Her name is “Wind”

One of my readers, that at this time is remaining anonymous, has adopted a three-strike mare.

Read her story HERE.


14 thoughts on “Her name is “Wind”

  1. savewildhorses says:

    I have been thinking about this 3 strikes clause and it causes me distress that this in now part of the mustang lexicon–a 3 strikes mustang. If the BLM is only able to adopt out approximately 3500 mustangs per year and there are over 36,000 in long term holding, this means that 90% of America’s mustangs are 3 Strikes. Is that correct? Everything they do is antithetical to the spirit of the law that is supposed to protect them. If they round up horses, there should be no expiration date on them. Otherwise leave them be.

    And bless any and everyone who adopts a 3 Strikes mustang.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      This is actually one of the excuses BLM is using to reduce AML.

      “AML needs to be brought down to the level the adoption program can support.” Gene Seidlitz when talking about the Salazar plan.

      How is that for a$$ backwards logic?

      The whole plan was devised out of fear of ROAM. ROAM has lost public “sight” buried under the layers of constant “full steam ahead” issues of the current protocol.

      “New direction?” gimme a break!
      Until a moratorium is called the concept of “new direction” is a smoke and mirrors game.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Three strikes is an interesting concept when a captive born baby goes sale authority by the time she is a yearling….
      This is one of those “happy” stories….

  2. savewildhorses says:

    That logic is completely backasswards. Does Gene realize how idiotic that statement is? It makes no sense at all. Round ups should be in line with how many horses they can adopt out. And right now they have a backlog of 36,000 and 47,000 by end of fiscal year in October. They are the archetypal animal hoarder! And Jim Baca is the only one who has said something logical–why buy land in the midwest when we already own the land in the West?
    Sorry, but the only thing the BLM and WH&B program know how to do is round up more and more horses, stick them in a feedlot and feed them hay. There must be a moratorium on round ups. There is no other solution right now.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      And they only use the phrases: “Management and Multiple use.”

      They forget: “protect as wild and integral.”

      Then they say they are “mandated to gather.”

      They are not.

      They are mandated to protect and manage.

      The truth is they continue to destabilize wild populations to keep a mechanized gather machine of contracts (including holding facilities) operational.

      There is no single methodology database that remotely resembles management of wild populations.

      They dance around the GAO with this “new direction” workshop as they run pedal to the floor on policy that does not work toward the actual mandate. With no real accountability except what the public demands through things like the “daily snivel.”

  3. jan eaker says:

    Laura, I was just thinking about that, what a “cottage” industry is supported by BLM, and ergo, by us as taxpayers: the roundup contractors, the short term contractors; the hay suppliers, the vet(s), the wranglers, the long term contractors, and whoever else is employed, plus ALL the BLM “wild horse specialists” (what exactly do they do and what do they specialize in?????) it’s insane!!!!! so, the younger geldings and fillies will be trucked all over America, to adoption events, and all the older horses will be “sale authority” horses, going for $25 a head; once the younger horses have gone through 3 adoptions, they are gone, somewhere. It’s a terrible fate for all these beautiful horses, because the figure from the over 2000 horses at Fallon, about 400 are being readied for adoption, some to PV and the rest to points in AMerica.
    What a travesty!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Oh and don’t forget that the older horses normally sale authority ($25.00) that the advocates are interested in will go to a competitive bid so they can drive the prices up.
      Those horses, I have found out, are NOT considered adoptions but “competitive bid sale authority.” So NO protections of adoption. Just an opportunity to make advocates fill out more paperwork, provide the BLM with our social security numbers and ream us for as much money as they can.

      If a private business attempted such a practice under the law there is another name for it besides “sale.”

  4. Linda says:

    Has “competitive bid sale authority” been used before, or is this make it up as you go along? I hadn’t heard the term until now.

  5. jan eaker says:

    Yes, Laura, I think you are right, Conquistador, a 19 year old stallion at the time, brought the high price of $2500, as there was someone else bidding against TCF, he wasn’t the only one that brought quite a higher amount than $25. Matt has the list on one of his older Pryor MT. posts, in fact, I don’t think any of the sale authority horses were sold for just $25.
    BLM knew there was high interest in those horses, knew TCF wanted those horses, and made money out of the deal.

  6. jan eaker says:

    BLM recognized a gold mine in Cloud and his herd, the adoption figures from that adoption include:

    yearlings for $1000, 1400 ,1200, 1800, Image, Cloud’s grandson-$1600;
    most of the sale authority horses were $60, 1-$800, a 10 year old mare- 450, a 14 yr old-400, and Conquistador-$2500.
    57 horses were sold/adopted, w/ most above the initial adoption of $125/$25 sale authority

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Right… they are expecting the same thing here.

      Isn’t it funny that horses that the BLM has not mentioned in it’s “showcase” status… all of a sudden have a higher price tag because advocates have shown interest?

      And if we don’t “play” the older horses are still sale authority, no protection and cheaper than at a kill lot.

      • jan eaker says:

        I know, it’s a rotten system, as soon as they find out there’s interest in certain horses, the $$$ start dancing in their eyes! It’s a shame,
        AND, God Bless ANYONE reputable who adopts ANY mustang right now, just to clarify, you are not adopting 3-strikes horses, you are buying them, immediate title, immediate disposal, bad thing,

  7. Anna says:

    anna here:
    just out of curiosity…

    “who actually pockets the cash from the Adoptions and Sales?
    the BLM should not be able to “recycle cash to themselves; they already get paid hefty salaries for running the program

    There should be created a Special Wild Horse and Burro Fund; held by Congress; where the money from any Adoption and or Sale go into the Mustang and Burro Fund;

    the money would be used to buy land for Preservation and Reservation for Mustangs and Burros; only Congress does this
    ps it should be ILLEGAL to Sell a Mustang or Burro ! imo; A.

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