Sue Wallis anounces Feedlot

Got this from “United Organizations of the Horse.” Looks like dear Sue is preparing to open a feedlot under her 501 and she’s found a way to possibly get governmental funding under the guise of “horse welfare” to do it.

Almost every feedlot owner will sell horses to the public. They can get more money from you than they can in Canada and Mexico. Some feedlot owners actually “hook-up” with rescues and prey upon those of us that recognize the last chance a horse has to escape the ride to hell.

So Sue’s amazing plan is no “original” thinking to “solve a problem.” Her plan already exists in our world but without the sick sales pitch in Sue’s proposal.

US horse slaughter 2005 (Animals' Angels)

And it is a “ride to hell.” Any doubters out there I urge to show up unannounced at a facility and act like a pro-slaughter person either looking for meat or to turn over horses. You will NEVER support equine slaughter, ever. Even if you have no issue with the slaughter of  food animals equine slaughter (horses are NOT a regulated agricultural product in the US) will give you a knot in your gut that will never fade.

See GAIA video here. (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Animals Angels horse slaughter investigations here.

So Sue Wallis has figured out how to spin into a convoluted paper whirlwind to deceive the public and legislators and open a feedlot in the name of welfare.

It’s beyond “sick.”

Here is her press release.


April 24, 2010


Sue Wallis

307 680 8515 cell

307 685 8248 ranch

Unified Equine Programs Implementation Progresses

A suite of programs to facilitate the rescue of horses with any potential, rejuvenation of horses in poor condition, and humane slaughter for those past their useful lives, unsound, or dangerous will be starting up in the near future.

The United Organizations of the Horse and the United Horsemen’s Front are working with Wyoming state agencies, college and university equine studies programs, professional horse trainers, veterinarians, meat industry experts, potential customers, and with the guidance of Dr. Temple Grandin and her team at Grandin Livestock Systems to design and implement a humane system of horse slaughter including constant third party video auditing to ensure humane handling.

CHEYENNE – The United Organizations of the Horse held an Implementation Summit  on April 2nd that pulled together experts necessary to launch a comprehensive solution to help the horse industry start to recover, and to stop the suffering of horses. (see details in previous press release below). Now they are moving quickly to begin operations.

The organization is negotiating to take over ownership of the Cheyenne Stockyards facility which currently belongs to the Wyoming Livestock Board. This location, which was the original stockyards used to load livestock onto train cars, will be the intake and rejuvenation facility where donated horses, and abandoned horses in poor condition are provided veterinary supervised care, feeding, and supplementation to bring them back to health.

The Stockyards will also be the place where horses are individually evaluated to determine if they have any potential through extra training, or are suitable to be re-donated to youth programs, therapeutic riding programs, or similar situations. Horses with potential will be placed in appropriate training/marketing programs. The Equine Program at Laramie County Community College will be collaborating with the Unified Equine Programs, as will independent professional horse trainers, and other college programs.

Pregnant mares, mares with foals, weanlings, yearlings, and unsound horses that must be held for drug withdrawal periods before slaughter will be housed in Cheyenne until transportation to pasture is arranged.

Horses that are past their useful life, are unsound, or dangerous will be humanely slaughtered utilizing systems and procedures designed by Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University. Several existing meat processing facilities elsewhere in Wyoming are being evaluated for suitability and necessary retrofit to ensure the humane handling of horses.

“What we will be able to do,” says Dave Duquette, President & CEO of the educational and charitable nonprofit, the United Horsemen’s Front, that these programs will be housed under, “is guarantee every horse a good life. And, when appropriate, we will guarantee them a decent humane death that is quick and painless.”

Unified Equine Products – meat, hide, hair, byproducts – will be marketed through every available legal market. Under Wyoming state inspection the meat can be sold in Wyoming for human use, but cannot currently be shipped across state lines. Horse meat for pet food and zoo diets can and will be marketed nationwide under existing law.

“The horse industry nation-wide has taken a brutal hit since the closure of the U.S. horse slaughter plants,” says Ted Pierce, a Wyoming rancher, “what we are doing is coming up with a common sense solution working with veterinarians, equine professionals, and experts to the glut of unusable horses whose owners have no options.”

