I have been told by someone that my last post is “over my head.” So here is a basic example… back to the Broken Arrow… those analogies have been relatively easy to speak to a greater protocol issue.

Definition (dictionary.com):


[ob-zur-vey-shuhn]  Show IPA

1. an act or instance of noticing or perceiving.

2. an act or instance of regarding attentively or watching.

3. the faculty or habit of observing or noticing.

4. notice: to escape a person’s observation.

5.an act or instance of viewing or noting a fact or occurrencefor some scientific    or other special purpose: the observation of blood pressure under stress.

Pick one BLM. Which one applies to daily observations by the BLM vet and onsite staff?

Foal pic dated 6/3/2010  Cat Kindsfather

Foal pic dated 6/3/2010 (Cat Kindsfather)

Email Dean Bolstad referencing this foal:

Examiner article here

“One foal had a cough and nasal discharge and was not feeling well. The veterinarian had administered antibiotics to this foal early Thursday morning before the tour started at 10 AM. Today,  (Friday) at 5 AM this foal was found in his pen deceased.”

Foal pic dated 6/10/2010

Foal pic dated 6/10/2010 (Elyse Gardner)

BTW this baby now has a name “Resurrection.”

Please remember Little Hope.

OBSERVATION by the BLM vet occurs daily… of what? Obviously the communication of specifics gets lost in this food chain.

OBSERVATION occurs on the range to create AML… oh yeah?

When your own internal reports say you can’t keep up and many districts can’t even get to the landscape! If the base of the “tower” is broken you need to fix the foundation first.

TOP to BOTTOM… broken, broken broken. Because the start point for policy sets the shape.

MORATORIUM before ANY dialogue of “New Direction.”


34 thoughts on “Observation?

  1. jan eaker says:

    “OVER YOUR HEAD”?????? says who????? you report what you observe, you are not judgemental, you observe and then ask questions based on your observations;
    also, it helps that you care, and empathize with these horses, which seems to be another lack from BLM.

  2. Over whose head? Yes, the end of the roundups and the beginning of the new era of science with data collected in a manner that will gel with all areas. One methodology to make all the information work together to give us real stats for real problem solving. Wouldn’t that be something?? Otherwise we go out and get the info and add our two cents anyway. mar

  3. savewildhorses says:

    Is this the 2nd foal to die of this respiratory ailment? Or is this that first one that was found dead the next day after the vet finally began treating it? Cat Kindsfather has a photo of a foal with the caption coughing profusely. I hope this is not the same one who should have started to been treated over a week ago.

  4. savewildhorses says:

    The coughing foal in Cat’s photo is 0025. I hope he isn’t the one.

  5. Laura Leigh says:

    Ok… the foal photographed with Bolstad present, not the heavy breathing buttermilk, but the dark snotty nosed baby… is the one Dean said was given antibiotics and then was found dead.

    Obviously the baby is not dead!

    We have no idea what foal the vet is referencing… just like the vet with Little Hope. The treatment (vet report) did not match the conversations. It did not match the photos.

    And for the sake of argument, if there was miscommunication on identity than the reference that “two foals” were treated implies inadequate care because more than two foals are sick.

    Who died? That information has been sucked into the black hole of the BLM.

    We have no idea how many youngsters actually die at the Broken Arrow. We have no idea because they don’t record them.

    AND in all honesty how can anything they claim to actually document be trusted…. from deaths, vet reports to range data.

    BLM people keep talking to me about fostering a sense of “trust.” I keep saying… gimme something to trust.

  6. jan eaker says:


    Nearly all horses have gained weight and regained their health. Nursing mares and yearlings are on a high nutrition diet while all other horses in adequate body condition are on a maintenance diet. Approximately 10 of the earliest born 2010 foals are noted with upper respiratory disease. They are being monitored and treated as necessary. (see attached Upper Respiratory Veterinary Report). Eighteen Calico geldings were transported to the Carson City Prison for gentling and training. They will be made available for adoption during the October 9, 2010 adoption event located at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. Also, 25 Calico horses of adoptable age were transported to Great Falls, Montana, for a weekend adoption event that takes place on June 11-12, 2010. Mares are still foaling, but births are fewer and intermittent. No miscarriages occurred. One gelding (#1011) which underwent cryptorchid surgery several weeks earlier was euthanized due to poor body condition

  7. jan eaker says:

    Laura, thank you, i wanted to post it and I didn’t make sure that I clarified that this was an “official” BLM update, not mine.
    I hope this leads to a better life for the ones who have gone to training.
    I’ve been checking the internet site to check on pictures of the Calico horses, they’re not up yet, but all the horses that weren’t bid on are off that site, god knows where they will end up.

