Quick post

I’m dealing with several projects (as usual) and have a bunch of stuff to post as soon as I “get it together.”

But wanted to pass two links on for thought…

BLM internet adoption

Mantle Ranch horses adoption going on now.

Only one horse currently has a bid.


Another death at the Broken Arrow.

“One yearling filly was found dead in her pen, cause of death unknown.”



6 thoughts on “Quick post

  1. jan eaker says:

    I saw both of these today, actually, there were 2 deaths reported this week, BLM death count is up to 82; also saw with interest the internet adoption site, no bids so far on the Mantle horses, the PV horses are a little oder age horses this time; I’m hoping more are bid on soon, aren’t these the horses that will be moved to make room for the Calico horses?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The “new” death was on yesterdays report… I saw the mare with complications earlier this week. The ones that always get me are found dead, no known cause. You know there was no necropsy.

      Yes… these are horses from PVC that need to be moved for the Calico adoption event.
      Note how many yearlings have “no bid.”

      And IF anyone is looking for a horse this beautiful girl was listed last event…

      If she doesn’t get adopted she will have “two strikes.”

  2. jan eaker says:

    I couldn’t get the link to go through:( i just checked the BLM update site today, so just saw the 2 new deaths listed; it would be nice to know why these horses are dying, especially the young ones.

  3. Anna says:

    BLM: One seven-year-old mare was euthanized due to foaling complications involving a prolapsed uterus and arterial hemorrhage…

    Anne: my opinion is: this is another “red birth delivery; where the “placenta precedes the fetus; what is supposed to happen

    the Vet. is supposed to rush over; and pull out the placenta; then the Vet. is supposed to pull out “the foal in bag; and pull the foal out; IF the foal is not pulled out; the mum and foal both perish; point being; Malnutrition causes this and stress…

    who knows why the filly died: I suspect Malnutrition; anne

  4. Anna says:

    And IF anyone is looking for a horse this beautiful girl was listed last event…

    I looked @ tge white mare and she is a true beauty; only one problem; why doens’t the BLM buy a hose and spicket and begin to wash down this poor girls mud caked legs ?

    Is that acutally “a slurry of wet straw and caked manure plastered over this girl’s hoof’s and ankles?

    doesn’t the BLM take any pride in the grooming of their Mustangs?

    so in other words; The BLM cannot even get close enough to the Mustangs to brush them or wash them down ?

    but they expect an oridinary citizen to train the Mustang?

    the point is: the BLM “destorys the physical beauty AND the spiritual beauty of the Mustangs by not caring for them as any other Equine owner in the us would;they a gov. agency!
    (just so ironice the Gov. is the worst mustang caretakers…)

  5. Anna says:

    I think the BLM is one of the worst run agencies in the USA ! @

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