Palomino Valley Stallion Update

I am back in the field so this update will be brief.

Just received word from Dean Bolstad that the stallion issue has been dealt with.
Another water source was added and there was no rush to the source indicating no urgency. The stallions must have gotten determined… and successful after we left.

Yes, there were mares on the other side of the fence and they are being removed.

Dean informed us that the stallions were video taped to show that the behavior witnessed was not continuing. Due to the holiday observers could not visit the facility.


NOTE: I’m adding portions of a comment from Lisa Reid into the body of my post as I did not get to my blog until this am.
She includes a very well documented timeline.

But I do feel the need to also add another reminder that this is the second time an attempt was made to address issues with these horses at PVC. A simple “Thanks, we will check it out,” and then a bit of follow-up would alleviate the need for communication to occur in this manner at all.

We were told the facility was closed for the holiday weekend as we arrived Friday an hour and fifteen minutes before closing. At that time we were told we had fifteen minutes to see the horses and we needed to go.

Thank you, Lisa.

Portion of Comment: Lisa Reid

I just wanted to follow up with you and others what happened today since there was no one there from this group to update the concerns you are discussing.

I was notified last night that there were concerns that the palomino horse was guarding the water source in the Calico stud pen. So first thing upon my arrival (approximately 7:50 am), I located the pen as this was my first time to PVC since these horses arrived. What I observed at approximatley 8:10 am on my first observation is that the studs were quietly feeding. No footage taken at this time.

I revisited the pen at 9:25 am, this time taking my flip camera and recording my observation. What I observed this was the pinto stud at one set of feeders and the other studs including the palomino still feeding. No one at water trough.

I revisited at 10:20, this time I found the horses still feeding and no one near the water trough.

I think this is about the time that Sue called.

At 11:15, I revisited the pen to find the palomino stud standing on the small hill located near the water, but it didn’t appear that he was guarding the water source, he just seemed to be standing there dozing. The pinto stud was still in the same location with the other studs still feeding.

At 12:15, I revisited the pen to find the palomino next to the water trough with all the other studs still in their same proximity.

As I said I would do….if I thought there was concern then I would address it. In keeping my promise, the wrangler and I took a water trough and placed in on the opposite side of the pen, near the feeders and a water spickit, primarily to see if the other studs would rush to get water or what. I did not want to leave without seeing at least one of the studs drink. While waiting for the trough to fill, it appeared that the palomino was placing claim on the mares located in a nearby pen which happened to be the same side the water source is located. Once the new trough was full, the truck was moved and we just watched the studs. After a few minutes, a roan walked over to the over-flow sniffed, then sniffed the trough, then walked away. About 15 mins later the roan walked back with 2 bays following. The roan did drink from the new trough but the 2 bays sniffed around then walked back to the feeders. I filmed the roan both times. The second time, when he drank, took about 2 1/2 minutes. I did notice the palomino stud watching but not concerned. The wrangler and I finally left the pen about 1:30 pm.

First thing tomorrow morning (by 8:00 am), the wrangler will move the nearby mares hoping to eliminate any more concerns.


4 thoughts on “Palomino Valley Stallion Update

  1. Jan Eaker says:

    Yes, thank you Dean, he has shown to be willing to have open dialogues with you, and I appreciate that, why others have to act like everything must be a big secret, or our concerns are just too stupid to get a decent response is beyond me.

  2. savewildhorses says:

    Thank you Laura and Dean! Lisa Reid, not so much.

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