  8. savewildhorses says:

    The horses shipped to Montana for an adoption event–what happens to them after the event? Do they travel around to various adoption events accumulating strikes, or do they come back to Palamino? My heart goes out to those poor horses shipped around the country like a travelling circus.

  9. jan eaker says:

    If not adopted they will go to 2 more events, they didn’t come from PV, they came from Fallon, and they won’t go back; if they get 3-strikes, they will go to LTH or be sold, for $25.

  10. savewildhorses says:

    Just read Elyse Gardner’s blog. Seems a black mare (now foal-less) is trying to steal other mares foals. Was it her baby that was found dead after the vet gave it antibiotics? Could be. We’ll never know. She needs to get out of this pen pronto though. She is causing undue stress.

    • sandra longley says:

      I have pointed this out about the buckskin mare..all mares not in foal or having lost foals need to be removed from the foaling pens..simple enough..not rocket science to figure this out..ask a breeder..obviously don’t ask a vet, or someone who has 40 years experience rounding up horses…what will that get you on a resume..a job pumping gas..The message has got to fallon..I guess we will never know if it was acted on.

      • savewildhorses says:

        I emailed also (my contribution to the daily snivel, as they call it).

        • cat Kindsfather says:

          After the interview, Dean called the vet and property owner to come and investigate the situation. We were told that the true mother was put into a hospital pen with her baby after the tour.

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      It is a buckskin mare that tried to steal the foal during the June 3rd tour @ Broken Arrow, hosted by Dean Bolstad. Channel Four news crew was there doing an interview of Dean that day. He was being interviewed directly across the alley from where this was taking place.

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Hi Cat…
        I think, but am not sure, that what they are saying is that the Kiger (buckskin) after being identified as a potential “baby stealer” needs to be removed.
        Same as the black apparently exhibiting the same behavior.

        A mare does not have to have a baby die to exhibit this behavior. We see it in other species besides horses. Due to the conditions the horses are in… it is not “rocket science” (love that phrase)… to be able to observe this and fix with ease.

        • cat Kindsfather says:

          Save the wildhorses 18:55, defines the mare as black. This is why I posted that it is a buckskin. I did not refer to it as Kiger, as John Neil apparently argued that it was not a kiger. Whatever!!!

          I am not aware of a black one exhibiting this behavior. I am there every tour now for 12 consecutive visits with 750 images captured per visit. I have not been informed by Elyse, or on her blog about a black mare. Neither has any other advocate pointed this out.
          Am I missing something?? Perhaps I am. Please advise if so.
          Thanks Laura.

          P.S. I think that very little about any of this is over your head. Your head is holding a big brain, with the mass portion of it…..in FULL USE!!! I admire your intellect and your tenacity, along with your sensitivity and humanitarian soul. Stay on it girl……

          • savewildhorses says:

            It is posted today on Elyse’s Humane Observer blog. Definitely a black mare this time. Chasing two different mama’s and babies. I will post a link.

          • Laura Leigh says:

            Yes, there was a second horse exhibiting the same behavior… she was a black.

            The reason BLM personnel do not like to call the Kiger marking a “Kiger” is that they insist it is a “showcase” herd type or some crap.

            “The Kigers were developed by the Bureau of Land Management”

            They (research the original “they” sometime, BLM guys) created the concept that it was a unique herd, not marking. They created a “breed registry” and the rest is history marked in $ signs.
            Kiger is a marking pattern that appears in many areas. If you pull DNA from that mare she would test just like one that came from Steens.
            It is a marketing ploy.

            Keep calling her a Kiger… she is classically marked.

            Thank you very much for the compliment. But most days I feel like I have the word “inadequate” written on my forehead. This issue is a literal house of cards 10 stories high.

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      No that was not her baby, the one who died the day after receiving antibiotics has been named “Rusty”. The foal that was trying to be highjacked by the buckskin, is named “Junebug” The buckskin mare has been named “Wishful” and I am now going to name Junebug’s mom, “Lucky”. I call her Lucky, as advocates noticed her dilemma, and due to our pleas to Dean, she and her baby were rescued to a private hospital pen.
      Naming is to honor them and also makes for easier indentification. The foal that was starving and euthanized shortly after the tour on May 16th, was named “Sorro” by Elyse, and “Little Feather” by me. Other foals in the past were “One day” that was euthanized after the tour by John Neil due to broken femur, and the one Laura named “Hope” , had his hooves run off by the evil bird that chased him relentlessly for miles and into the traps. Laura has posted the details from this sad and horrible time in her past blogs. I think there were two unfortunate foals that had their hooves separate from the bone, due to the roundup.

