Urgent Request

Valerie James Patton has sent an urgent request from http://www.journeysendranchanimalsanctuary.org

They are attempting to rescue the 15 mustangs left at the roadside in Fla.

The public auction is taking place now. If you can help contact info can be found in the above link.

I am working on an expanded story of what has happened to these horses and will post more info later.


Looks like they are all “safe.”



5 thoughts on “Urgent Request

  1. Jim Dawson says:

    We’d take one if we had a way to get it here. Any ideas, anyone?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Contact info can be found at the link in the post. I believe they are getting as many as they can and will need funds and homes. But I do not have all the details.

  2. Anna says:

    Sheriff Paul May told WPBF 25 News investigative reporter Terri Parker he had to auction the horses by law…

    comment: I find that difficult to believe…they have to auction them as oppossed to selling or adopting out…

    I don’t get off on Horse Auctions; glad they found homes tho!

  3. It may be past an emergency but maybe someone will follow up and say what all really happened as there have been too many stories and numbers of horses. If there were 90 where are the others?? mar

    • Laura Leigh says:

      From what I understand this is another complicated story.
      An elderly man (ex-rancher) turned his home into a sanctuary of sorts for wild horses. From what I understand he believed his son would carry on after his death… apparently his son has “dumped” horses before.
      There will be more that comes out of this and if you just use google many stories pop up.

      I’ve got mt hands really full today.
      If a story doesn’t show up with more details I will look into it further.

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