This guy has been on my mind an awful lot…


I had two hands on his face… he’s ready for a home.



14 thoughts on “6171

  1. Linda says:

    No tension, no wild eye. He looks as if he wants to say, “Just love me.”

  2. Jan Eaker says:

    The link doesn’t work for me, he is deserving of a great new life, since his old one is gone forever,
    tae care, Laura, thanks for all the posts and all you do for these horses,

  3. Anna says:

    hello Laura:

    Is this Mustang @ Fallon or @ Palomino ? The BLM site says this Mustang is @ Palomino; yet; I thought you said you were @ Fallon; did you drive up to Palomino? curious in conn.

    ps there were no bids placed on this mustang; also curious as to why The Mustangs @ Palomino are “caked with mud!
    I asked BLM Palomino and they said; they cannot groom them

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Anne 82 horses were moved from Fallon to PVC. That is what the last few posts have been about.

      6171 is in a yearling pen at PVC looking for a home.

      No… they can’t groom these guys.
      They are wild horses.
      That is why my being able to put not one… but two hands on this horses face is an indication that he is ready to start working toward being handled.

  4. Anna says:

    oh I see; in other words; you were petting the Mustang @ Fallon; and then they moved this mustang up to Palomino;
    very interesting; so you could recognize him from the pix?

    I see the Blue Roan before was “adopted for about $400 !
    excellent news: why don’t they atleast wash the mustangs?

    are they short on water? don’t they have hoses; even in Zoos; handlers wash huge giant elephants with hoses; surely a small mustangs hooves could be washed off ? ! !
    the blm makes them look unattractive by not grooming
    Where does the mud @ Palamono come from ? curious; a.

  5. Anna says:

    ps I thought you said the Adoption was In July ! this is May !
    curious in conn. anna

  6. Anna says:

    oh I see…so they have a pre adoption internet; very interesting: I actually think all adoptions could be done over the Internet: WHY TRANSPORT THE AVAILABLE MUSTANGS all over the Nation by truck; Cross Country by trailer truck;


    This way the Mustangs would not have to endure transport !

    anyone know the difference between an auction and an adoption; is the internet auction only for certain people?

    is the internet auction a secret; as if people were just clamoring to adopt a mustang

    the blm doesn’t even hose their hooves from mud? wild !

    and they say the mustangs are wild ? its counterproductive to not groom them with atleast a washing of the hooves

    because they look unkempt and not well kept !

    I have before and after pix of a mustang; big big difference

    my comment is; people keep saying; come on adopt a mustang if you want to help

    answer: how could I do that if I do not have money to room


    however; most folks do not have the funds or land

    but just because I cannot adopt a Mustang at this point;

    doesn’t mean i do not want to adopt a mustang

    of course I want to adopt a mustang; who wouldn’t ? Anne

    something is just not right about the whole blm program !
    like they said the emaciated foal was nursing day before;
    they said that same thing about Hope the Foal ! “liars ! then they said; the emaciated foal could not stand up ?
    yet I have pix and video of the foal standing up and walkin’

  7. Jan Eaker says:

    I would LOVE to see them turn a hose on these horses, that would be a sight to see!!!!!!!

  8. Heather Ellisor says:

    I just thought who ever might like to know that 6171 made it all the way to South Carolina, where he found me and stole my heart away. He moved in yesterday and has stayed glued to my mare since he arrived. He is such a loving horse, you would never think he was ever a wild horse at one time. Today he got a sponge bath, because I wasn’t to sure how he’d react to a hose. And then after he dried we brushed him all out. What really surprised me was that he already knows to pick his feet up to get them cleaned. I’m already in love with this horse. I’d like to thank anyone who has worked with him before and let you know that he’s in a safe and loving home now.

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