      Also, there is some question now as to whether or not Wishful even had a baby as she had no milk!! It is quite possible that even Soro, aka, Little Feather, was stolen by Wishful and is why it may have starved, hopelessly trying to nurse in an impossible situation. We will never know…….

      • Laura Leigh says:

        That is what we are saying… that the impression that a mare had to have lost a baby to be a “baby stealer” is not correct.
        The Kiger (buckskin) was most likely not Sorro’s mom nor a mom to any in that pen. If she had been mom to one removed as an assumed orphan we wont ever know.

        The horse in the pic with the snotty nose that was on Elyse’s blog (I believe you called him Rusty) was found in one of Elyse’s photographs last Thursday… She has now nicknamed him “Resurrection.” (for obvious reasons)…

        I am going to do a post from Denver on the adoption event… if you want to post a link here to your flicker page as a preview?

        The fifteenth is the last day to notify BLM of a tag # for internet adoption. I know you are making a section that has tags visible….
        : )

  11. jan eaker says:

    have you added #1099? or the number of the sweet boy Elyse filmed as he was bing processed, I don’t remember his number, he was a little bay horse.

  12. cat Kindsfather says:

    Laura… I copy you on the foal thief story. Some mares are serial…..

    FYI, Elyse named the snotty boy RUSTY, not me! I never gave him a name.
    I accepted the name she gave him, which she said was Rusty. Also, two of the images of the snotty nose baby that died, that are on Elyse’s blog, are my photographs. Craig and I pointed this baby out to everyone. The cropped one that shows the extent of discomfort and infection in his nostrils, is my shot, and the one standing and eating next to his mom is also photographed by me. I think Rusty fit his coloring. Whatever she wants to call him is fine with me. The important issue is that he is gone and could he have been saved. Also the concern for others that came in contact with him.

    Thanks again Laura… : ) Be sure to get some rest…

    I am promoting adoptions on my flickr photo stream, and tags numbers are posted. I am working now to get more up there. Also, surfing my photo stream may provide some more horses that could still be available. The new ones are horses that were seen on the final tour, June 10th.
    My user name on flickr.com is … artattackcat ~ Cat Kindsfather
    Also, if you google my name, you will find a link there to my photo stream o flickr.com.

  13. cat Kindsfather says:

    P.S. Rusty was not just haphazardly discovered in Elyse’s photographs post tour! As I said, Craig Downer and I saw him and alerted Elyse and others to come and see him. I took several images and Elyse asked me for permissions to use some of them on her blog. Just for the record….

  14. cat Kindsfather says:

    My icon image on my photo stream, is of #1099 kissing me, or me kissing her. I titled it… “The Kiss”
    It is my most favorite photograph ever taken of me!! ( Photo by Val Dutter) This image can also be seen on my photo stream on flickr.com. Everyone loves 1099. I also, would love to adopt her. She was not seen on the last tour and we fully expected to see her near the fence where she always comes to see us. This was the worst tour as far as ambiance goes. Worse things have happened on the tours, of course. Back to work!! See ya….

  15. cat Kindsfather says:

    Thanks Laura, you too. Just getting facts straight.

    By the way, I love Elyse’s documenting video of Wishful, intimidating Lucky and Junebug. She was terrorizing that baby! The audio capturing the background activity, adds to the real life drama. Good work on her part to bringing this event to life for others. I imagine every one has viewed this, but if not, its a must see.

  16. cat Kindsfather says:

    Thanks Laura,

    This is a link to my photo stream, and the specific image I love, “The Kiss”. You can surf around to see all images. I think if you click on my icon, it should to you to the most current postings, or first page. Thanks Laura!

    The Kiss

  17. Linda says:

    Re: “Showcase/Distinctive Herds”. ALL the wild horses are crossbred to one degree or another. Who crossbred many of them? The RANCHERS. Shot the stallions and introduced new stallions with bloodlines chosen to “improve the breed”. If they’re “mongrels”, who made them that way?

    Certain herds may display particular characteristics that should be preserved to the degree possible, but that doesn’t make ANY wild horse superior to any other, or more deserving of life and freedom.

    • savewildhorses says:

      I agree. I do not like this idea of treasured herds the BLM is starting to talk about. I am afraid only famous herd’s like Cloud’s will be targeting for safekeeping. All of the remaining few wild horses should be considered treasured at this point.

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