The horse industry was a 1.2 Billion dollar industry that employed 460,000 people working full-time with horses every day, and another 1.6 Million who worked in indirect occupations. Since 2007 when the horse slaughter facilities in the U.S. were closed, that industry has been downsized and is being liquidated to the point that it will be cut in half, a 50% downsizing, within very short order.

“At a time when many Wyoming towns and communities are experiencing 12-15% unemployment,” says Wyoming state legislator and leader of the United Organizations of the Horse, Sue Wallis, “our Unified Equine Programs will be creating new jobs and the promise of prosperity for those who make all or part of their living with horses.”

Those who are interested in helping with the implementation of the Unified Equine Programs, or donating to the cause are encouraged to contact the Cheyenne office or visiting the website.

Investment opportunities are also available to those who agree with the vision of the Unified Equine Programs.

For details please visit the website at



16 thoughts on “Sue Wallis anounces Feedlot

  1. jan eaker says:

    She is TRULY a TWISTED woman! Who do we write to?????


    “Educational and Charitiable” organization-nothing could be further than the truth, but isn’t that the point, to decieve americans by using buzz words-like “the Patriot Act” to describe an act that is in direct contridiction to the meaning of the words. Been there and done that Sue. If you are really so concerned about employing thousands of WYO. residents-How about supporting industries that would employ them with good paying-family supporting jobs they could be proud of? Not jobs were they have to go home and explain-Daddy tortures and kills horses for a living..You demean the citizens of your state-as well as this country-by trying to turn us into a third world state. There is the stench of death, and the smell of rotting flesh coming from our treasured state of WYO..Who in the Hell is going to want to go to WYO on their vacation for that experience???


    It doesn’t look as if the chamber of commerce is listing your plan as one of the “WONDERS” of WYO..

    Welcome to Wyoming’s official e-government site, which offers information on state government services to the citizens of Wyoming.

    Planning a vacation?
    Be sure to take a tour through our web site, check out our new podcasts, videos, slideshows, articles, and blogs. We’ll help you find Places to Stay, Places to Camp, Events, Recreation, Lodging and more! Or you can request or download our Wyoming Travelers Journal. Wyoming… Forever West.

    Get a feel for Wyoming. See some of our beautiful scenery and wildlife.

    Interesting Wyoming Facts – Wyoming Firsts
    First State to Have a County Public Library System: The Laramie County Public Library System was organized in August of 1886.
    First National Park: In 1872, congress named Yellowstone National Park in northwestern Wyoming as the first national park in the world.
    First National Forest: By an Act signed by President Benjamin Harrison in 1891, Shoshone National Forest became the first national forest. Wyoming now has nine national forests.
    First Ranger Station: Wapiti Ranger Station was established in the Shoshone National Forest in 1891.
    First National Monument: Devils Tower in northeastern Wyoming was designated the first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

    Source: Wyoming State Library


    WYO tourism and travel can leave comments here. Show business in the state they are going to lose tourist dollars and negative publicity with Sues proposal..The state has a 7.5 unemployment rate..My state would be thrilled with that number..There is no sense in trying to appeal to their humanitarian side..they don’t have one…appeal to their pocketbooks..Not only will we put our own ads out in mag, and on the web, right next to their tourism ads-but we will boycott beef and kill their 2 main sources of income in the state…you will find out how quickly the state of WYO will rethink this idea and stop it. We women do the grocery shopping, and we decide what goes into that grocery cart and we are a large componet of the social networking..they cannot afford to have us pissed off.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The Burns rider had a negative impact on beef. It had a negative impact on Burns…
      If Sue succeeds in duping the local government not only will they have an environmental nightmare on their hands (supported by foreign investors that shirk US tax obligations and in truth create very few jobs at low wages), they will have a public relations problem with far reaching consequence.

      • Absolutely. I lived in Dallas, TX when Dallas Crown was operating in Kaufman and Beltex was in Ft. Worth. Of course Dallas is far enough away to avoid the environmental disaster, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t affected.

