True in Trouble

Most of you know that I have been following General and his buddy Commander. General’s son True has absolutely stolen my heart.

The three of them were moved to Palomino Valley for the adoption event.

Even though back in January I was told that General and Commander were “sale authority” and I would “pull up my trailer, pay $25.00 bucks and then take them home,” they have now been slated for adoption.

Because I was interested in keeping these three together (they derive great comfort from each other) they were placed into the pen with Tomahawk and Lightening… and all the other horses people had expressed an interest in.

So when I learned they had been moved earlier than expected (we were told they would be moved some time in June) I went to see them right away. (We were told they were moved mid-week, I saw them on Saturday).

Commander and True both suffered injuries in transport.

Commander has blood on his right foot and was not bearing full weight.


True has injuries to three of his legs. His left leg has a gash from getting “hung up” on an object, (or something). The wound extends from just below his knee for aprox. 6 inches. The gash has an open wound aprox. 1 1/2 inches. At observation time it had not been flushed nor treated. On his right thigh (aprox. gaskin) is a puncture wound. His rear left had blood, I could not see the wound.


I was told True put up quite a fight…

The adoption event move was scheduled for June. I expected three sound horses needing no additional care. The original plans need to be adjusted to suit the new circumstance.

I am going to see him this morning… I may need your help.

Please DO NOT call Palomino Valley, please.

I am feeling sick about this today… just need some moral support.

I will post an update this afternoon.

Again… DO NOT call Palomino Valley.

I will be out there with True soon.


13 thoughts on “True in Trouble

  1. jan eaker says:

    whatever you need, let me know,
    i think BLM is anticipating another bidding war, to run up the price on these old gentlemen, like COnquistador of the Pryors,

  2. Laura Leigh says:

    Bidding war… on horses that would go un-noticed and land in long term. Because I saw an old stallion he now has a value he didn’t have.

    We should go take pictures of every old stallion.

    If no one bids would the horses go into sale authority or to another adoption event? That would create an interesting “definition.”

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    This is horrible !! These horses were not handled right at all.

  4. Morgan Griffith says:

    However they got to where they are now and however the injuries happened I will now send Reiki energy to heal them and to help the current situation come to the happy and sound resolution that is deserved. I like the idea of expressing interest in the older horses. Maybe we could stage “virtual” adoptions and tout “our” horse as the best of the best. Good luck and blessings we are all behind you.

  5. I feel sick about this, too. And very, very angry.

    Laura, please let us know what you need and we will find a way to help you help them.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Like Morgan said, Laura, at least they are where they’re going to be and you can see them and their wounds. The one that worries me is the puncture wound. I guess no one knows what he could have punctured it on?

    The other wounds sound more superficial, but still need attention and cleaning. I realize this is more of a problem with wild horses, but still, there must be SOMETHING.

    I will be SO glad when these horses are out of the hands of the BLM!

    You and True will be on my mind constantly until I know he – and YOU – are all right.

  7. Linda says:

    Laura, please know I am ready to help in whatever way I can. There are so many things I want to say about this travesty, but I refuse to let anger and negativity cloud my brain.

    I am sending the positive energy and righteous power of the Universal Spirit to you and these stallions. I may be a circle of one, but even one can receive and transfer the light when their purpose is true. I am also sending the light to those who may stand in your way, that their eyes and hearts will be opened to you and these horses.

    Peace, hope, and love,


  8. Suzanne says:

    Laura ~ Just took a better look at the wound on Commander’s pastern. From my own experience I know these pastern wounds don’t have to be deep to be VERY painful and hard to get healed. Not a lot of blood blood flow to lower leg. If possible, keeping something on it like Corona or Vaseline would help a lot.

    On the video, True’s wound looks like it could use stitches to minimize scarring – pretty deep. BUT, it’s below the knee and above fetlock, so no joint involvement. When my horse had a similar wound, was told Corona would help to heal without scarring. It healed without a sign of a scar, so maybe Corona did work.

    Don’t hesitate to tell us if you need help. I can’t come over with a trailer or anything, but I’ll certainly do what ever I can.

    (((HUG))) Give True a kiss from me.

  9. Diane says:

    Will be looking forward to an update and, hopefully, better news about True. Am new to this cause, but am willing to do what I can to stop this travesty. Thanks for your courage.


  10. Tara Bruning says:

    What a shame this has happened….Such beautiful mustangs and so very misunderstood….please see to it that they get the proper vaccines to protect against tetanus…they need to have any proud flesh removed.

  11. NVKate says:

    Let me know if you need any physcial help. I live less than two miles from PVC. I’m available most mornings.

  12. NVKate says:

    PS. Usually, I say “usually” leg gashes and cuts heal up pretty good.

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