New Article (Gelding)

I have a new article on my Examiner page and a new video to illustrate the gelding process at the Broken Arrow.

Give me a “click” I need the gas $ to keep working. (Examiner works off clicks)


4 thoughts on “New Article (Gelding)

  1. Thanks Laura, you and Elyse are helping get us news quickly… BLM activities such as this must be shown to the best of your abilities. Any individual horse that suffers more than the others will likely not be helped if they will only give bute in an extreme case. These horses need strong immune systems which we know have already been compromised. The lack of a real observational presence places the public in doubt of the consequences of this activity as long as it is ongoing. We have not heard the truth often enough to be able to accept the horses are safe during this time. Too many are being put this and this is a huge detriment to any future of these horses. mar

  2. Anna says:

    I just watched the Gelding video and I am disappointed to see how the BLM does Castrations; they have got to be stopped; these should be not be done on young stallions;
    (or any stallions unless done in a clean stable or vet’s place
    one of the young stallions looks like he has swollen legs and privates; this is unacceptable;

    The nutrient known as “Thiamine Vit. B1can be adminstered to “reduce swelling; Thiamine draws the water away…and the mustangs excrete the water + vitamin
    (Thiamine B1 can be administered as “a shot; or a paste; they even have a Vitamin B1 paste adminsitered in the butt!
    how many times to I have to write the BLM to tell them this?
    why write letters whose words fall on “deaf ears?
    Sandford has no intention of making Mustangs lives healthy
    imo; anne

  3. Anna says:

    I guess my question is:

    Why doesn’t the Vet. geld the Mustangs while they are in the chute?

    wouldn’t that be alot easier? safer too so no Pigeon Fever bacteria in the soil

    gets into the fresh castration marks; God Save those Souls;(the Mustngs and Burros…luv anna usa 1951

    “let there be peace for the Mustangs; let it begin @ Calcio!

  4. Anna says:

    John Neill said: They are not fed 24 hours prior to the procedure to prevent gastric aspiration during the procedure…
    Anne writes: 24 HOURS IS A LONG TIME WITH NO HAY; I wonder if they get water during this time ?
    anne’s comment: this means that after Legacy’s castration; if he could not make the Hay for 24 hours; this means Legacy may not have eaten for up to 48 hours or longer: (24 hours of no feed by the BLM; and then another 24 hours of resting (weakness; and not making to the Hay…

    see what I mean ? so perhaps Legacy did not eat for up to 48 – 72 hours; “animal cruelty ! ! !
    I am waiting for reply from a Vet. about “withholding Hay; when I get my answer if this is necessary i will re-post; thx.

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