Herd Watch ALERT

Please be aware that the ONLY way to donate to Herd Watch is through the Cloud Foundation website.


If you receive a request from anyone asking you to paypal to an email DO NOT send funds. Herd Watch will NOT receive them. Several e-mails have been taken: HerdWatchAdmin@gmail as well as others that ARE NOT associated with Herd Watch.

The ONLY email accounts are:



Please pass this on.


One thought on “Herd Watch ALERT

  1. Friends and volunteers please be careful and remind anyone you talk with about the Herd Watch effort that there are ‘pretenders’ and they are possibly up to no good. Always refer back to this website and The Cloud Foundation for making donations. Being on a shoestring budget is daunting and to think we have people out there who may be trying to cut into this frugality is very sad and pathetic. Otherwise Herd Watch welcomes your support and involvement and the season coming at us. Here’s to you all for caring about the wild ones and captives… mar

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