken just weeks ago

The current administration speaks of a “new direction” and dialogue toward that end.

Yet as it comes to the table not a single concrete action has been taken to demonstrate that is the intention.

The 2010 gather schedule runs full steam ahead. July 1 Owyhee and Rock Creek in Nevada will begin to hear the thrumming of helicopter blades over the horizon. They will drive over a thousand horses through the desert in summer including just weeks, days old, babies miles into their traps to forever loose their freedom. Actions that will be taken based on a broken system.

Mid-July the baby in the photograph above will have his family torn apart at Winter Ridge. This gather will zero out any horses in the area that is exclusively utilized for extraction.

The horses from the Calico Complex are being dispersed.

Calico Filly (photo Elyse Gardner)

Calico Filly (photo Elyse Gardner)

The are heading to adoption events, internet competitive bid, long term holding without any real post gather census. The Calico Complex gather was suspended because the projected number of horses were not found.

Right now range surveys are beginning as the Calico is part of the new “MegaPlex” being planned in that area. In weeks data might be available that concludes horses could have (allowed under current protocol) been returned… but the horses will be gone. An independent proposal from RTF/Kudrna sits awaiting a simple “ok” that would keep those horses in that area toward return as protocol within the complex actually begins to do range “repair.” Private dialogue has occurred attempting to hold the “powers that be” to statements made concerning the supposed intent of that complex.

Do you see any indications that a “new direction” is anything more than words? Conversations, meetings, proposals put forward all fall on deaf hearts.

Policy moves as it always has.

More, more, more…. clear the facility because it will need to house another 1,600 before the end of July.

“Move ’em in … move ’em out… rawhide.”

But we will go to this meeting and keep talking with the hope that someone will find the integrity to actually back up their words.

My daddy told me once “In this life you truly own nothing but your word. It’s all that really matters.”

Wonder what their daddies said to them?

“Move ’em in… move ’em out… rawhide?”

If you can’t come… prayers may be in order.


8 thoughts on “It’s about the horses…

  1. cat Kindsfather says:

    I really hate to think the efforts and voice of advocates would fall on deaf ears.

    Prayers for all of you and for the intervention of higher power. Keep your focus clear and ride on the high path.

  2. Linda says:

    I’m praying for at least some success at this meeting. Got a notice there’ll be live, streaming video. May that will keep the BLMers bored looks and yawns to a minimum. Body language should reveal their attitudes.

    Safe journey to all heading for Denver. Anxiously awaiting all reports.

  3. Morgan Griffith says:

    You all have our prayers and the hope that for once, just once someone has an open mind and really wants to solve the problem. Thank you for the videos. Haven’t had a chance to watch them all but I will.

  4. Barbara Warner says:

    Dear brave Laura, you and the other advocates will be in my thoughts and prayers as always. I will be with you in spirit and waiting for your report.
    I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.
    God bless you and our wild horses and burros.

  5. Suzanne says:

    We will be right behind you in spirit if not in person. It’s incredible that men who claim to be responsible can tell such LIES and still look advocates in the face and ask THEM to promote an atmosphere of trust. Just WHAT is it that we are supposed to trust?

    We will be thinking of all of you there – for the horses.

  6. jan eaker says:

    I will pray hard for you but especially for the horses already gone, and those to come.
    Good luck, you and all the wild ones are in my heart,

  7. savewildhorses says:

    I hope all attending channel their inner Wild Horse Annie and that her spirit hovers in the room working to open the hearts and minds of all those listening to you and the others. Will especially be praying 3 pm on Tuesday. Stand tall…you have all the wild horse energy behind you.

    Also, can someone provide info on the live webstream for this?

  8. Craig says:

    A lot was said of very valuable nature at Denver workshop and during testimony at board meeting, but the current outrageous roundups must be called off!!! Actions must follow words or else what will be have left of the free living equids?

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