Many of you have written to me asking about General.

I have not written another chapter in “General’s Saga” and I apologize. Many tasks at hand but it is a story I want to share.

I am going to be a bit self-indulgent in responding to inquiries about General and just “talk.”

I love that old horse. From the moment I saw him that day he was captured he spoke to my soul. He has a presence that others have observed since that  day.

Elyse Gardner calls me every time she leaves the Broken Arrow to let me know that she has seen him. Elyse is rather fond of him, too. She gave me this video to share (General is at the beginning and the guy with the star next to him is Commander. True is at the end of the video). She has more footage of General from last Sunday and will send when she can.

I left the voices in. This piece lets you feel what it’s like to walk the facility. So many horses to view and so many questions to ask and never enough time.

General looks good, so does Commander. General slipped his tag off. I know his number and referenced some of the horses by number in correspondence with John Neill at the facility. John responded by using General’s name and said “we know you are watching out for him.” John told me that currently there are no plans to geld any of the older horses.

True is not with dad and seems a bit lost right now. He has a very sweet disposition and really seemed to need his father. Every picture I saw had him right behind dad. I wish I could put him back with the only family he had left…

True has not been gelded yet and I have a call in to see how they are doing.

I will be able to go see them again very soon. I get a lump in my throat when I think about it.

In my heart I just wish I could see General back out on the range…

20 years of survival as a wild stallion… and now?

Thanks for letting me talk about him….


6 thoughts on “General

  1. Jan Eaker says:

    It is very sad to see all these beautiful horses, the pens are so full of manure, I can not think of how bad the flies will be and the heat, with no way to get any shade. I’m glad they are all ok, but this is pitiful testimony as to the way these horses are “managed.”
    Would that they can ALL go back home!

  2. They are very beautiful horses and I want them free and safe. The laws have been against us and have kept us from legally securing range like any others to put out titled horses to be safe and as natural as possible. This is such blatant prejudice against other legitimate uses of the public range lands. Let us take care of them since you do not, BLM. mar

  3. Anna says:

    Amen to the other posters; though I can see the conditions @ Fallon have improved a bit because the feeding troughs have wood installed on the side to keep the sand and wind out…

    however; the whole general scene is dehalitating and “weak…

    I hope this is the last roundup the BLM ever “mismanages…A.
    ps thanks for the video…(To elyse too…); Save the Mustangs !

  4. Janet Ferguson says:

    I like the natural sounds in the video — it’s like you are right there with the horses and the advocates!

    They look great — how come they are not fighting?

    That bar looks so low — hope they don’t panic & hit their necks! I guess they learn how to maneuver the bars on the feed trough.

    How can you get that close without scaring them?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      General, in particular, is so very KOOOL.
      I saw him gathered and then “met” him at the temporary holding site. He came up to me… three feet away and looked me right in the eye. I could see he was confused and tired… it really felt like he was asking me for answers.
      He’s every bit “old stallion,” wise, strong no “guff.” Extremely secure in himself…
      : )
      Elyse said she was able to get pretty close to him last Sunday and has pics but we have both been really busy and she will send them when she can.
      Cat is going to look for General, Commander (General’s bud) and True (his son) on Saturday for me…

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