        Horse theft was absolutely epidemic. You would have had to live through it to believe it. We horse owners were literally in a state of panic. Some of us had our horses freeze branded in hopes thieves would prefer the unbranded ones. I had a big freeze brand on my horse’s hip.

        I boarded then in a stable right in the center of Dallas – in a busy park area. The foreman lived just a few feet away from the upper barn where my horse was, and the owner lived just a few more feet back. And, there was a police sub-station just around the corner, and they kept an eye on the place.

        Just a few days before we left to move to Indiana, they hit that very barn. The horse NEXT to mine, the one just across the barn isle, and another just a few stalls down were gone without a trace. This was in 1992, and it’s still painful for me to think about it. My horse’s brand probably saved his life. My friends’ horses were not branded.

        My friends were utterly frantic, as you can imagine. We went to the slaughter houses over and over; we went to all the auctions we could find – especially the ones known for having meat men. We searched literally for MONTHS. Nothing. Nothing at all. God, it still breaks my heart! Those sweet, trusting horses!

        Slaughterhouse Sue does not have a clue what she is letting her constituents – and their horses – in for. That woman must really HATE horses – and their owners too.


    Wyoming’s #1 Industry (and taxpayer): Mining
    In 2004 Mining contributed $5.99 billion to Wyoming Gross State Product, or 25% of all private industry in Wyoming. (Total GSP from Private industry: $20,606,000) Mineral Production is taxed as property tax, although it is in fact a severance tax based on market value of the natural resource being severed. Wyoming taxes minerals at 100% of value, unlike “other” property taxes, which are taxed at rates between 9.5 and 11.5%. In the end, because of higher valuations than other lands and higher tax rates, mineral production ends up paying 94.4% of all “property taxes” paid to the State of Wyoming.

    Wyoming’s #2 Industry: Tourism for economic impact when considering the $2
    billion in spending. (Source Lynn Birleffi , Executive Director, Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association)
    In 2004 Tourism contributed $94 million to state and local tax receipts.

    State Sales – State – $35.2 million
    State Sales – Local – $14.8 million
    Local Sales – $16.8 million
    Lodging Tax Local – $4.8 million
    Gasoline – $22.6 million

    Another website shows that WYO is investing 5+ million in tourism advertising for this year, 2010, to try and attract tourists to are planned through NY to try and get “families” to come to WYO this summer. Who is going to take their children on guided tours of slaughter plants? Or feedlots full of horses being fattened for the kill? We need to show the state of WYO sues plan is a non starter for the future of tourism, business and real estate in WYO. Instead of a bucking bronc and cowboy on their quarter-they should replace it with a dead horse.

  6. […] of the United Organization of the Horse is to set up something like a triage operation at the old railroad stockyards in Cheyenne for abandoned or unwanted horses. The horses would be screened and provided […]

  7. jan eaker says:

    There are a LOT of horses in WY and adjoining states besides the wild ones who will now be in jeopardy, here in IL when Cavel was operating, we would here of barns that had horses stolen, the thieves would sweep through a certain area , and several barns in that area would be hit; show horses valued at thousands, grade horses, it didn’t matter, it was a terrible fear. Some pasture boarders would padlock their gates, but they’d cut through fences and take the horses out the back out of view. Wy citizens have absolutely no idea what is coming for them and their horses.

  8. Maggie says:

    I really wonder if this woman is as smart as she thinks she is. What foreign investor would be willing to sink $$$ in a horse slaughter plant in WY? I mean really, they got thrown out of the US once. And found out it didn’t pay to slaughter for zoos etc. Can’t sell it for human consumption. Feed the prisoners?, geesh, get real Sue. So stupid.

  9. Barb3000 says:

    I hope everyone in Slaughter House’s district wises up about what this woman is and votes her out.

  10. Wish they would just impeach her and be done… mar

  11. […] of the United Organization of the Horse is to set up something like a triage operation at the old railroad stockyards in Cheyenne for abandoned or unwanted horses. The horses would be screened and provided […]

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