Wild Horse Holiday

Spent the day with the wild horses.
Just sharing a picture to bring you a smile at the end of a long weekend.
I’ll write when I get back to “civilization.”

5/31 Wild Horses

Wild Horses 5/31


4 thoughts on “Wild Horse Holiday

  1. cat Kindsfather says:

    Sweet!! Thanks for sharing this. Awesome seeing them in the wild, no bars!!

    Have a wonderful time with them. I am visualizing our beloved Calicos with this same sort background. NOT giving up….

  2. Linda says:

    Your photo of these three beautiful and peaceful wild horses has made my day. Safe travels.

  3. Jan Eaker says:

    good to see the free horses and YOU having a relaxing visit with them.
    take care,

  4. Mary Cooke says:

    OMG! They are beautiful !!!!!

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