One door closes…

Most folks “have a life.” My friday night was spent reading doc’s and searching the web…. hopefully that explains some of the links that were added for my own entertainment.

Someone once said “One door closes, another opens.”

So I have my flashlight out and every mental skeleton key I can grasp.

Y’all do the same. Read everything you can get your hands on. Go to the DOI website and read USGS, BIA, USFWS as well as BLM… Go to USDA…. read, read, read.

Read EA’s. Look at maps. Read geological surveys…. read.

But read with your “game” glasses on. Imagine an empty chessboard and put the pieces on it as you read. Imagine the next move…

The doors to observe the horses at the Broken Arrow have closed.

Yes, it hurts. But it has created a dialogue, again, about the fact that facilities ARE being contracted as “private” without any consideration to the fact that these are “public” horses.

It reminds us of how many… so many… that have been removed from our sight. But yet BLM continues to funnel tax dollars to a very select few that do have access to your horses.

It speaks directly to the mindset.

Remember that when you put on your “game” glasses. I know you don’t need any more reminders of how screwed up this system is, sorry.

I was sent a link today to a BLM web page with a bit of concern attached to the presentation.

It’s a web page.

That’s all it really is.

If you look at the content, nothing new. It says “updated May 24, 2010.” (I suggest screen grabs to compare with “updates done later” that have figures for years included in this page. It might make someone great fodder for a “Saturday Night Live” script someday. Is that still on?)

If you watch the video and read the page it has NOTHING new.

Same screwed up BLM math.

“herd sizes can double about every four years.”

OK BLM. You say “annual growth rates average 20%” at the meetings. That’s five years… 4 x 20 = 80%, 5 x 20= 100%. A 100% increase is doubling in size. Oh… now it is a 25% increase?

We will not address the gather schedules that have BLM counts that show figures that have herds increasing in numbers that would imply every mare and even the stallions had twins. (That could be a whole blog post in itself…. as well as more late night TV imagery).

But I get ahead of myself…

Let’s deal with the first line…

“The Bureau of Land Management estimates that approximately 38,400 wild horses and burros (about 33,700 horses and 4,700 burros) are roaming on BLM-managed rangelands in 10 Western states based on the latest data available, compiled as of February 28, 2010.”

Game “glasses” on:

“estimates that approximately” and “based on the latest data available.”

This page never qualifies either statement. It never gives you a reference or methodology. That’s because within those two statements are fatal flaws of the system.

Look for things they never explain… only “tell.”

The truth is that the BLM does NOT have a database that uses a single methodology for data collection.

Those systems are all created “in district” based on the way a former guy did stuff. Then you take all this “stuff” that is formulated based on the guesswork of the guy that had the job before, add it to the same “stuff” that comes from the guy in the district you border, and create a management plan based on “stuff,” that isn’t the same “stuff,” that has to fit into the system of “stuff” some other state made to create national policy? You know what you should do with that “stuff?” And if the “stuff” is old and you mix it with new “stuff?”

You want to tell me how many horses are out there and how many the land can sustain based on this …. “Stuff?”

In 2008… yes, 2008, BLM created a document titled “Final Report for the Analysis of Inventory and Monitoring Activities in BLM.”

It is a recommendation that states in part:

“new demands for compliance monitoring to meet the needs of wind farms, solar farms, and oil and gas pads are rapidly increasing to the point that FO’s (Field Offices) are struggling or unable to keep up”

This document includes recommendations such as:

“Consider adopting over the longer term a full cost recovery system for permits and monitoring of permitted activity.  Landscape monitoring is what is needed but very often field offices and/or states cannot afford to go to a landscape-based monitoring program.  Part of the overall cost recovery scheme could very well have an option to have other parties do the monitoring required during the permitting process.”

Well now slap me in the — and call me Sally.

Did he just write that Field offices can’t keep up with the demands to monitor our public lands because of increased permits? Did he just suggest that one of the ways to handle this issue is to actually have permitees and lease holders actually cover the costs of monitoring our land so they can use it instead of burdening the American tax payer? Did he say maybe get someone else to actually get to the “landscape?”

Damn… he sounds like one of those wild horse advocates.

2008 folks. Recommendations in this report are still not implemented as they continue to round up our horses without accurate data from FO’s that can’t keep up.

And the video on the webpage?

It shows the same two holding “pastures” that the BLM always shows. They leave out the rest.

Wouldn’t you like to have your own private herd of mustangs that only you and your golf buddies could see? Paid for at the tune of $500. per head?

And ADD the numbers in the video folks.

9,660. short term                  36,000 long term             12,000 2010 gather schedule

That’s 57,660 horses that you, the tax payer, has no right to see! Sounds like a great strategy to keep up the same old crap and burden a system already in crisis.

If this were a drilling platform it would blow….

“New Direction?”

Gee… I never got past the first paragraph on that page… too much “stuff.” And it leads down the same old dusty road…

I forgot to add this last night…

Learn what you can about this lawsuit.

Bear with me because I like this song… I’ll give you horse pictures in the morning.


16 thoughts on “One door closes…

  1. jan eaker says:

    Is BLM EVER going to get it that we want REAL figures, is there a lawsuit waiting here????? because they are denying access to horses that are ours????? Just wondering?
    Good report as always, I know it is hard not to see those beautiful horses, not knowing what is happening to them,
    take care,

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I don’t think that BLM either
      1. knows we want management based on real numbers that have integrity
      2. knows that we are very aware that sanctuary proposals ARE NOT range management

      Or either knows both of these statements well and is operating with the urgency it is demonstrating this fiscal year based on that knowledge.

