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I’m working on various projects today and will post another Broken Arrow Update tonight… but wanted to expand a bit about the Florida horses that went for auction.

Larry Jones, the original owner of the mustangs turned out onto the highway in Fla. passed away. His website is no longer available. However this link might give you some insight into Jones.

Take a minute to think about all the times you were involved in something and had reasonable expectation that the conversations you were involved in would help care for a loved one (human or animal).
This man appears to have tried for the “forgotten.”
Many stories become complex and  distorted. There appears to be more here than I have  the  time to look into… but I’m sure it is more complex than the need for a public stoning.
Back to work…. Fallon update in a bit.

4 thoughts on ““Florida” more info

  1. jan eaker says:

    From what I read on his website, he tried to help save the horses who were going to slaughter under the Burns rider, I hope all his horses are safe. It is a good remonder that all of us who are lucky to have animals in our lives need to make our wishes known as to their care once we are no longer able to care for them, and set up a fund to do so.

  2. Anna says:

    amazing how the blm sends mustangs from one of the biggest states in the union; Wy; with a greater amount of free open space than prob. any other state and instead of the BLM keeping the Mustangs on a Preserve in Wyoming;

    the BlM sends the mustangs by truck down to Florida; One of the most croweded overpopulated states in the nation…

    that is not common sense; and very stressful to the Mustangs;

  3. Laura, Thanks for helping point us in the right direction. It is very sad for this man to have died and believed that the horses were to be cared for and for them to be scattered across Florida after his passing. mar

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