Personal… sort of

I just started writing for “The Examiner Online.”

Link to my first article here.

Just to answer a few of the emails I’ve gotten… no, I’m not going to stop writing the blog. The blog gives me opportunity to include essays and everything I “think.” The articles are articles.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep this blog going.


7 thoughts on “Personal… sort of

  1. Anne says:

    hey Laura;

    this is some of the best news I have in quite some time ! thank you for caring so much as to be writing on behalf of the terrible conditions the BLM puts America’s Mustangs thru;

    an excellent article; honestly; you know me well enuf to know I would not say a great article if I did not mean it ! kudo
    the HSUS Vet report also states: Stress was the no. 1 cause of the Mares who miscarried; john neill slays me…he openly admits the helicopter chase causes the two foals to perish…

    over and over the BLM incriminates themselves ! its wild ! a.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I think many of them do see issues and room for improvement. I just don’t think the system is set up to empower those that want to change things.

      The future… maybe the future will be different.

  2. Jan Eaker says:

    Laura, I hope the future IS brighter for these and all the horses, I have to believe there are still those in BLM who DO want a better future for the wild ones!

  3. Jan Eaker says:

    Laura, did you hear how General is doing? Did anyone see him on Sunday?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes, he was seen. He is really a special old guy. Elyse took some video she will send me when she gets a chance. She sent me some pics of him and his son “True” who is no longer with dad. True seems a bit lost… he is a gorgeous young man.

      Maybe I will indulge myself and just do a post on General?
      : )
      I need to write the next chapter in his story… I’m heading back to see him soon.

  4. Jan Eaker says:

    Yes, PLEASE do a post just on him! Will/has True been gelded?
    Looking at the older stallions TCF rescued last year and the new life there this spring, brings renewed hope for this old guy, some of his friends and family to at least have a similar life to what they had, even if they can’t have their old one back.

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