The Bright Side

I’m in the field so updates are slow in coming.

I want to take just a minute to address more things beginning to circulate on the internet.

Folks… breathe. Keep the faith.

In my inbox are several emails that border on “panic” that address that the advocates are “not focused.”

Let me take a minute to address a few things here…

In Defense of Animal’s has created Action alerts that are well thought out responses that allow for personalization in a click and send format that create an easy way to comment on policy. Many of the alerts have created larger than normal response to issues that have allowed for little response time.

The magnitude of the Calico Complex gather has increased public awareness. The Pryor mountain round-up galvanized the wild horse groups and the anti-slaughter camps into one. Calico has gotten the attention of an even larger segment of the American public.

Out of this event an opportunity to educate through the outstanding reports created by George Knapp’s I-Team, coverage by CNN and what appears to be a willingness on the part of more mainstream journalists to approach this issue a bit differently has occurred.

March for Mustangs and the protests on American soil from NYC to LA have crossed the ocean to Europe.

Internet sites devoted to the preservation of our horses increase in volume and traffic.

The next Advisory Board meeting in Denver includes a “workshop.” Changes in the way the public participates have been long overdue.

The Tr-state Megaplex and the process in which protocol is being determined within that structure also indicate change.

Herd watch run through the Cloud Foundation is a massive national effort to create a database that will stand up to scrutiny.

AWHPC has been active in creating valuable reports that have gone to many that are beginning to listen.

So many… so many groups are working together.

Please take a minute to concentrate on the areas where progress is occurring and build on that. To allow yourselves to feel as if a disjointed misdirected effort is occurring, as we all give so much to this effort, will make you feel defeated. We are not defeated… we are not “misinformed.”

The advocates are more informed than ever before.

We have a lot of work to do no doubt. Areas to improve communication and the speed at which information is shared is seeing improvement. The wealth of diversity among the advocates is creating possibilities that did not exist in the past. From that diversity we will continue to grow…

This summer we have a lot of work to do. Many areas will need to be handled in unison. If the Moratorium remains unanswered many areas, many herds, will need us to continue to unite our voices.

Hang in there. Focus on the areas where we are making strides. And keep going…

“Keep speaking the truth from your heart,” Craig Downer.

Gotta Run…. more later.


6 thoughts on “The Bright Side

  1. Jan Eaker says:

    Thanks Laura, AGAIN, for good words and great thoughts, the “ususal” way of BLM doing business is NOT going to change overnight, but the nudges from America are getting harder and harder to ignore. Small as it may seem right now, change is in the wind, it is coming, it may not be even this summer, but what we are able to do THIS summer, may be enough to effect real change for our horses. I hope so.

  2. LindaH says:

    Thank you for the focused post. Sometimes we may lose sight of the fact of how much has been accomplished and how the voice and work of wild horse advocates has swelled in the past year. We have truth, popular opinion, and a lot of wonderful people, particularly you, in the front lines which keep us going forward–focused on the real issues, not the “trumped up” ones.

  3. Laura Leigh says:

    There are a lot of wonderful people that care about this issue.
    The value of the diversity of perspective should not be overlooked. So many groups doing what they can from the base of their expertise and resource… If we look at IDA, AWI, AWHPC, TCF… I could go on and on. When you step back and look at the big picture the “painting” is becoming more refined.

    Because of the complexity of the issue (all wild herds) often times the inclination is to become focused on one aspect in order to move that specific agenda. It is a position that becomes born from the nature of the issue. Yet when the efforts of each group and individual are put into the same “discussion” it becomes rather impressive.

    Change is never simple nor easy…. but it is inevitable. Effecting the direction of change is happening. This is a huge complex issue, but not impossible.

    If you even look closely at the “trumped up” issues they have their own agenda. There is a lot that can be learned by looking at the source, motivation and the objective of each. They are not illusions… perhaps smoke and mirrors… but each starts with a hand and a purpose.

    Back to work.
    : )

    • Suzanne says:

      Absolutely, Laura. Sometimes we just have to look at past history, and consider the source before we get all worked up. Personally, I think if something is working, why stop doing it? ;o)

  4. Anna says:

    comment: I used to live in Susanville Calif. and I know the sweet wildflower meadows; the tall graceful pine trees; the fast rivers; the good earth in the area of Susanville Ca.

    so imo to “have a round up of America’s Mustangs in Susanville; to take those mustangs out of “Paradise…

    and put them in “the sand pits of Fallon or Palamino would be

    MORE THAN I CAN BEAR SO I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO TAKE THE PIX; THE VIDEOS AND THE “whole shooting match the BLM inflicts on living mustangs by not providing enough Hay;

    and by making the hay feeder railings to tall to reach or too low…thus making the mustangs have to search sand for hay
    THIS IS TOO ILLEGAL ! I have never seen such illegality !

    so my plan is to go to my Rep. when I complile my report

    and hope and pray Congress shuts the Wild mustang and burro Program for good; including NO MORE HELICOPTERS

    “EVER ! (say those words the way the actress said in the movie Mommy Dearest when the Mother said to the child…

    NO MORE WIRE COAT HANGERS EVER ! (ya have to see flick

    so I say in that tone of voice to the BLM


    and to the blm: take your “3 strikes rule and “shove it pal !


    signed Anna White usa

  5. Anna says:


    to have the gov. or private individuals such as Willie Nelson; Madeline Pickens or Carlos Lopoloso (sp.) set up a complex

    of WILD MUSTANG PRESERVATIONS on a huge scale;



    EVER ! ! ! anna usa 1951

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