Letter Requesting Observation continue

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Today was the last scheduled tour of the BLM Broken Arrow facility.

At the start of the tour Elyse Gardner presented John Neil, acting BLM manager of The Broken Arrow, a formal request from the advocate community to allow visitation at the facility to continue.

Elyse Gardner reading letter to John Neil (Val Dutter)

Elyse Gardner reading letter to John Neil (Val Dutter)

Text of the letter and original signers.

June 10, 2010
Bureau of Land Management
The Broken Arrow facility
John Neill, Contract Officer Representative/Manager
15780 SR445
Reno, NV 89510

Dear Mr. John Neill,

At this time we make a formal request that public observation be allowed to continue of any and all horses and burros at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) facility named “The Broken Arrow” located in Fallon, Nevada.

As these horses are managed for the American people by the BLM, we believe it is within our rights to continue to have access to them and therefore respectfully make this request.

Submitted by:

Elyse Gardner
Humane Advocate Observer representing the undersigned:

The Cloud Foundation, John Holland (President, Equine Welfare Alliance ), Vicki Tobin (Equine Welfare Alliance), Deiniz Bolbol (In Defense of Animals), Laura Leigh (Project Manager, Herd Watch), RT Fitch, Terry Fitch, Front Range Equine Rescue, Theresa Batchelor/Robert Batchelor  (Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.), Debbie Coffey , Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition, Craig Downer (Wildlife ecologist), Val Dutton, Cathy Kindsfather, Janet Eaker, Kathleen Eskridge, Deborah Goad, Morgan Griffith, Sandy Hamilton, Jerry James, Joan Leachman, Joyce Lindsey, Robert Lindsey, Robert Lipsky, Dr. Ann M. Marini, Pam Nickoles,Valerie James-Patton, Rob Pliskin,  The Rescue Friends, Lynne Simari, April Tate, William Tate, Vernon Tate, James Walls, Dr. Mark Walls, Marilyn Wargo, Barbara Warner, Pate Warner, Winnie Wong

added: Susan Rolfe, Anne White, Carol Garden-Poole, Carryl Edwards, Maureen Harmonay, Jennifer Alford,Carol Walker, Sandra Longley, Laura Weiner, Sabrina Pelletier, Roxanne Hale, Rebecca McCue, Jennifer J Gage, Terry Watt, Jane Bravery Schwartz, Donna Buscemi, Sunny Bass, Suzanne Moore, Sherry Oster, Diana Kunce, Darcy Grizzle, Syd Marcus, G.G., Diane Marcus, Lori Schmidt, Becky Mitchell, Constance Sweitzer, Ernest Sweitzer, Marilyn Kamna

This letter was written yesterday. I will add the signatures received that missed the early morning cut off, not much time to “get the word out.”

If you would like to sign on to this letter please send an email, including name, city/state and telephone number for verification to:


BTW some of the spam being sent is rather entertaining…

A copy will be given to the district manager of the facility during the Denver workshop. (The letter, not the spam).

Cat using Val as a desk to add her name (Elyse Gardner)

Cat using Val as a desk to add her name (Elyse Gardner)

Val using Elyse as a desk (Cat Kindsfather)

Val using Elyse as a desk (Cat Kindsfather)

Good-bye for now… to the horses of the Calico Complex.

The following photos (in this post) courtesy of a very tired Cat Kindsfather….


31 thoughts on “Letter Requesting Observation continue

  1. Gloria Picchetti says:

    I don’t understand why a phone number must be on the letter. I give my numbers to no one.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Right now the telephone number is being used to verify names I am unfamiliar with, they are not added to the letter.

      If anyone has the time to transfer the letter to a petition site email me and let me know.

      I did not realize the number of readers to the blog.

      • Suzanne says:

        I just sent a request to be included. Sorry to be late. I was up late last evening finishing that hellish webform on the BLM site. It gave me a serious headache.

  2. Gloria Picchetti says:

    I copied the letter to mail it myself as from me. Sorry it was not presented with the group.

  3. jan eaker says:

    glad to add my name, wish there was more to do, did you have a chance to read MP’s prposal she will present in Denver? just wondering what you thought.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I think fundamentally most of us are on the same page… no matter what some others might think. Or even portray…

      Each one has a specific area of concern (inherent in such a large, complex issue).

