Twin Peaks Info

Twin Peaks Tour info HERE

Discussions in the Comments lead to placing this info in a post.

If you can go email:


in Salt Lake on June 9 is a meeting on helicopter use in Utah.

More info coming on this asap.


5 thoughts on “Twin Peaks Info

  1. sandra longley says:

    Thank you, barring the unforseen..I will make arrangements to be there..I probably can’t make it to there any roundups or other things in nevada that need checking on while you guys are in denver?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There is a small bait trapping gather right now in Bordo.

      July 1 starts Owyhee with 620 on the slate.
      Adjoining is Rock Creek with 527 start date 7/19.
      So crews will go from one HMA to the next.
      (both in NV.)

      Winter Ridge and Hill Creek start 7/18.
      Both in Utah, both HA’s so they are “zeroing” those areas out.

      Remote… and all the babies you have seen born at Broken Arrow reflect what is happening in the wild. Think about that …

  2. sandra longley says:

    The main reason I want to go on this tour is to bear witness to the propaganda..remember the “guided” tours before the calico..where they exhibited water holes destroyed by horses??..I wouldn’t be surprised if they through me under the bus..LOL..there is a potential lawsuit and/or comprise deal going on here that i am involved in and have to work everything around that

  3. Linda says:

    One more endless document managing HMAs for everything but the horses. The sentence on Page 5, 1.1, Background Information, sums it up for me: “The predominant land uses within the HMA are livestock grazing, wilderness recreation, and general recreation including hunting.” How does this square with “multiple uses”? The horses and burros aren’t even in the picture on land set aside to “protect” them!

    I was never very good at math, but doesn’t a 520 AML on 789,852 acres mean about 1/2 of 1% of Twin Peaks is being allocated for wild horses and burros? They’re the last priority on every list. No “multiple use” protection for them. “Protect EVERYTHING ELSE from the wild horses!” is the BLM credo.

    This is such CRAP!

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