  2. savewildhorses says:

    The “data” they quote on their page is similar to the cut and paste job the MMS did for an environmental report for the Gulf listing sea lions and walruses as species that could be impacted. They cut and pasted from another report, obviously from an area not sub-tropical like the Gulf. I think they just keep cutting and pasting this same report every year. This is a joke. They have no idea how many wild horses still exist in the wild. I would bet we are down in the teens, 18,000, not 38,000. It is dereliction of duty to round up horses saying they are overpopulated when you have not done a census. And to end this fiscal year with close to 60,000 horses in captivity is, in itself, absolute insanity! And we know what the definition of insanity is; doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  3. The census was a needed activity. This year. I am sorry it has been put aside. If those who are monitoring herds and do a yearly census could compile their findings by late July we may have a figure to consider. Nevada and CA need real efforts to collect this data. They will be hit hard by BLM. Can we try this?? mar

  4. Craig says:

    The outrageous roundups are unconscionable. There must be a moratorium declared on these. They purport to practically eliminate our last few wild horses and burros! There is a better way to live and relate to life here on planet Earth!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes, Craig.
      And until we get a lawyer and the media to actually comprehend the arbitrary AML that this system uses as justification we will not change this in any way that saves wild horses and burros as wild.

  5. jan eaker says:

    FYI, latest update, did you know about the 25, also 1 more death, also if you go to the site, there is an active link to Sanford’s report re: respiratory infections.
    Nearly all horses have gained weight and regained their health. Nursing mares and yearlings are on a high nutrition diet while all other horses in adequate body condition are on a maintenance diet. Approximately 10 of the earliest born 2010 foals are noted with upper respiratory disease. They are being monitored and treated as necessary. (see attached Upper Respiratory Veterinary Report). Eighteen Calico geldings were transported to the Carson City Prison for gentling and training. They will be made available for adoption during the October 9, 2010 adoption event located at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. Also, 25 Calico horses of adoptable age were transported to Great Falls, Montana, for a weekend adoption event that takes place on June 11-12, 2010. Mares are still foaling, but births are fewer and intermittent. No miscarriages occurred. One gelding (#1011) which underwent cryptorchid surgery several weeks earlier was euthanized due to poor body condition

  6. jan eaker says:

    so they are dispersing the horses! 18 more gone

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes… they are dispersing the horses.

      Older ones will start going to long term any day. They could have started “sale-authority” with those they did not put in the competitive bid. A bunch are slated to ship out of state to adoption events as well.

      Several of the fillies, including the one Bolstad saw me scratching her butt, were not observed this last week.
      Even tough we were told we had until the 15th to give them numbers for horses we are interested in.
      I don’t know where 1099 is.

      • Linda says:

        If the BLM is sincere when they state they intend to promote adoption, why the “shell game” power trip? I can only come to one conclusion – they want to “break” everybody – wild ones and advocates alike. The animals have been given no choice, but if they think they’re “breaking” any of us, they’ve severely underestimated our dedication and resolve.

    • Linda says:

      And the 18 geldings who are gone will be going for TRAINING (possibly over 90 days?). In the March Internet Adoption/Canyon City, 9 horses were up. I believe they were from the inmate training program. Of those, 6 were adopted. All 9 had all been gentled or trained in varying degrees. Even the three that didn’t get homes had been started on groundwork.

      The 6 adoptees were ALL pictured with riders, looked well-groomed, and had been named. In addition to the usual information, they had brief descriptions of their levels of training and dispositions. The final bids ranged from $300to $725.

      If 18 had to go, at least there’s hope they will find caring homes with people who will value them and be able to continue with training rather than start from scratch. If there are problems, I hope the adoptors have sense enough to send them for additional training. I sure wish I could follow their progress.

      P.S. The March event was my first attempt at record-keeping, so it’s kind of sketchy. May is much more complete.

  7. jan eaker says:

    that really sucks, really bad,

  8. Why not try ask for accountability on these horses? Let BLM show that the sale authority horses are not going to slaughter but have been bought by people who are not a threat to their lives. Can we make an appeal for open books so that someone may see the horses have been accounted for? This is not a ‘business’ that has the best interest of these horses in mind. Sale authority on all those wonderful mares in their prime, fine young horses also, older mares and stallions. This is a waste and an insult to those who would have the management changed in order to stop the bleeding away of our wild horses. The system has done so much harm and brought destruction to herds for too long.

    Stop the Roundups Now. BLM back off and allow new management born of science to take hold. This path is the wrong one for all to be on. Change direction and save our wild horses. mar

  9. Morgan Griffith says:

    Laura, tried to do a search for that 2008 BLM document but coming up empty. Do you have a copy you could email me or have a link?

  10. jan eaker says:

    There was a mustang mare for sale on DreamHorse that had gone through a Mustang Makeover; you could watch her competition and training videos; the adopter had paid $500, but for this person, the horse was still a “project” that required more training, the adopter was expecting a deadbroke horse and the mare wasn’t, so she was sold for less than what had been spent originally. There is another mustang I know of who will be resold, too much stallion for small children to be around, however, this horse’s new owners will be carefully screened, I can’t say the same for the first horse mentioned.
    there are mustangs on Dream Horse ALL the time, for free or little or no money, because people are not educated about horses in general and mustangs in particular, are attracted by the low cost, and it ends up costing the horse.
    The horses that have some handling have a much better chance of finding good homes than the horses that are plain-coated and wary.
    I have followed Canon CIty facility for awhile, one of the horses that was adopted in March had been on that site for over 6 months, so they hold onto their trained horses; also, it costs over $1000 for a saddle trained horse, so you know the people adopting are not sending them to the kill sale.
    I do know they evaluate horses as to trainablilty, I do not know what happens to the horses that don’t make it into the program.
    Another good program is Mantle Ranch, they start their horses, they are having their own adoption event later this month.

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