Mouse (#1096)

So much is going on right now.

Personally I’ve been in the field gathering data, having meetings, visiting the facilities. Herd Watch is coming together with tremendous support and volunteers.

Somehing happened last week that deserved a bit of time to respond to…

On May 19 BLM listed another death to the daily update.

“A yearling gelding (#1096) was euthanized after he was found down in his pen; diagnosis fractured neck, cause unknown.” This death brought the BLM count to 90. (Does not count deaths of foals).

#1096 was the little guy named “Mouse” by the advocates.

Mouse (Craig Downer)

Mouse was just a little thing.

Mouse gave people a really hard tme during processing…. he showed he was “wild” at heart.

This week horses were moved from the Broken Arrow over to PVC for an adoption event.

On Wed. the BLM update says he was found in his pen with a broken neck. Often wild animals panic when pressed. If Mouse was being separated for loading, or others near him were, a yearling that demonstrated the “spirit” that Mouse had shown might run into a fence. That reaction from this little fella might be expected… particularly with the pressure used to move them.

But the BLM says he was “found” in his pen and lists no known cause for a fractured neck.

“A yearling gelding (#1096) was euthanized after he was found down in his pen; diagnosis fractured neck, cause unknown.”

YouTube by Elyse Gardner

Currently there is a bit of a “rift” about discussions deemed the “daily snivel.”

Advocates need to recognize the value of advocates. There is not one “way to be” that will carry the change needed. We all need to recognize the value that each one of us brings to the table.

This is a simple recognition of a wild horse yearling taken from his home this winter. He did not adjust to captivity…

The current system has no protocol for recognition of individuals that will not do well behind bars toward releasing them.

So this morning we take a minute to recognize his passing…


13 thoughts on “Mouse (#1096)

  1. savewildhorses says:

    My heart is breaking. And I think we know the cause of death; captivity.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    Another unnecessary and tragic death of an irreplacable, precious life.
    I don’t think we can imagine the horror that these horses are experiencing. All the loud clanking noises plus the shrill noise of the clippers alone are enough to scare these wild horses to death . No wonder they panic or die from stress.
    God bless Mouse and all the rest.

  3. sandra longley says:

    Every horse is in peril in these conditions..the weak the strong the old and the young and those that just get caught in the crossfire…The more horses in these pens, the more likely it is to occur..Life expectancy is decreasing with every day that passes..Anger is a natural it in a way that is the most likely to achieve the end of the roundups.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I knew it…. When I heard about the “yearling gelding,” I was SO afraid, and now my fears have been confirmed.

    Mouse is free again, romping with his buddies, who, like him wanted their freedom more than anything.

    Goodbye, Mouse. We love you. Go have fun with your friends.

  5. Janet Dufresne says:

    How can our Government justify this senseless inhumane abuse to these beautiful horses. They come from mountain ranges that’s quiet and have lots of room to move to sticking them in pens that don’t have enough room for them to move freely. We critisize the ringling bros. circus for their caging and yet here is the same horrors going on with what is supposed to be an OUR American Heritage that WE the Tax Payers are being forced to fund . Well I don’t want my taxes that I work so hard for to go to this kind of abuse. This is inhumane to the horses and unjust to the American Citizens.

  6. Jennifer says:

    My heart broke this morning when I read it was Mouse who died. I cried tears of great sadness for him. The politics of man is a killer of innocent precious life that has such value to those who see and feel the spirit of the mustang. How many more will die an unjust, tragic death? Senseless, so much pain and suffering all in the name of “saving” them from starvation. Such lies desvating healthly, happy and free herds. Good bye Mouse. I pray your spirit is free and moved on to running again on the range.

  7. Mouse was vulnerable and alone amid hundreds like himself in an unnatural world forced upon him. We looked for you, Little Guy. We were worried and the news of your loss is another story of the wild ones who have been put through hell by reckless management. The displacement of so many wild horses into this unnatural confinement will continue to take from them their lives and spirits unless we are able to stop this denial of responsibility and protection from BLM. If they do not want them then we surely do. Their lands are being swallowed by the lopsided ‘multiple use’ which denies the wild ones the primary considerations upon their own lands for their future. This has been all wrong and there is a reckoning due where these who are disenfranchised can be restored to dignity on their own lands. If it is impossible then we must change that to possible though the law. mar

  8. Jan Eaker says:

    NO< NO NO!!!!! Not this boy! not this way, he deserved to be free, he deserved a life,

  9. Tara Bruning says:

    Poor little lost soul…..

  10. cat Kindsfather says:

    I can’t seem to find words to express the heavy sorrow I feel. Mouse was such a cute little guy. I heard Elyse, and other advocates speak often of him with a special warmth and caring. Finally, some weeks ago, Elyse pointed him out to me, and he became one that I too looked for and noticed as a cute little favorite. Also, he was given the honor of a name, when so many have only a number tag. His spirit, his presence was known. His future we prayed for, ha ben taken away just like his freedom. It is a sorrowful shock to learn of his demise and know that we shall never lay eyes on him again.
    Goodnight Mouse. ❤
    I hope you are in a better place, with all the Calico horses and foals, that have gone to the spirit world too.

  11. […] Humane Observers and Herd Watch members Elyse Gardner and Laura Leigh have reported yet another death at the Calico wild horse concentration camp known as Broken Arrow […]

  12. Jan Eaker says:

    I am SICK to death of the people in DC, how the leagalese that ends up in the same result for the horses, HOW do we find someone who can actually do something about this tragedy and CHANGE things? I am SO frustrated, I wanted these horses to go back to their homes, now what will become of these beautiful animals?????

  13. Miss Denise says:

    Poor dear little Mouse, just doing what he was born to do….

    Death: Courtesy Salazar and the BLM

    Poor Gulf of Mexico

    Death: Courtesy Salazar and the MMS

    and not an ounce of change made to the U.S. Department of Interior. This will affect nearly every nation in our world.

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