      Yet each one (advocate) fits together and raises questions that deal in an very cohesive fashion if the “big picture” is looked at.

  4. Anna says:

    no more daily updates? wow some transparancy; RHETORIC!
    (BLM corrals are the worst horse corrals I have EVER SEEN !
    not even delapilated phoney rescues look as bad as the BLM!

    foals do not know where the Hay is; and they wander aimless!
    (not knowing Sandord is aiming his “darts and pellets at them

    I guess Prez. Obama is the only one to stop this for GOOD ! A.

  5. Anna says:

    pps hate to be a bother but…if you scroll to the 6th pix; of the 3 mustangs lying down;

    you see the Mustang on the left; the way this mustang has her “front hooves tucked under her chest; and her back legs look weak and non coordinated ?

    this is a scientific sign of “malnutrition; Veteranarians can diagnose certain conditions by observing “body postures;

    this mustang is not merely resting my freinds; she is sick !

    AND NO ONE WILL ATTEND TO HER; and God Forbid if this Mustang can stand up and hobble to the Hay Railings?

    believe me; the BLM will NOT bring a bale of Hay to them!

    that is cruel to leave sick mustangs in sandlots with no hay!



    • jan eaker says:

      WOW! You can tell all that from a photo!?!

    • Becky says:

      I was there on June 10th. I personally saw all three of the mares lying down. I saw all three girls at the feed. The one that you think is malnourished is fine. I have interest in adopting her. I did not feel she was sick or in any danger. I have looked at her moving and she had no problem with her legs or way of moving. So no worries for these three mares. Becky

  6. cat Kindsfather says:

    There is plenty of hay for them to eat. This is not an issue. The hay is placed within their reach in a feeder bin just outside of the fence. They put their head through it to eat. I don’t think any of the observing advocates have ever stated that the horses were not being fed. This is a system that seems to work better for the horses than others, as hay would be dispersing in the sand in the pens.

  7. jan eaker says:

    Also, the babies learn where the hay is from their moms,

  8. cat Kindsfather says:

    It was a sad day, and as for me, Dean Bolstad was sorely missed on this farewell tour.
    He works with advocates for the horses, and shows a sensitivity to us and the horses, that I did not feel this time.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hi Cat… surprised to see you up this early. I know you were up very late… yet it must have been hard to sleep.

      I am working on the next post… the one we spoke of.

      (hug) to you.

  9. cat Kindsfather says:

    Hi Laura!! Thanks, I fell asleep in the easy chair, waiting for all the other images to load up! Realized I wanted to send more to you and would need to do that before I can rest again, which I am about to do now. Exhausted!!
    Have a great day and blessings be with you. Thank you for the letter and efforts to gather signatures. We should be able to visit our horses where ever they have been forced to reside, if we cannot view them in the wild as preferred.

  10. cat Kindsfather says:

    Plenty to Eat

    Calico horse eating hay….

    Laura, if a specific photo does not appear here, please delete this post.

  11. sandra longley says:

    Thanks to you all for everything you have done and had to endure to get us word and photos of our friends..without you where would we be or them for that matter..you have shouldered a burden for us all..

  12. sandra longley says:

    Did anyone notice whether they had removed the bucksin mare from the foaling mares pen?

  13. This will all have to change and this means solving problems. Please keep working on behalf of the wild ones. Do not stop the campaign for the Moratorium or for ROAM or to get the roundups stopped… please keep fighting and telling your friends and neighbors what is happening. Stay in touch with these people and keep requesting to have observers allowed into the facility to see these horses.

    Keep fighting for the wild ones on their ranges and for the captives. We are about to get swallowed by the whale… mar

  14. LoriProphoto ... Lori Schmidt says:

    I tried to send an e-mail earlier this morning to be included as a signature on the petition but the e-mail was returned undeliverable. Could you confirm the e-mail address if it is not too late.
    Lori Schmidt

  15. Darcy says:

    Laura, please add my name also

  16. Jo De George says:

    If my name can get on the list, I would be grateful.

  17. cat Kindsfather says:

    RE: the buckskin mare, don’t think any of us saw her, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t there.

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