More info Utah

Article on the Utah Hearing and information pertaining to some of the areas.

If you can go, please attend.

I realize that there are so many issues to deal with as the core issue (round ups without real scientific reasoning) continue full steam ahead.

If a dialogue were truly open toward fixing a program that doesn’t work, they would stop current protocol.

We have the Denver workshop, the Twin Peaks tour (scheduled during the Denver workshop), visitation at the Broken Arrow closing to the public, issues of long term holding and sale authority, the “adoption” events around the country and the Calico horses heading to the block.

And please don’t forget Owyhee is slated to start July 1 in Nevada. See in your minds eye the babies being born at the Broken Arrow being chased by helicopter in the desert heat…

Please attend if you can.

Wild Utah baby (Laura Leigh)

Surface Pipeline/Winter Ridge (Laura Leigh)

Pipeline/Winter Ridge (Laura Leigh)

Nothing out there but extraction (Mar)

Click Below for Map pdf BLM website

Winter Ridge HA EA 2010



3 thoughts on “More info Utah

  1. cat Kindsfather says:

    Laura, thanks for updates and reminders. I will be at the final tour and maybe Twin Peaks tour. Are you going to Denver? Also, The Cloud Foundation fundraiser is tomorrow night in SAC , Ginger speaking.

    Thanks for posting the beautiful foal. I can’t bear to think of the little ones being chased by the demon bird. How the hell can we stop them?

  2. savewildhorses says:

    haunting video.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The experience of seeing them wild v. seeing them captive is haunting… every minute of every day.

      And seeing the reasons first hand… cattle and extractive industry and having to look really hard for even a sign of a horse in many areas…

      I don’t think anyone took the info to the meeting.
      I can’t be everywhere… I can’t afford it.

      Enough complaining… onward.

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